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Your secret weapon for hitting the fast forward button on your fitness!

  • What if there was a program out there that evolved with you month to month through your fitness journey by giving you a brand new diet and brand new training program EVERY MONTH along with advanced video tips not shared anywhere else, so your body stayed guessing and never hit a plateau?

  • What if you had a program where you had a private Facebook group full of members and our team of trainers to answer your questions anytime you felt confused and helped you quickly get back on track and stay motivated 24/7?

  • What if every week you could jump on a Facebook live and ask Vince and our trainers anything that was confusing you about training, nutrition, supplements, or motivation?

  • What if there was a program jam packed with beginner to advanced videos teaching you the most important exercises for each muscle group and told you EXACTLY what your form should look like?

  • What if new premium cutting edge content was added each and every month you couldn't find anywhere else?

V Shred University

This is truly a fitness education and lifestyle. This private membership gives you access to the most cutting edge diet and workout information on the planet and is updated with new content constantly!

Not only that....You'll get a new diet and mobile ready workout based on your body type EVERY MONTH!!!

V Shred University

Why V Shred University Membership?

VSU is a private, members only website dedicated to showing you the cheat codes to get you in the best shape of your life...and stay that way YEAR round.


  • Do you get fired up about fitness but have a hard time maintaining it long term?
  • Do you hit plateaus and get bored doing the same workouts month after month?
  • Do you find yourself confused, but not sure where to find the right answers?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and confused because you don't know exactly what to do with your diet and training?
  • Do you lose motivation and find it harder and harder to stay motivated at the gym and with your diet?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I have to warn you...

Plateaus and confusion about EXACTLY what to do with your diet and training are the most common roadblocks that we see holding back our clients from getting the body they want and keeping it long term.

...You need to set yourself up for success. Getting in amazing shape is hard enough, don't make it harder on yourself by showing up to the gym or kitchen confused about exactly what to do.

You need a program that forces your body to grow and adapt each month by constantly evolving your diet and training.

You need a place you can go for motivation and to get your questions answered fast by experts.

...and all this should be insanely affordable.

And....That's Why I created this accelerator program...

I get so many emails from people saying they absolutely love our programs but want more!

They don't just want a 90 day program, they want a fitness lifestyle that evolves with them and changes month after month. They want the most cutting edge training and diet information possible. They want a place they can ask questions and get quick answers from pros.

What's the point of going to the gym and busting your ass and stressing about your diet if you are just going to see short term results if any at all? V Shred University is the perfect long term weapon to keep you seeing gains long term, staying motivated, and learning the advanced pieces that help you hit that elite look you want....and keep it.

If you are going to commit to getting your fitness in order, you should take the fastest route possible to getting the body you've always wanted and have a plan focussed on keeping those results long term.

....That is what V Shred University is. I'm going to give you the cheat codes beginner to advanced, to packing on muscle and keeping your body fat year round.

Thousands of Clients Can't Be Wrong!

Just some of the comments from our clients

Real People....Real Results....

Thousands of people have already changed their lives using Vinsanity Shred programs. Our program flat out get results and that`s why we are one of the only companies that offer a 100% money back guarantee. We are flat out that confident.

  • Get in the best shape of your life with a system that evolves with you month after month!
  • The most affordable long term system possible. Just $29.99 per month.
  • VIP access to members only area.
  • Ask questions directly to a celebrity trainer and his team.
  • Receive a NEW diet and training plan EVERY MONTH!
  • Video glossary of exercise tutorials.
  • Access everything from your phone.
  • Private Facebook group.