Paula just wanted to feel "better than usual"... now she looks AND feels BETTER THAN EVER at age 58!

Paula had always been active and stayed in “pretty good” shape. And she thought it would always stay that way.

But as she got into her 40s… and then her 50s… what used to be easy was getting a lot harder to keep up. Her favorite clothes weren’t fitting. The scale was going up. And her confidence was going down.

“I just I knew I could be better. I knew I could look better. I knew I could FEEL better.”

Paula was ready to work hard… but didn’t know where to start. What to eat… what workout to do how often… these questions were harder than ever to answer!

And in her mid-50s, could she really expect to make lasting, meaningful changes to her habits and lifestyle?

She could, after she met her secret weapon: a registered dietician and personal trainer named Heather!

Heather, a senior coach at V Shred Custom Coaching, worked one-on-one with Paula to craft workout and diet plans that helped her trim away at the body fat she had been slowly adding for years, and replace it with lean muscle. But just as importantly, because she was Paula’s dedicated coach with unlimited communication, she gave her a support system she could depend on and ask any question to!

“I remember the first time she sent me an email and she said, ‘You’re doing so good. I’m so proud of you.‘” Paula recalls. I said, ‘Proud of me? How can a person in their 20s be proud of someone in their 50s?’ But then I realized, that just means she’s happy with what I’m doing and she cares.”

Heather helped Paula find a carb cycling-based approach that fueled her workouts, but just as importantly, was balanced and hearty enough to keep her full and satisfied.


“I said, “I know you’re gonna put me on a meal plan, but just so you know, I don’t eat little portions. I eat BIG portions. I’m always hungry.’

She said, ‘I think you’re gonna be fine with this.’ I did not believe her. But as soon as I got in the meal plan. it was PHENOMENAL.”

Today, at age 58, Paula feels high-energy and empowered to tackle everything in her life, day after day. But she also takes a new level of pride in her appearance, her muscles, and the work she did to get where she is! 

“Now I see myself in the mirror and I’m like, “Wow. I never thought I could look this great.” And I feel great. I feel amazing. I really do.”

But making these changes didn’t happen by magic! It happened because Paula and Heather worked together as a team, stacking one small victory after another until they had achieved something truly unbelievable.

If you’re struggling with your exercise and nutrition and need that extra push, don’t struggle through it. Let a dedicated V Shred trainer work with you one-on-one and do all the guesswork for you!

V Shred Custom Coaching’s team of nutritional and training experts can help you create a plan that:

With those fundamentals in place, you can build a lasting healthy lifestyle and surprise everyone with what you can achieve… but especially yourself!  

Choose the plan that’s right for you, and you’ll get matched with your ideal V Shred coach. Start building a life-changing relationship!