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This Military Wife Lost 9 Inches Around Her Waist In Just 12 Short Weeks!


At one point in her life, Ashley weighed over 400 pounds.

She battled her weight for years. But once she found V Shred… all her determination paid off.

She lost 21 pounds in 8 weeks… (Including 6 pounds in her first week)

And dropped an amazing 9 inches from around her waist.

(At age 36, she has abs for the first time in her life.)

Now she has so much confidence, she’s walking with sass. And even though she’s been with her husband since they were 15… Their relationship has never been better. In her own words:

“I've been with my husband since I was 15, 15 years old. We met in high school. Been with him since I was 15, so he's seen me at my youngest, my fattest, my horriblest, my ugliest, my meanest, and now he's gonna see me at my best, and that's what I'm looking for- forward to.”

Ashley has full confidence that the V Shred Accelerator+ program will work for anyone. She says…

And one of the most important factors for her was all the SUPPORT this VIP coaching program comes with.

“Being a military wife, I have no family here. And you need those people that have your back, and when you know- even if you don't know you need it.”

“And that's what I like most about it. It's not the exercise plan or the meal plan or the supplements or any of that stuff, it's the community. That's what I was looking for.”

But as amazing as the V Shred Accelerator+ program is, Ashley does have one complaint about it…

“I think V Shred should give you some money for new clothes, because once you start the program, you're not gonna be able to fit your pants. At least send a good belt, I mean, it should be in the package.”



When Eric’s 11 year old daughter said that to him… You couldn’t possibly hide the smile on his face. Because this dad has turned into an absolute BEAST.

He lost over 30 pounds of fat…

Packed on a bunch of lean muscle…

And feels amazing in all areas.

“I feel amazing. I'm starting to look amazing. It's empowering.  I really feel like I'm turning the corner on being a man's man.” 

“I'd been really surprised that my general wellness... I check my blood pressure every day. I've got a blood pressure cuff.” 

“I weigh 28 pounds less, and so I'm sittin' at like 196 to 199. That's where I've been fluctuating. 

“It's a huge difference in your physical wellness, like walking around and breathing.”

And Eric’s new confidence has gotten this single dad a LOT of attention.

“It's nice to get looks from the ladies” 

“You're a decent-looking guy, but they're not just lookin' at your face. 
They're lookin' at your arms and they're lookin' at how you present yourself.” 

“The confidence that it gives you is kind of... Nonverbal communication is huge.”

But the proudest moment for Eric is how his change has allowed him to show up for the people he loves most.

“The added benefit to this program was... is my general mood and emotion and my wellness, mental wellness had been so good.”

“My parenting level has just gone way up.”

“My kids' relationship towards me, which has always been wonderful. I'm a loving dad. I care for them. But they're opening up more to me about their own personal struggles.” 

“You can't put a price on living longer for your kids.”

And he knows the simplicity of the V Shred Accelerator+ program has made a major difference for him.

“I've got everything laid out for me. All I gotta do is push the button.” 

“It didn't change my life in a negative way, or it didn't take more time out of my day. I just swapped it for things in my day that were not benefiting me at all.”



170 pounds.

That was the goal.

Brittany told her coach…

“I told Victoria, I was like, "I just wanna be 170." That was my goal. I was like, "I'm supposed to be lighter than 170."

Well… this busy mom and full-time teacher didn’t just reach her goal.

She flew right past it.

Because she got all the way down to 151 pounds.

And not only does she look and feel better than ever…

She was shocked at how easy and enjoyable this program is:

“I don't think on my first menu, I don't think there was a single meal I didn't like.”

“There's never been a menu I've looked at and I'm just like, "Ew, this feels like a diet."

“All the food here has flavor and it's so, it's just, it doesn't feel like you're restricting yourself.”

She’s even getting to enjoy date nights to Red Lobster with her husband… without slowing down her progress.

“And so carb cycling was something I'd never heard of, um, and it didn't feel like a diet.”

Brittany (who once weighed over 280 pounds) feels incredible.

She’s more confident than ever…

She can’t believe she’s actually wearing a size SMALL.

“And so the best part about the mirror now is looking super cute in small clothes, knowing they're small, like looking at the tag and being like, "This is a small. I bought this in a small and it fits."

And when she recently took birthday photos…

Even her kids had to comment on how amazing she looks.

So she’s proud for setting a great example.

And now she feels like the best version of herself.

“I've been part of the V Shred Accelerator program. I've lost 33.5 pounds. I've learned so much about myself.  But more importantly I've learned how to eat. 

I've learned how to appreciate the food that I put in my body. And I've started to learn how to love myself regardless of what that scale says even though the scale is saying things that I appreciate now. 

I can look back and love the big version of myself for making this decision, for starting this journey.  And I'm sitting here at the end of it so proud of all I've accomplished

It's because of the Accelerator program the skills that they give you, the knowledge they provide and the help that they support you with throughout the entire thing.”



Yes… Jake dropped over 22 pounds of stubborn fat…

While skyrocketing his strength…

And becoming leaner than he’s been in decades.

But what’s even more important is how amazing he feels.

“I'm stronger than I've ever been.”

“I don't feel bloated. I don't feel too full. I feel satisfied.”

“I feel amazing. I have a lot more confidence in myself, and my wife has even mentioned this,”

“Now when we go out with friends, I mean, I, I'm not the life of the party, but I'm very sociable and whatnot. Like I'm very talkative in a way. So I, in a way, this has helped me come out of my shell.”

“I've become a much better version of myself, and I wanna keep going.”

And James found the V Shred Accelerator+ program at the perfect time.

“If it wasn't for V Shred, I really don't know where I would be because the timing couldn't be better because I felt like I was like stuck, I'd plateaued.”

And it’s NOT just the meal planning… or the custom workouts that drive these amazing results.

It’s also the guidance and support.

“You'll never be alone in this experience. You're always gonna have amazing people, amazing coaches in your corner. And just know that they're never gonna leave you.” 

So for anybody on the fence about joining the V Shred Accelerator+ program… James has clear advice.

“I don't regret one decision. I'm very happy I invested in my health, in myself to better my life so I can improve other people's lives.”

“Get out of your own head. Just take, take a deep breath. You're not gonna regret this decision. Take the first, just take a leap of faith and go from there.”



Corie struggled with her weight for a long time.

And her biggest problem was “emotional eating.”

Which caused her to jump from diet to diet with disappointing results.

But the V Shred Accelerator+ program put an end to that.

Her results speak for themselves.

Not only did she lose an impressive 40 pounds in 90 days…

But Corie was also able to get off all her blood pressure medications.

And she feels so much better in so many ways.

“I have more energy. I have less pain, and (laughs) that is huge 'cause you live with chronic pain, it is just so exhausting.”

She’s learned to appreciate all the non-scale victories as well.

“It makes you feel good about yourself.”

She’s actually able to ENJOY life more.

Corie realized that getting in shape doesn’t have to be a struggle.

“You still can go out to dinner with your friends and your family.”

And her results are truly undeniable.

“This shirt was really, really tight, and now it's just really, really loose.” 

"You know, when your workout pants get too big, you know something's workin.”

“I have lost 40 pounds and 30 inches in the first three months with the elite program.”



Srajan never thought that taking the FREE V Shred “Metabolic Assessment” would really change his life.

But that’s exactly what happened.

And while Srajan started his fitness journey on his own…

Once he started seeing success stories come in from the V Shred Accelerator+ program, he knew he wanted to get involved.

“There are, like, thousands other people, those who have achieved these results. Uh, so, they were inspiring for me.”

“Those things really made me commit to the Elite program.” 

And it ended up being the decision that changed his life.

Because Srajan lost 48 pounds.

“When I started I was 226 pounds. Uh, and, uh, right now, I am 178 pounds. So that is a significant loss there.”

But his results were about much more than just some number on a scale.

“My stamina increased a lot.” 

“Once I really lose significant weight and I was starting to fit, as I said, in my previous clothes, I was just feeling more confident in a group of people.”

“I was really happy knowing that my parents, my family, my cousins, everyone was proud of me.”

And making this change was actually easier and more enjoyable than Srajan expected.

“Your instructor, your mentor is gonna provide you with everything, food options, the supplements, uh, the right workout plan.”

“You're actually liking the food, you're having plenty of the food, you're feeling full and you're losing weight.”

“I never thought that that's possible.”

And Srajan is very confident that anyone who joins the V Shred Accelerator+ program will be thrilled with their results.

“V Shred has been a blessing in disguise “

“Without this Elite program, I don't think I would have been able to reduce so much weight.”

“It's like a no brainer.”

“This is the best plan that I ever came across.”

“There are no cons to it (laughs), there are only pros. So, just don't be afraid. Take the first step and you will achieve those results.”



When Jackie heard about the V Shred Accelerator+ program… it all made sense.

She joined… and started feeling healthier than she’s felt in years.

“My body felt fulfilled and satisfied.”

“Feeling more energized, more focused.”

“I didn't have the midday bleh.”

“I finally actually feel leaner."

“I'm able to move. I'm able to dance.”

And the results she saw on the scale and in the mirror CONFIRMED that she was on the right track.

“I have lost a total of close to 24 pounds on the Accelerator program.”

“I was in a size 14/16, and now down to 6/8. First time ever.”

Part of the reason Jackie was able to achieve such great results was because of the 1-on-1 support the Accelerator+ program gives you.

And making this change was actually easier and more enjoyable than Srajan expected.

“It's just incredible, the support that's given.”

“I'm guaranteed somebody to respond back to me for what my needs are”

“I do believe having, you know, a coach available to me at any time, um, was key.”

“It worked. I mean, it... Trust the system, because it works.”

As far as the investment goes? It was nothing compared to the results Jackie received.

“This investment is pennies compared to what it does for my life.”

And it all started by seeing Vince on a Facebook ad…

A coincidence she’s very grateful for.

“It is the best investment that I have ever done on myself in my 41 years, and I'm very happy that Vince popped up on the screen.”

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