NEW! Latest V Shred Reviews 2024

We have a fresh batch of V Shred reviews from our clients who are LOVING their personalized V Shred programs.

From basketball players to new moms and even cute couples, everyone is crushing their fitness goals this year with V Shred.

Ryan Razooky: How To Lift For Basketball W/ VShred

Take Ryan Razooky (292K YouTube subscribers), for example. He shows how anyone can pack on size and strength using V Shred to avoid getting bullied on the court. Check out his V Shred review here:

Alex Costa: Stop Being Lazy… Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2024 (VShred Method)

If you’ve been feeling unmotivated this year, check out Alex Costa’s (4.07M YouTube subscribers) video on how he’s crushing his 2024 fitness goals using the ‘VShred Method.’

Sara Saffari: Stay dialled w/ VShred always

For those constantly traveling and struggling to stay consistent in the gym, you’re gonna love Sara Saffari’s (1.72M YouTube subscribers) review. 

Traveling nearly 24/7, she loves the convenience of V Shred’s quick ‘gymless’ workouts.

Check out her review here.

Joshua Ray Kim: I Transformed My Body In 30 Days With VShred!

Ever wondered what’s possible in just 30 days using V Shred? Joshua Ray Kim’s video is a MUST-watch…

You’ll be shocked at the physical and mental progress he made in such a short time. Check out his V Shred review here:


Joshua isn’t the only one who used V Shred for a 30-day challenge…

Lovebirds Maddie Joy and Gary Grey dove headfirst into a ‘couple’s workout challenge’ with V Shred’s “Move: 30 Day At-Home Program”. Check it out here:

Sarai Jones: My first weeks of 75 HARD with V Shred

This next one’s for all our new moms out there. In her review, Sarai Jones (3.57M+ YouTube subscribers) bravely took on the 75 Hard challenge using V Shred’s “Toned In 90 Days” program…

To her surprise, it fit perfectly into her hectic routine as a new mother. Check out her review here:

The Williams Fam: Let’s see who gets the sweatiest with this V Shred workout!

In their review, The Williams Fam (688K YouTube subscribers) challenged themselves to see who’d get the sweatiest during V Shred’s ‘Full Body Circuit’ training.

You’ll be shocked to see how sweaty they got from V Shred’s simple home workout. Click here to check out their video:

Chris Staples: My secret to staying fit when I’m not dunking with V Shred!

Finally, professional dunker Chris Staples (887K YouTube subscribers) shares his secrets to staying fit on the road using the V Shred app — without needing a gym.

Check out his V Shred review here.

These incredible reviews showcase the power and versatility of V Shred’s personalized fitness programs. 

No matter your fitness level, lifestyle, or goals, V Shred has a solution tailored just for you. 

Let us know if you find these reviews as inspiring to crush your fitness goals as we do…

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