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Motivation Monday Circuit Workout

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button (4) Monday is here and it’s a new week. Time to work off your weekend. Try the below workout and watch your weekend drip away.

Round 1 – Each exercise is 40 seconds with no rest

– Up Down Jump Squats: Start on your knees. Stay low and step up left, then right, then perform a normal jump squat, and then start over. – Weighted bar bicep curl to underhand front raise – Salute burpees: This is my new favorite exercise. Start in a high plank. Lift your left arm and right leg (almost like you are saluting, get it?) and then the right arm and left leg, then hop up into a burpee and repeat. It’s all about balance and high intensity – Squat + weighted bar push out: Grab a weighted bar and hold vertically. Perform a squat, and once you are low with your weight in your heels and your butt back, push the weighted bar out. Bring it back in before returning to a standing position. HIIT Mini Circuit – 3 Minutes on the clock. Try to push through as many rounds as possible. Your goal is 4 full rounds. – Jumping jacks X 10 – Crawl push up burpees X 3 – Start in a standing position. Crawl out in front to the end of your mat, perform a push up, crawl back to your feet, and jump. – Jump Squats X 10 1 Minute Rest

Round 2 – Each exercise is 40 seconds with no rest

– Weighted walking lunge – Toe taps – Lunge with bicep curl – Toe Taps HIIT Mini Circuit – 2 sets of 10 repetitions – Lunge jumps: each leg counts as one – Weighted bar press: press up and out – Crisscross jump squats – Push up to side plank: each push up counts as one. Don’t count the side planks. 1 Minute Rest

Round 3 – Glutes + Core Each exercise is 30 seconds with no rest For the glutes exercises, start with the left leg and then the right.

– Pulsing donkey kick – Fire hydrant – Full donkey kick: Bring your knee to your chest then kick your leg straight out squeezing your glutes – Bicycles – Leg lifts – Toe tap abs: Lie on your back with your legs straight up. Crunch up reaching side to side taking your opposite arm to your opposite leg – Plank hold: Start in a forearm plank. Lift your left leg up and straight out and hold for 15 seconds. Then do the same with your right. – Plank If you have more time on your hands and are down for the challenge, I would increase your exercise time to 1 minute instead of 40 seconds. High-intensity interval training exercises are a great way to burn off stubborn belly fat. Don’t forget to hydrate!

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