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You Can’t Out-Train Deadly Diet Mistakes

Yes, the diet plan included with your 90-day transformation program is fantastic.

And, when combined with your workout program, it can produce some jaw-dropping results.

However, the diet portion for some people is easy to follow and for others can feel like a painful maze...

If you don’t love math or the idea of calculating macros or the idea of doing it alone just flat out feels overwhelming…

Mistakes are going to happen.
It could be as simple as eating too many calories.

Or too few…

However, even minor mistakes can result in a slew of major problems that can destroy your progress:

  • Too few carbs or too many carbs
  • Too much fat or not enough fat.
  • Too little calories or slightly too much.
  • Too much protein or not enough protein.
  • The wrong types of protein for YOUR body
  • Accidental overeating or accidentally under eating.


We’ve tried our best to make it as simple as possible in the programs, but if you are new to fitness or simply can’t stand the idea of having to calculate your macros every day, it can completely kill your fitness journey before it even starts!

There is no reason to miss out on looking and feeling amazing over something as silly as diet overwhelm.

Here are a few things that might be signs you need some help or you’ll end up quitting….

#1: Hunger is NOT Normal

Despite what you’ve been led to believe you should NOT be hungry while dieting.

Fat loss is not about starvation.

In fact, you should feel satisfied after you eat. This means your body is getting the nutrients it needs to train hard, build lean muscle, and torch body-fat.

If you’re hungry, or are suffering through intense hunger pangs, something is wrong with your diet.

Now, what do most people do when they’re too hungry while dieting?

Eat more…

Guess what, that’s rarely the right solution.

Sure, eating more MIGHT help… but it could also put you on the fast-track to undeserved fat gain.

The truth is, you may need more fats or carbs… (But in the correct ratio or you’ll just get fat)

Or, you might need to reorganize your meals so you’re getting your carbs in at the exact right times.

You might be eating too much (or too little) protein.

Same goes for fats, vitamins, minerals, and just about every other essential element of a successful diet plan.

And guess what? All this stuff can become maddeningly confusing to figure out on your own…

Food Substitutions Leaving You Anxious and Confused?

We aim to give you plethora of food and meal options on your 90-day diet plan.

But, you may still find yourself needing to make fast substitutions.

Or, you may not like a lot of the foods on your plan… whether for religious, cultural, or taste-driven reasons, you should NEVER have to suffer through multiple meals with foods you don’t love.

If you’ve ever stood in the isle of the grocery store, or stared at some meals you prep that you decided you HATED, drop-dead tired after an exhausting day of work, and simply could not muster up the mental energy to figure out which food substitution works for your diet, you’re not alone…

Luckily, there is a super-simple solution for fast, anxiety-free food swaps that will actually accelerate your progress.

Soreness, Slow Recovery, and Joint Pain - The UnHoly Trinity of Dietary Mistakes

  • The workouts in your 90 Day program are made to give you rapid, easy results.
  • Easy doesn’t mean you’re not working hard. And working hard in the gym means you’re pushing your body past your old limits.
  • This requires proper, precise nutrition to help you recover rapidly from your workouts.
  • That precise nutrition also helps protect your joints, build your muscles, and slash body fat.
  • Failure to support your system with the exact micro and macro nutrients it needs can lead to halted progress, stiff, sore joints, and drastically slowed recovery.
  • Sadly… Correct Diet = 80% of Your Results

    You can’t out-exercise a poor diet.

    Even if you’re doing your best, following the diet included with your 90-day program but you are still confused or kinda “hoping” you are getting it right, you are probably way off course already and on the road to big time frustration..

    In fact, while the diet that comes with your plan has an incredible success rate, some people flat out need some extra help.

    Don’t worry. You are normal. Tons of people go through this!

    While most of our clients absolutely love the diet plan, others can be overwhelmed while figuring out exactly what to eat, especially if they have to eat out often because of work, family, or social responsibilities.

    Maybe you simply fall into the group of super motivated people who are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, but simply don’t have the time to do the math.

    By the way, don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re making excuses because you have work, school, or a family to take care of and don’t have extra time to do all the calculations!

    The truth is, while we make the diet as easy to follow as possible, there are times in life when figuring out the day-to-day will simply take too long.

    But… don’t give up. We have a super simple solution for you that will make your diet feel effortless, and slam down the fast-forward button on your results.

    The Good News is You Now Have Access to Your Super-Powered Dietary Secret Weapon: A 100% Custom-Made for You Diet Plan
    (plus your very own coach to keep you accountable and motivated)

    Rapid, Effortless Results 100% Guaranteed


    You don’t have to fight through hunger pains.


    You don’t have to brush up on your Calculus just to figure out your macros for the week.


    You don’t have to freak out, worrying you’ll blow your diet every time life throws you a curveball.

    In fact, you won’t have to do anything but EAT fantastic, delicious meals that are completely custom made for you and your body by your expert diet coach.

    • You’ll never have to fret over what to eat again.
    • You’ll never have to worry about adjusting your diet for holidays, vacations, nights out, or work lunches. Your coach will be there to adjust everything, recalculating your plan so you make rapid, relentless progress.

    Wait, What If You’re Just Starting Out, Or You’re Experienced But Looking for Someone to Give You Expert Guidance to Guarantee Extraordinary Results?

    It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are on the Journey to Your Dream Body, a Custom-Made Diet Plan Will Accelerate Your Results and Make Your Transformation Feel Effortless

    By adding a custom diet plan to your 90-day program, you make your results automatic.

    No mistakes.
    Zero Calculations.
    Zero Confusion.

    All you have to do is relax, crush your workouts, and enjoy delicious meals that are perfectly planned for your body.

    Your diet coach will tell you exactly what to eat, and when to eat it for maximum results.

    This is like having your own personal trainer and nutritionist in your kitchen, guiding you every step of the way until you get the body you’ve always wanted.

    Perfect, Precision Nutrition with a Focus on Flavor

    Let’s be honest, no matter how perfectly planned a diet is, if the food doesn’t taste good, it’ll be impossible to follow.

    Sure, you might be able to grit your teeth and push through a few days worth of bad food… but why suffer through even one bad meal?

    The reality is, when you upgrade to your Custom Diet plan, you’ll be enjoying meals that are flat-out delicious.

    How can you possibly diet AND enjoy great food?

    Simple - your custom plan is built around foods you actually like! Every single meal.

    How can you possibly enjoy food while dieting?

    Simple - Your Custom-Made diet plan is built around foods that you actually love eating.

    Crazy, right?

    A diet jam-packed with food you actually like?

    What You Get With Your 100% Custom-Designed, Made-for-You Diet Plan Upgrade

    A Done-for-You 4-Week Meal Plan

    Zero math. Zero anxiety. Every single meal is pre-planned for you. All you have to do is eat, train, and watch your body transform.

    Guaranteed Results

    Our custom plans are so powerful that we can offer them to you with extreme confidence and a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

    Round-the-Clock Support

    You don’t have to slay your Diet-Demons alone again. Your diet coach is with you every step of the way, helping you overcome the endless obstacles that life puts between you and your dream body.

    Accountability (So you don't quit)

    Psychological studies show that when people are held accountable to a coach they are 400% more likely to reach their goal. {it's why celebs like Gal Gadot or Hue Jackman hire a trainer when they need to get into god or goddess-like shape for movies like Wonder Woman or Wolverine}

    Freedom and Flexibility

    One of the biggest reasons people fail when transforming their bodies is that modern life is simply not set up for dieting.

    There seems to be a never ending stream of parties, work dinners, family meals, birthdays, happy hours, and about a million other meals that do not jive with traditional, fixed dieting.

    However, you’ll never have to worry about this! Your custom plan is designed to be flexible, and not only minimize any potential damage by a day or two off-plan, but to actually use them to your advantage - accelerating your results while you eat, worry-free.

    Less Soreness, Faster Recovery, Healthy Joints, and Accelerated Results

    Every single meal is designed to perfectly match your body’s needs. The exact calories, carbs, protein, fats and micronutrients are built into a meal plan that uses foods you like eating.

    This not only makes your results feel effortless, but it also helps build your health, strength, and transforms your body from the inside out.

    You have nothing to lose! If you’re not blown away by your results, simple email us for a fast and friendly refund.


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