Failed to Lose Weight in the Past? Don’t Worry - It’s NOT Your Fault

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, damn-near starving yourself just to drop a few pounds of water weight that you regained immediately the second you went back to “normal eating,” you’re not alone.

See, there are tens of thousands of women just like you who are being lied to by the fitness industry.

You’ve probably read a mountain of diet books, poured over “fitness” websites, and tried just about every diet that hits the cover of Cosmo, HER, Oxygen, and every other women’s magazine.

They promised you fast fat loss (sometimes 30-lbs in just a few weeks, right?).

They tell you there’s a secret food you MUST eat to lose belly fat…

And, they want you to buy their book, which then sends you to overpriced speciality stores buying expensive, exotic organic foods

This is where you run into trouble...

  • You followed those programs to a T, no matter how hungry they left you
  • You tried cleanses
  • You loyally followed their starvation diets
  • You tried to follow along with their “workouts,” but were left confused and frustrated, then quit because you hated feeling intimidated and overwhelmed at the gym
  • You chained yourself to the treadmill and jogged till your brain was ready to implode from boredom

Yet, you saw zero results

Sure, you might have dropped a few lbs in water, but that came right back. Even if you managed to lose some fat, you gained it all back (PLUS several pounds more) once you returned to eating like a real person.

These diets promised the world, but left you hungry, confused, angry, and dejected… you found yourself back at the starting line, and ready to throw in the towel for good

You’re sick of failing? Good, because I have fantastic news for you…

You’re About to Gain Exclusive Access to the Real “Secrets” of Burning Fat and Reshaping Your Body Rapidly

Here’s the thing…

I hate using the word “Secrets” when describing the rapid fat loss hacks Im about to reveal. The truth is, I get sick thinking about how this info is held back from women who are desperate to get the body they’ve always wanted, just so the fitness industry can make a quick buck.

These secrets are too powerful to keep to myself.

See, I’ve seen first hand how frustrating it can be for women to run into wall after wall while desperately trying to transform their bodies.

My mom and sisters just about went crazy on Yo-Yo diets.

They worked their butts off only to see their weight fluctuate constantly. They would stumble through their day hungry and exhausted just to drop 3-lbs on the scale - and then lose their spirits as that 3lb loss was replaced with a 5lb gain after they stopped starving themselves.

Being a Fitness Model and Certified Trainer, I’d worked mostly with men.

However, seeing the women who mean the most to me in the world suffer, I knew I had to do something.

That’s when I developed a diet and training program designed 100% for women who want to rapidly lose weight, and keep it off for good, based on the 3 secrets you’ll learn here today.

They used these principles to finally lose weight, transform their physiques, and to this day they are still enjoying the bodies they’ve always wanted.

You’re frustrated.

You hate the idea of starting yet another diet and exercise plan.

The thought of putting yourself out there to your family and friends only to fails again fills you with anxiety.

Fortunately, you landed on this page and are about to discover a super-simple solution that is Guaranteed to work for you

What I’m about to share with you is not a fad diet.

  • You will never starve yourself
  • You won’t have to give up carbs
  • You’ll never waste your precious time and pounding away on a treadmill
  • You’ll use fast, simple-to-follow workouts (complete with a full How-To video library)
  • You’ll follow a diet and workout program that forces your body to burn calories 24/7

What If You Were Given a Fully-Customizable Diet and Exercise Plan That Let You Eat Your Favorite Foods, Plus You’ll Spend Only 30-mins in the Gym?

Crazy, right?

How can you possibly avoid cardio, get in and out of the gym in a half-hour, and eat carbs (plus foods you actually enjoy)?

The trick is to apply these three secrets (used by Hollywood’s elite actresses to get into killer shape almost overnight for their movies) to a diet and exercise plan that you will customize 100% to your body and your goals.

Ready to learn how to lose weight fast, and keep it off, while dramatically reshaping your body: toning your arms, belly, hips, thighs, back, and calves?

Secret 1: You Must Avoid Your Body’s Starvation Response at ALL Costs

80% of your results are directly tied to your diet.

For most women, this is horrible news.


Because roughly 99% of the diets aimed at women are little more than Starvation Diets repackaged with a fancy name.

If you are following the best workouts in the world, but your diet is ultra low in calories and nutrients, you will not lose fat

Sure, the scale might inch down… however, you’re actually losing your lean muscle tissue

Simply put: when you deprive your body of the calories, carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals it needs, it will find protein and calories wherever it can.

It’s first choice? Your own muscle.

Sounds like a horror movie, right? Like some kind of super advanced bio-terroristic plague unleashed on the world.

Nope. It’s your body being forced into survival mode.

When you follow starvation diets you are putting your body in danger for some serious health problems:

  • Slowed metabolic rate (you’ll literally burn less calories for months, even YEARS, after ending a starvation diet)
  • Increased risk of heart attacks
  • Loss of bone density
  • Thinning hair
  • Greater risk of seizures

But, how can I lose weight if I don’t significantly lower my calories?

If you take nothing else away from this page today, please know that the old “calories in vs calories-out” model of weight loss is outdated, flawed, and dangerous.

Yes, you need to watch the amount of calories you consume.

However, drastically cutting your calories puts you on the fast-path to disaster.

Same for continually cutting calories over a long period of time. Simply doesn’t work.

In fact, this method of dieting actually slows your metabolism, and leads you down a path to eating so little that your body falls into starvation mode.

The truth is, to rapidly lose stubborn body fat, you must avoid the Starvation Response at all costs.

How do you do this?

By learning how to fine-tune your diet, customizing it to fit your body and your goals.

This allows you to eat a lot of healthy foods that you actually enjoy.

In fact, not only are you encouraged to eat a lot, you must eat enough calories to take advantage of the Starvation Response arch-enemy: the Thermic Effect of Food.

I’ll teach you how, when, and how much to eat so that your body burns more calories after each meal.

How cool is that? You get to eat a lot of great food, and it forces your body to burn fat damn-near around the clock.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a second way to avoid the Starvation Response… and it means eating the carbs that you love…

Your body runs on two primary sources of energy, fats and carbs.

When you follow a low carb diet, your body is forced to burn the fat you eat, and your body fat, for fuel.

Awesome, right? Burn all the bread in your home!

Not so fast…

See, when you go without carbs for too long, your body stops producing the ultra-important fat-burning hormone Leptin.

How can you combine the rapid fat loss from low-carb diets with a constantly elevated leptin level?

Glad you asked…

The answer is simple, yet almost always ignored by the fitness industry: Carb Cycling.

Quite simply, you combine low carb days with high carb days to keep your body constantly oscillating between burning fat, and replenishing your leptin levels.

Sound complicated?

Don’t worry, I’ll give you the exact formula to use to create the perfect carb cycle for your body - and it takes less than 5-minutes to calculate!

Secret 2: Want to Burn Body Fat Around the Clock? Toss Your Treadmill Out the Window

You know that just about ever “get in shape quick” program aimed at women includes a TON of cardio.

Jogging… Spin classes… Long, incline walks on the treadmill, Row machines… Group exercise classes...

If everyone includes cardio, it must work, right?

Before we debunk that myth, let’s be honest. You hate doing cardio.

Everyone does, myself included.

It’s long, boring, tough on your joints, and overwhelming.

Cardio is also incredibly inefficient. Any exercise that you must do for 1 - 2 hours per Day, every day, is not only a horrible waste of time, it won’t help your body lose fat.

What if I told you that you’d never have to do cardio again?

What if I gave you the secret anti-cardio fat-blasting method used by elite athletes?

What if that anti-cardio training could rev up your metabolism for up to 48-hours after every workout?

You’d literally be burning body fat around the clock.

Oh, and you can stoke your metabolism and force your body into fat-melt mode 24/7 with 3-brief, 15-minute workouts per week.

That’s right:

  • You’ll burn stubborn body fat 24/7
  • You’ll skyrocket your metabolism for up to 48-hours after every workout
  • You’ll never suffer through another boring cardio workout again

And you can do it all in only 3, fast, 15-minute workouts per week!


You’re busy. You don’t have all day to waste in spin classes or chained to the treadmill. You also hate the way your knees, ankles, hips, and back feel after jogging.

How much faster would you get your dream body if you could shred fat for 48-hours after a simple 15-minute workout a few times a week?

When you apply this secret anti-cardio method to your diet and workout plan, you will literally start seeing changes on the scale… and in the mirror… this week!

How is this even possible?

Back in my days playing football, I noticed something fascinating:

Most athletes who were shredded - football players, track and field athletes - never jogged.

In fact, the women who ran track were lean, cut, and had powerful, sexy bodies… yet they never did long distance running.

Suddenly, it dawned on me: the way these athletes train is PERFECT for fast fat loss because their methods sent their metabolism into hyperdrive after every workout. Combine that with a healthy diet and you have the shortcut to a lean, sexy physique.

Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from these methods.

In fact, I took what those athletes were doing and modified it so that my mother and sisters could perform these workouts easily, even at home with ZERO equipment.

They loved how fast and efficient these mini-workouts were. And their results were jaw-dropping.

I’ll reveal these exact workouts, and how to adapt them to fit your body perfectly in the Toned In 90-Days Program.

Even if you did nothing more than add these workouts to your fitness plan, you’re guaranteed to:

  • Flatten your belly
  • Sculpt killer thighs
  • Tone and tighten your arms
  • Firm and re-shape your butt

Secret 3: Body-Customized Workouts Slash Fat Fast

Do you know why most exercise books aimed at women include long, complicated workouts?

Because those diet and exercise programs are so generic, so cookie-cutter, that they’re literally written for everyone.

Doesn’t matter if you gain weight in your thighs..

Doesn’t matter if you gain weight ONLY in your belly...

Doesn't’ matter if you’ve been struggling to lose weight your whole life, or you need to get back your pre-baby body…

Doesn’t matter if you’re naturally tall and only gain weight in your belly, or if you’re shorter and tend to pack on the extra pounds around your hips…

The workouts in those books are supposed to magically fix EVERYONE. Of course, they usually end up helping almost no one.

Frankly, they try to feed you long workouts full of exotic exercises in the hopes that something in those workouts will accidentally work for you.

It’s the Kitchen-Sink approach: dump everything in and hope for the best.

If those workouts have failed you in the past, as they have for tens of thousands of other women, don’t worry, you’ll never have to suffer through one of those marathon workouts again.

In fact, I’ll let you in on Secret 3: Brief, Intense Workouts Burn WAY More Fat Than Long, Complicated Sessions

How much better would life be if you could permanently lose fat without spending hours in the gym?

Remember, you’re already going to learn how to ditch long, boring cardio and replace it with 15-minute anti-cardio workouts that set your metabolism ablaze for up to 48-hours after every workout.

Well, guess what, there’s more good news: you can do brief, intense workouts that blow torch body fat, tone and strengthen your muscles, and reshape your body completely in just 30-minutes per workout.

Plus, you can do these workouts at home or in the gym.

That’s right, if you hate the gym, don’t worry. You can do these workouts at home, even if you have little to no equipment.

How is it possible to transform your body with such short workouts?

Simple, these workouts are designed for your body type. You’ll be able to customize them for your goals, your needs, your body.

See, when you cut out the mountain of guesswork and perform ONLY the few exercises that are a perfect match for your body and your goals, you don’t need hours…

In fact, including warm up, you’ll only need 30-mins a few times a week to put your body in constant fat-burning mode.

Introducing the Guaranteed Super-Shortcut to Your Dream Body - TONED in 90-Days

Now that you’ve learned the 3-Secrets to rapidly melt fat while reshaping your body, you can apply them to the revolutionary 90-day plan that is 100% Guaranteed.

Listen, even if you simply followed the 3-Secrets, you’d get pretty good results. But, we’re not stopping there…


Because when you combine these 3-Secrets with the Toned in 90-Days System, you’ll be unstoppable

  • Brief, Ultra-Effective Workouts you can do in the gym OR in the comfort of your own home - even if you have no equipment
  • Simple, Follow-Along Workout Videos - download the app & you’ll have crystal clear how-to videos with you at the gym. Just open your phone or tablet and it’ll be like having one of our trainers standing beside you, helping you every step of the way.
  • Customizable Diet Plans - simple diet plans that you can easily adjust to fit your body and your goals perfectly for rapid weight loss
  • Easy to Follow Workout Calendar - always know exactly which workout you need to do for the day to set your body into fat-burning mode
  • Ab-Shredding Workouts - these follow along workouts are fast, simple and will work with your diet to get your belly flat and hard (plus they drop a nuclear bomb on your love-handles)
  • 15-Minute Anti-Cardio Workouts - push your metabolism into hyperdrive for 48-hours after every brief workout!
  • 24/7 Social Support - you’ll gain exclusive access to our Private Facebook Group run by our top trainers - you can ask them anything 5-days a week. Plus, the other women on the program will be in the group, providing you with around-the-clock social support (research shows your can reach a goal up to 40% faster when working with a support team)

As if that’s not enough, you will also discover:

  • The #1 Mistake Women Make in the Gym - this problem keeps most women from getting the toned, sexy body they want - don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to fix it
  • The Must-Do Exercises to Have Lean, Sexy Legs - hint: these exercises are not what you think
  • Why Training Like a WOMAN is Key to Sculpting Your Legs, Butt, Arms, and Belly - training like a man will never get you the body you want. Why? Find out (the answer is a jaw-dropper)
  • The Fitness Model “Intensity” Secret - how the world’s fittest women use resistance training to chisel lean, toned, attainable bodies
  • 6-Little Known Weight-Training Advantages - think weights will make you bulky? When you discover these 6-advantages, you’ll discover why the fastest way to a beach body is by using weights
  • 5-Myths the Fitness Industry Uses to Trick You Into Staying Fat and Out of Shape - learn the counter-intuitive truths to getting your dream body, fast.
  • 4-Must Follow Rules to Rapid Body Transformation - these simple, yet little utilized rules will get you into shape faster than you ever dreamed possible
  • The Secrets of Meal-Timing - knowing exactly when to eat will fast-forward your results
  • How to Cultivate Unstoppable Motivation - want your dream body fast? Learn the 2-questions you must ask yourself to create the internal motivation you need to change your body… and your life
  • How-To Customize Your Diet - the step-by-step blueprint to making your diet 100% customized for your body
  • 10-Point Nutritional Checklist - want a flat belly and sculpted arms? Follow this checklist, eliminate guesswork, and rapidly re-shape your body
  • 3-Steps to Destroy Procrastination - blast through plateaus, and train your body to get better every single day
  • Must-Have Mental Shortcuts - discover your “why” and you’ll tone every zone, every workout, every day (this alone will multiply your results)
  • 5-Sure Fire Carb Cycling Hacks - skyrocket your fat burning while enjoying your favorite carbs. Awesome, right?
  • Contrast Training - how to utilize the master mix of anti-cardio workouts for both rapid and long-lasting fat loss
  • The 7-Commandments of Building a Perfect Butt - strategic weight training hacks you’ll use to sculpt magazine-worthy legs & butt

Wait, a lot of this info is the exact opposite of what I’ve heard… who do I know it works?


First, this program is backed by an Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Second, just take a look at a few of the fantastic transformations of women just like you who’ve used our methods:

Those Results Are Amazing! TONED in 90-Days Must Be Expensive, Right?

Absolutely not.

In fact, we have worked tirelessly to make this incredible, life-changing info extremely affordable.

The average, borderline qualified personal trainer charged over $75 per session.

Back when I had time to train women personally, I charged $500 per hour.

When you get Toned in 90-Days, you’re getting about 10Xs the info and insider tips I gave my clients. I could never deliver this kind of value in an hour, even dozens of hours

That’s part of what makes Toned in 90-Days such a fantastic deal - you’re getting, literally, tens of thousands of dollars of diet and training tips that were previously unavailable to the general public, for a fraction of the normal cost.

Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve been advised to price Toned in 90-Days at $197

Considering that it’s 100% Guaranteed to help you lose 7, 11, even 17-lbs in just 90 days, plus the stacks of insider info on how to reshape your body and keep your results forever, $197 is certainly justifiable.

However, I don’t want price to be the thing that holds you back from finally getting your dream body.

When I think back to helping my mom and my sisters... all of whom worked hard to pay their bills and take care of their families while also trying to lose weight to improve their bodies, mind, and health... I know that my mission is to put an end to women like you being confused about how to get into shape fast, yet being constantly misled by the fitness industry.

Plus, with the rising cost of just about everything these days, we all could use a break, right?

...That’s why you don’t have to invest $197 today.

You won’t even need to put out HALF of that. Nope, I’ve got a way better deal for you:

You can supercharge your fat loss and your body transformation, and enjoy guaranteed results for just $57.00

Most of us can’t even fill our gas tank for under 50-bucks anymore.

However, you’ll be able to build traffic-stopping curves, flatten your belly, and drop a lava bomb on your body fat - all while eating like a Queen and enjoying your favorite carbs…

All for less than a few days worth of Starbucks Lattes.

Not only is Toned in 90-Days affordable, it comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That’s right, in the fitness world where people push books, sell programs, and cram slick advertising down your throat, then take your money and run, I’m offering you Toned in 90-Days with a full, iron-clad guarantee.

I’ve been training women, and helping thousands of people online lose weight and get into tremendous shape for a long time now.

I’ve spent way too many years building up my reputation as one of the nation’s top trainers to risk it all trying to sell you a program that doesn’t work.

You can rest easy knowing that your program is 100% Guaranteed to help you:

  • Burn belly fat
  • Sculpt a flat, tight belly
  • Tone your thighs, arms, back, and hips
  • Reshape your body
  • Build killer curves

If you act now, you can test drive Toned in 90-Days 100% Risk-Free.
I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely blown away by your rapid results.

If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with how quickly & easily you’re losing weight and toning your body, simply email us and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

Am I crazy for offering a program this great at such a low price plus a money-back guarantee?


Know why? Because thousands of women have used TONED in 90-Days to build their dream bodies.

Our refund rate is below 1%.

How can it be so low?

When you utilize the 3-Secrets you learned today, then combine them with a customized diet for YOUR body while following a training program that matches your body type, you’re guaranteed to make fast, easy progress… even if you’ve failed in the past.

There is one small catch:

You gotta act right now.

We can’t keep darn-near giving away this incredible program forever. The price will DOUBLE in the next few days.

If you take action now, you’ll get Toned in 90-Days for a fraction of the normal price, plus the 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Instant access Just $57.00
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Hey, I know you’re skeptical. You should be. After, you’ve probably been burned by weight loss books, programs, and apps that promised you the world, but gave you zero results.

However, this time you will succeed - and I guarantee it 100%.

How many weight-loss guru books on Amazon or random online “diet solutions” come with a money back guarantee?


How could they? They’d be out of business within a month.

This program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee for a great reason: it flat-out works because it can be easily customized to your body, your goals, and your lifestyle.

No breaking the bank at overpriced “health” food stores buying exotic, organic fruits. No speciality potions. No gag-inducing green smoothies.

How great will it be to burn fat fast following a diet jam-packed with foods that you actually enjoy eating!

Check out even more of the success stories of women just like you who took a chance on my methods and transformed their bodies & changed their lives:

If you’re sick of spinning your wheels…

If you’re fed up with telling your friends & family that you’re on a diet, only to feel the face-burning embarrassment when the diet fails you…

If you’ve had enough of confusing workouts, fad diets, and fly-by-night gurus…

This is your golden opportunity to finally claim the body you’ve always wanted (and always deserved) - Guaranteed

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Mobile Workouts

Take your pan anywhere you go! We provide you with a mobile version of both our at home and gym workouts. They come with descriptions of each exercise, how to videos, set and rep ranges. Designed specifically for mobile devices to look great on all phones, tablets, and computers.

Intro: Training Your Mind

30% of getting the body you want is strategy, 70% of getting the body you want is your psychology. Through my years of dieting and working out, I have had to master the art of self-motivation.. In this section I share some of my secrets that will help you kick old habits, limiting beliefs, and procrastination. Let’s clear your mind and get you ready to see this through until you reach your goal!

Diet Guide Part 1: Beginner

Learn the basics of nutrition that will form the nucleus that all of your food choices will stem from. Also included in an easier dieting approach that teaches you how to customize your own plan to help ensure your goal of weight loss or muscle gain.

Diet Guide pt. 2: Advanced

After learning the basics of dieting and nutrition, I take you through one of the most, if not the most, popular nutrition strategies used by fitness models and athletes all around the world. I want to teach you how to be a master at creating your own diet and knowing how to tweak it when you hit a plateau or when your goals change.


Like the Bible has it’s own commandments, so does fitness. These are the most core principles to follow on a day to day basis while working out in order to get the most out of your workouts in the shortest time possible. Learn to train smarter, not harder!

Workout Log

In this log, I provide you with the exact training plan that you will follow for the next 90 days. You are told what days to go to the gym or workout at home, what exercises to do, how many reps, how many sets, how much rest, etc. I put this together like this because I want you to never be confused with what you’re doing when exercising again.

HIIT Guide

In this guide I teach you how to do a certain type of cardio that triggers the Epoc Effect (Excess Post Exercises Oxygen Consumption). Most workouts only burn calories during the actual workout. This will burn calories for hours AFTER your workouts are complete. You get my fully detailed cardio plan. This is one of the most CRUCIAL changes you must add to your workouts. (And you only have to do these short 15 minute cardio sessions 3 days per week. No more treadmill!)

Outro: Tying It All Together

This is about sending you on your way with the motivation to follow through with all 90 days of this plan. We don’t like quitters and we want to see you succeed so drink deep in the language used.

FREE BONUS #1: (Normally $47.00)

For those of you who have ALWAYS wanted a 6 pack more than anything, this program is a must have. As a fitness cover model he has to keep his abs shredded year round and this program is a behind the scenes look at exactly what ab exercises he does, nutrition for getting his abs to really pop, and the cardio he does for taking off that last layer so even his lower abs show. It comes with beginner, intermediate, and advanced follow along ab workouts designed to give you a symmetrical 6 pack.

FREE BONUS #2: (Normally $47.00)

Get the Butt of Your Dreams.This is one of our most requested programs. If you are like most ladies I’ve helped, no matter what you’ve tried, you can’t seem to get that look you are after and your body won’t cooperate. Here is EXACTLY how to get a butt that looks amazing in tight jeans and in a bikini. To produce results fast, you MUST follow a systematic workout focussed on all 4 areas of the butt. Each workout in this program I hand picked and in a specific order so you get an amazing butt fast!

FREE BONUS #3: (Normally 37.00)

If you have to eat bland chicken and broccoli or other tasteless boring foods every meal, you’ll give up fast. But if you can eat foods that taste amazing and make you feel full, you’ll be able to stick to your nutrition plan long term. We know that better than anyone and that’s why we got with a celebrity chef here in Los Angeles and had her create each one of these recipes for us. They taste amazing and are incredibly healthy. Considering 80% of reaching your fitness goal comes down to sticking to your nutrition plan. This recipe guide is your secret weapon to loving the journey!

Supplement Guide

Most supplements are absolute garbage and they just steal your money. But there are a handful that are fantastic. Just remember supplements are just that, “supplemental.” They aren’t magic. The videos in this guide educate you about the few good supplements out there. It teaches you when you should take them and how they work. So you can stop wasting your money on supplements that have no research backing them and actually start seeing results.

My 30-Day


I personally guarantee the results from all of my fitness programs. If you try this program for 30 days and you are not happy with the results, we will refund you. All you have to do is send us an email with your request.


*all products are digital and will be available immediately upon purchase

Normally $230

  Everything for just $57.00
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