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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

How do I get abs?! That is one of the top questions we get here at V Shred.


If it were as easy as doing sit-ups, everyone that trains would be walking around with a 6-pack.

But it’s not!!


To complicate things even more… there is a muscle you probably don’t realize you need to train to have a sculpted midsection… because (technically) it’s not an ab muscle! 


You need to work the Serratus… and there isn’t a single crunch or sit-up variation you can do that will get the job done.


In this article, we are going to tell you all about the serratus muscle and show you some very effective exercises that target it! 



The serratus is under your lats. It runs all the way back and attaches to the inner part of the scapula. 

Your body fat does have to be pretty low to be able to see them, but the serratus muscles look like three little “gills” or “shark teeth” … they look like ribs. 


Some people actually refer to them as RIB MUSCLES. They aren’t..  but they do attach to your ribs and span over the top 8 or 9 ribs.


You may have also heard them called the “boxers muscle” — that is because they are usually very well developed in many boxers because the Serratus is what contracts when you are throwing a punch.


It’s not easy, and you have to really THINK about contracting it.

But there are a lot of great exercises you can do. 



(++ a killer serratus activation drill)


You work this muscle some when training back or chest, but because it is NOT easy to isolate, you want to do some targetted training.


Throw in a couple of these at the end of some of your ab training sessions each week.



Get a full stretch and think about squeezing down into serratus

Go slow, and do NOT use too much weight! You will recruit other muscles if you go too heavy.



Roll out, keeping your shoulder blades forward and down.

Open up your scapula and use mind-muscle connection to concentrate on using this muscle the entire movement. 


** If you do not have an ab roller, you can also do these using a spinning barbell, TRX system, or even bands**


EXERCISE THREE – PLANK UP (also called The Dolphin Plank)

You will be in a standard plank position, then you let your shoulder blades drop down and add the motion of pushing backward and forward. Go back into plank and repeat.


You can also do this in a push-up position. To do this, push up – then push further by rounding up an extra two-inch additional range of motion. 



Wrap a band around something behind you (doorknob or any gym equipment) so that the band is around waist height .. maybe a little lower.


Standing in a “square stance” .. let the band bring your chest and shoulder all the way back .. then think of pushing to the wall in front of you as far as you can. When you think you can’t reach anymore.. try to reach a little further to really get tension on the band.


You will be punching slightly “up” instead of straight out. Focus on contracting your serratus during the movement and then HOLD THE PUNCH for ten seconds in the stretched position. 


The serratus is one of the most critical muscles for the

overall look and development of your core!! 


Add in a few of the serratus focused exercises to complete your “ab” training routine! 


We should point out that if you ever want to SEE the serratus muscle (or any other muscle in your abs) .. you will most likely need pretty low levels of body fat.


To achieve this… it’s best that you eat and train based on YOUR BODY TYPE.


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