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Conrad is a hardworking, hands-on dad. 

And thanks to his busy life, he was tired and not eating well. He didn’t notice the weight creeping on, until one day in his mid-thirties he decided to take control.

This is Conrad’s story — one of our favorite V Shred reviews.

Enjoy some of our favorite V Shred reviews and transformations.

The wake up call a dad couldn’t ignore

Conrad saw a photo of himself and was shocked.  Something had to change, for his health and for his family.

As he nervously edged on to the scale, he was ready to face the truth.

At his highest weight, Conrad weighed in at 460 pounds. He needed to make a leap of faith. To focus on his well-being.

“I decided I wanted to do something for myself…and for my boys. I knew I needed to set a good example for them…”

Conrad knew he needed to show a positive example and the significance of a healthy lifestyle. Newly motivated, he started a restrictive diet and lost 20 pounds in the first two months.

But although it was an initial success, the diet became unsustainable, and he put the weight back on easily.

Feeling frustrated after his setback, Conrad needed a solution that would work long-term.

A “lightbulb moment” for weight loss

That’s when Conrad stumbled upon an ad for V Shred weight loss on Facebook.

The ad caught his eye. It explained how men in their 30s and 40s can get in shape without having to spend hours at the gym or cut out their favorite foods.

But despite having tried other programs before, something about V Shred kept Conrad intrigued.

“I saw it, and it was a light bulb moment that said, this is it. This was going to be a lifestyle change. [They] give you the tools that I needed to succeed, and I was fully on board.”

Having struggled with his fitness all his life. Something told Conrad this could be just the thing he needed. And when he dug deeper, he saw it as more than just an opportunity to lose weight, but key to a genuine change in his lifestyle.

The tools V Shred offered were exactly what he needed. Without waiting, he was fully on board.

Jumping straight in

Conrad decided to give the V Shred program a shot to shed the extra pounds. And after following the workouts and meal guides, the weight started to melt away.

Conrad joined the V Shred program, starting with ‘fat loss extreme’ 

Before long his pant sizes kept dropping, and that was just the beginning.

Conrad started with Fat Loss Extreme, then moving onto ‘big arms’ and eventually completing and repeating ‘ripped in 90″.

When asked what his favorite part of V Shred’s weight loss programs were, Conrad answers:

“The videos, the guidance, to be able to follow along…you gave me options on certain exercises…I hadn’t been able to do push-ups since elementary school and it was ok to start on your knees…and now I can do full blown push-ups.”

The motivational videos also gave encouragement on the days when it was hard to get going.

The secrets to V Shred weight loss nutrition 

After joining the V Shred program, coach Adam got in touch with Conrad within 24 hours to deliver a customized meal plan. In his V Shred review, Conrad shares that Adam took his likes and dislikes into account and designed a plan that gave him the fuel he needed for maximum results.

“Since then I’ve never quit a meal plan, actually, I just bought the meal plan for my parents.”

But it wasn’t only the food that helped Conrad get in shape.

The supplements gave him what he needed to not only get through the program but to get the best results.

Conrad shares that his new favorite thing is when his supplements arrive in the mail.

The key to faster results with V Shred

When Conrad discovered that V Shred offered personal training, he knew this was the key to achieve his goals even faster. Knowing he had a lot of weight to lose, he wanted to give himself every chance of success.

“I wanted to make sure I was doing the exercises right.”

That’s when he decided to work with a V Shred weight loss Certified Coach. By following their recommendations to the letter and committing to the workouts and meal plan, Conrad started to see results.

Shrinking as confidence grows

As Conrad stuck with his coach’s plan, the pounds kept dropping off. His pant sizes were getting smaller and smaller. And while it was gradual weight loss, it was consistent. 

Along with this weight loss came a surge in confidence. He looked like a completely new person and he certainly felt like one.

Friends and family noticed his transformation. But what could Conrad never have predicted?

He reconnected with someone special. 

The love of his life

“I met Angela 8 years ago at a Baseball field. We went on a first date and we had a great time… but we never went past that first date and 8 years later, I couldn’t get her out of my mind… I sent her a Facebook message and a couple of hours later Angela responded.”

Conrad and Angela met for their second, first date a few days later. 

What did they do? 

They worked out!

And the rest is history. 

Staying the course

Like all new habits, Conrad faced challenging days and moments when the scale wouldn’t budge. But losing over 200 pounds doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye.

Conrad leaned on his Coach, Adam, for support.

And over the course of two years, he lost the weight. 

Over 200 pounds later, there’s no looking back.

In celebration of his achievement, V Shred invited Conrad to visit the V Shred Gym where he could finally meet his Coach, Adam, in person. Conrad also got the chance to work out alongside Vince Sant, co-founder of V Shred, in Las Vegas.

Fitness from the comfort of home

“When you’re overweight, you already feel that everyone’s looking at you. But the program gave me the tools I needed to do my workouts in the comfort of my own home, without the added feelings of being in public.”

With the experience Conrad gained, his son recently asked for workout advice, something he found so humbling when a year ago he could hardly get up off the floor after his workout.

“That was a very heart warming and very cool dad moment.”

210 Pounds later

“My jeans were a 56/58 inch waist, I’m proud to say it’s now a 36, from a 6XL I can say that I’m now in a large.”

Conrad’s body has gone from over 34% body fat to 16%. 

And not only that, in just over a year,  Conrad gained 4 years back from his metabolic age, which he admits gives him goosebumps just thinking about!

Conrad’s perseverance over the years led to a 200-pound weight loss with V Shred…

Conrad’s trust in the V Shred program means the weight loss remains. As does the positive impact on Conrad’s mental well-being, relationships, and overall happiness.

“If you’re mentally ready to go on a journey and do extraordinary things for yourself and set goals and achieve them, this is it.”

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