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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Renae Shares Her Inspiring Transformation Story During a One-on-One Interview with V Shred & Sculpt Nation Co-Founder Vince Sant.



Renae – V Shred Member

Renae is a wife and full-time mom of four with a very demanding career. She could have easily used “busy” as an excuse to keep scrolling when she saw a V Shred advertisement pop up on her social media, but something about our unique approach to “dieting” caught her eye.

“I was interested in the fact that I could still eat carbs and do the carb cycling, and that was really an important part to me,” remembers Renae. 

After reading, Renae says she felt encouraged that there might actually be a program out there that she could stick to! So she instantly purchased the V Shred exercise and diet program that our fitness quiz said was best for her goals and body type.

Then she did something VITAL to her overall success in the program. It’s one of our biggest fit tips and something most people skip and later regret not doing!

Nope, she didn’t rush to buy supplements or feel pressured to join a fancy gym. Our programs don’t require either of those things!

The first thing Renae did to set herself up for success didn’t cost a single penny!! 

She set out to discover her unique why.

“When I started the program, I was kinda like, what am I really working towards. A couple weeks in, I decided I want to feel good wearing a bathing suit,” says Renae.

We teach our clients how to “find your why” because it’s vital to successfully reach your short and long-term health and fitness goals. 

Renae was off to a good start with discovering hers but needed to dig a little bit deeper than wanting to confidently wear a swimsuit. 

“I was in a size 8 or 10, and they were tight on me.  I didn’t feel good about them. I’d look down and see rolls of whatever and was like, I don’t like the way I look. I just wanted to feel like I looked good again.”

That still wasn’t specific enough. Renae knew there was more, and after further soul searching — it finally clicked!

Renae realized it had been a long time since she saw a picture of herself and had something positive to say! Right then and there, she knew her why and the goal she needed to set to keep herself motivated. 

“I booked a vacation, and I called the resort ahead of time and I booked a professional photographer to take pictures while I was there.”

She also kept her bikini on display as a constant visual reminder of her why and the time-stamped goal only a few months away! 

“I hung my bathing suit on the mirror, and every morning I’d get up and do my workouts,” says Renae. 

Renee established her clear why, set a big goal, and visualized her goal self early in the program. Important psychological steps that helped Renae lose 22 pounds after just one round of Toned In 90 Days!


That is an impressive amount of weight to lose in only 3 months, but seeing a lower number on the scale isn’t what wowed Renae the most. What she really noticed was the calorie-burning lean muscle she gained!

“I think that was the big difference for me. By putting on that muscle, all the fat just started melting off,” says Renae. 

Lean muscle changed the shape of her body so much that there were times Renae says she didn’t even recognize herself! 

“There was a time in the gym I was walking by a mirror and looked over, and I thought, oh who is that and I went oh my goodness that’s me. When you start to make a lot of changes, your mind doesn’t quite catch up sometimes to how fast your body changes on this program.”

Renae went on her goal vacation and, at 43 years young, confidently rocked that bikini photoshoot. 

The pictures speak for themselves…. Renae looks INCREDIBLE!!

But what does Renae think? Was she able to reach her ultimate goal of looking at pictures of herself and liking what she sees?

“When I got these pictures back, I was floored that I liked pictures of me, and I was floored about the way I knew I felt inside when I was doing those,” smiles Renae.

Renae even printed her favorite photos and put them on display! So now, instead of a bikini hanging on her mirror, she has pictures of herself wearing it that serve as motivation moving forward.

“I never want to go back to how I felt before V Shred. I want to feel like this as far forward as I can feel this way,” says Renae. 

Aside from changing the shape of her body and reaching her confidence goals, Renae says something else really cool happened while doing Toned In 90 Days. 

Despite the addition of daily exercise, meal prep, and everything else that comes with living a healthy lifestyle —  her busy days ended up feeling much less demanding!! 

“I felt good and wasn’t tired. I just feel healthier now. It’s just a complete difference from what I felt before. I was in a better mood and I even felt like I had more time because I was getting things done faster.”

Like all of our clients that have success with our programs, Renae says now that she knows what it feels like to be healthy, happy, and confident — she will never go back to her old ways! 

“I never want to go back to how I felt before V Shred. I want to feel like this as far forward as I can feel this way.”

Thank you, Renae, for trusting us to help you reach 

such a big goal and for sharing your story!

You are such an inspiration!!

If you are reading right now and are … 

  • Uncertain if you have the time to get started?! 
  • Not sure if you are capable of seeing results like Renae achieved?! 
  • Don’t know how to discover your why?!
  • Are scared to set big goals out of fear of failure?! 

Renae has two main pieces of advice for you! 

First, she wants people to know that V shred is not too good to be true or like many quick fix programs out there. She says she is proof that our programs work as long as YOU do! 

“I hope other people can see that it works and have the courage to do it because it’s life-changing. They just need to take the first step, and as soon as they see results, they are never gonna want to quit.” 

Her second piece of advice is probably geared a little more toward the ladies, and that is — don’t be intimidated or hesitant to pick up the weights!!!

“As a woman, ya know, I think a lot of girls shy away from it but don’t be afraid to get in there and really lift some weight.” 

And if you want to get started on YOUR journey to being our next V Shred testimony, it’s best to get started where all of our most successful clients do — by taking our BODY TYPE QUIZ

It’s free for everyone (even if you aren’t a V Shred member) ..  only 6 questions .. tells you your body type in seconds  … and then gives you the best ways you should exercise and eat based on your genetics!

We can’t wait to help you step into your own unique greatness through living a healthy and fit lifestyle! 

Renae’s Case Study is the story of Renae’s unique experience with V Shred and her weight loss and fitness journey.  Her results are uniquely her and this Case Study is a detailed presentation of Renae’s decision making and use of V Shred products and programs. There is no assurance that your personal experience will be similar to hers.