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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Have you ever seen some of these incredible “Before and After” photos of people who’ve lost weight…and then wondered how they’ve managed to achieve those amazing fitness transformations? 

Well, you’ll find plenty of those inside the V Shred fitness community…

The success stories and V Shred reviews are in the THOUSANDS.

But what is V Shred, exactly? And how is it achieving such a huge number of impressive results for men and women all over the world?

Read this review to find out… 

So what is V Shred about?

V Shred is an online health and fitness company that helps guide customers through weight loss transformations with a mix of unique training and nutrition strategies.

Many of the programs are led by Vince Sant, a former fitness model turned celebrity trainer. The company focuses on helping people of all ages lose weight and get in better shape, with fitness regimes tailored just for them.

But do our programs live up to the hype? Here’s a closer look…

A Closer Look at V Shred’s Fitness Programs: Transformations That Speak for Themselves

So what really sets V Shred apart? 

While there are many fitness and weight loss programs out there, V Shred’s programs are designed specifically for men and women who have:

Hit a plateau

More than 10 to 15 pounds to lose

Busy schedules and lifestyles, which limits their ability to spend a lot of time and effort working out or dieting

Had little to no success with losing weight or getting in shape in the past

Health issues or physical limitations that prevent them from losing weight easily

Here’s a list of just some of V Shred’s programs – along with a customer experience for each one:


Fat Loss Extreme

The crown jewel of V Shred’s offerings, Fat Loss Extreme, is a fan favorite for a reason. 

Brittany Seay, who enjoyed terrific success with the program, says, “It doesn’t feel like you’re restricting yourself. All the food here has flavor.” 

The program lasts for 90 days and produces some dramatic results.

It’s V Shred’s bestselling program and it’s the perfect entry point into the program range.

Custom Diet and Training for Her (and for Him)

Tailored for every customer, the Custom Diet Plan makes it easier for people to stay on track with their diet by having a V Shred Certified Trainer design all the meal plans for them. 

Ashley C.  is couldn’t have had a better experience with the program:

“I couldn’t believe it… nine inches in the first 12 weeks!” 

One of the most exciting aspects of the Custom Diet Plan is the way it gives people the opportunity to work with their own fitness coach for the first time in their lives.

Ripped in 90 Days

Ripped in 90 Days is a program which  helps folks looking for a more “chiseled” look.  It’s for people who are seeking more dramatic fat loss, and it’s a perfect example of how V Shred have created programs to cater to people of all experience levels.

Eric M.’s experience with the program sums it up: “I feel amazing…I’m starting to look amazing.” 

Clean Bulk Program

For those looking to gain muscle without unwanted fat, the Clean Bulk program is a gem. 

It’s for “hardgainers” who struggle to put on muscle.  The program focuses on adding muscle via a slight calorie surplus that results in pure muscle gain.

Jake K.’s story is a testament: “I went from 220 to 198 with a body fat percentage around 11%.”

These are just four of V Shred’s programs, but there are plenty more.

The main point is – whether you’re male or female, young or more mature, the chances are V Shred has a program that’s tailored to suit your goals.  The choice here is fantastic.

V Shred Reviews and Transformations: Real People, Incredible Journeys

So how does V Shred manage to consistently deliver astounding results? 

What’s the secret sauce? 

The answer may lie in V Shred’s flexible, carb-cycling diet plans. 

These plans aren’t just about cutting carbs; they’re about strategic consumption. 

It’s not just about counting calories; it’s about smart, sustainable eating tailored to each individual.

1. Macro Planning Mastery:

V Shred’s macro planning is sensible and sustainable.  The diet plans are easy to stick to and lead to solid results in the long term (because the diet plans are so sustainable, success rates are every high).

It’s about balancing proteins, carbs, and fats in a way that fuels your body and supports your fitness goals. 

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan; you get to customize it for your goals or work with a Trainer to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients in the right amounts. 

2. Carb Cycling – The Metabolic Game Changer: 

Then there’s carb cycling, a strategy that alternates between high and low carb days. 

This isn’t about depriving your body; it’s about optimizing your metabolism. 

By varying your carb intake, your body becomes more efficient at burning fat while still having enough energy for those intense workout sessions.

These strategies are grounded in science and designed for real, long-lasting results. 

They’re about understanding your body and giving it what it needs to thrive. 

With V Shred, nutrition is not just a part of the journey; it’s the foundation of your transformation.

They work because they’re sustainable – tailored to your lifestyle and not just a fad diet. 

This method keeps your metabolism guessing and burning fat more efficiently. 

Just ask Melissa D., who found success not just in losing weight but also in maintaining her health: “I can definitely tell that my metabolism has been really kick-started.”

And the workouts? They’re no cookie-cutter routines. 

V Shred crafts exercise programs that cater to your body type and fitness level. 

It’s about smart training, not just hard training. 

Take Leah D.’s experience, for example: “I’ve never been in this great of shape in my entire life.” And that’s saying something!

Corie P.’s transformation is another testament to V Shred’s effectiveness. 

After joining the program, Corie lost 40 pounds and 30 inches in just three months. She describes her experience as life-changing, “I’ve never gotten results like this on any fad or yo-yo dieting I have done in my entire life.”

Steve B.’s story echoes a similar sentiment. 

Starting at V Shred with personal challenges, he found a new direction and motivation.

“I went into it without really knowing what V Shred was, but now I can confidently say it changed my life,” shares Steve, who saw significant improvements in his physical fitness and overall well-being.

Extreme results are featured. Some customers extend their programs to achieve their results. See our Testimonial Support Page for typical results.

Cutting Through Cravings: A Realistic Guide by V Shred

Cravings can be the biggest hurdle in any fitness journey. 

V Shred gets this and offers not just a plan but a battle strategy against those pesky cravings. 

It’s not about willpower; it’s about strategy. 

V Shred provides practical tips that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. 

This approach is about making smart choices, not denying yourself happiness. 

With V Shred, you learn to understand your body’s needs, deciphering between genuine hunger and mere cravings.

Supplemental Success: The V Shred Advantage

To aid customers with their physical transformations, V Shred also offers a range of supplements through its sister site to help support your goals. These are now available on Amazon and directly through the Sculpt Nation website.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of V Shred supplements, where each product is a meticulously crafted formula designed to boost your fitness journey in unique ways.

This isn’t just another supplement; it’s a metabolic marvel. With ingredients like Capsimax®, a time-released version of Capsaicin, and a blend of other potent components like CaloriBurn GP® and Chromax®, Burn Evolved 2.0 is engineered to amplify your metabolic rate, reduce cravings, and assist in transforming stubborn body fat into energy-burning Brown Adipose Tissue (B.A.T.).

Ever thought of burning fat while you sleep? With BURN PM, it’s not just a dream. This innovative formula combines fat-fighting nutrients like Raspberry Ketones and White Kidney Bean Extract with sleep-enhancing elements such as L-Tryptophan and Melatonin. It’s designed to promote restful sleep while also maximizing fat-burning metabolism overnight.

Here’s a supplement that’s about more than just weight loss. Turmeric Black is a powerhouse, aiding in everything from easing workout-related soreness to supporting healthy, flexible joints. It’s a blend of high-quality turmeric extract, SIRTMAX “Black Turmeric”, and BioPerine for enhanced absorption, making it a comprehensive supplement for overall health and fitness.

These supplements are not just add-ons; they’re integral components of the V Shred system, each formulated to synergize with your diet and workout plans. 

Whether you’re looking for an energy boost, better recovery, or nutritional support, our supplements have you covered. The best part? They’re all backed by science to ensure you’re not just taking supplements, but making a real difference in your fitness journey.

Conclusion: Embracing V Shred as a Way of Life

V Shred isn’t just a fitness program; it’s a new chapter in your life. 

It’s about long-term, sustainable health and fitness, not quick, temporary fixes. V Shred equips you with the knowledge and tools to embark on a lifelong journey of wellness. 

Every piece of advice, every workout, every meal plan is a step towards a healthier, happier you. Millions of people have now tried the V Shred program and had incredible results.

You can find more V Shred reviews, media coverage, and press here. 

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