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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

When exercise becomes a convenient habit, transformations become possible. In August 2019, Deborah, 40, of Inez, TX came back to work after a week off due to nerve damage in her back. The other waitresses in the restaurant where she worked had started a small weight loss challenge. The winner amongst them would get the prize pool from each person’s $5 buy in plus a gift card for matching that total. It wasn’t much, but Deborah figured what the heck…and now her V Shred transformation is inspiring others!

“I put money in and signed up, but I was convinced I wouldn’t lose weight so I just kept doing what I normally did.” she explained.

After a couple weeks, as some of the other waitresses started to lose a few initial pounds Deborah saw a photo of herself and did not like what was looking back at her.

“Man was it an eye opener.”

The very next day she signed up for a gym membership with a friend. As they both consistently went to the gym after dropping the kids off at school at eating healthier, she started to notice results.

“Within a month I lost 9 pounds! With the busy schedules of kids and work I didn’t want to be stressed about work outs and food.”

Finding Fat Loss Extreme for Women – Starting A V Shred Transformation

It was a good start, but as a busy working mother of 3, Deborah knew she needed something more straightforward and structured.

“I needed someone to tell me what workouts to do on what days, how many reps, when to rest, and FOR SURE what to eat. Counting macros was not in the cards for me and didn’t have to be. With V Shred its all done for me and works. I love all of it!!” she described, looking back on her V Shred transformation.

Deborah first got started with the Fat Loss Extreme for Her program. Once she completed the initial 90 days she switched to the Ripped In 90 Days program, and now does a regular combination of the two.

“I was never involved in working out or eating healthy ever.” Deborah explained. “After starting V Shred my body was constantly changing for the better and I now see muscles I didn’t know I had! I keep going then pushing harder.”

Throughout 2020 Deborah was able to continue her exercises at the gym, despite COVID closures in other parts of Texas. Her success inspired her to close in a patio at home, and like many, create her own home gym.

“It has everything I need except a stair stepper and a couple of leg machines.”

“With the home gym and all of V Shred’s programs, I have plenty to do. I also purchased V Shred’s MOVE Program during quarantine! As far as nutrition, I kept making my meal plans [with my V Shred Trainer] and sticking with the diet. We have a garden to grow our own vegetables, have 10 chickens for fresh eggs, and a pond stocked with catfish and perch which are just now getting big enough to eat.”

Once her weight loss results were noticeable from diet and exercise alone Deborah started implementing SculptNation supplements to gain that extra edge on her already active day to day life.

“When Sculpt Nation has their 40% off sales I stock up 3-6 months in advance… My closet is kind of like a supplement store.” Deborah mused.

A True V Shred Transformation – From Tired & Injured to Proud & Self-Sufficient

From the support Deborah received from family and friends, she also had a bit of a wakeup call. Well past the initial challenge with coworkers, others were noticing her body composition change, her improved attitude, and her enthusiasm for helping others. As people started asking her questions, she knew helping others transform into happy and proud versions of themselves (like she had) was something she wanted to do.

“My mom saw my weight loss and started training with me. She got down 30 pounds in 3 months! My 4 year old wants to eat what I eat so he can have muscles. My 13 year old loves going to the gym with me. My husband constantly tells me how proud of me he is. They’ve all supported me 100%!”

Now Deborah is returning the favor!

“Now that I have been on this journey I know that I absolutely want to help people to hit their personal goals and feel happy and proud of themselves inside and out.”

Deborah has enrolled in the ACE personal training certification program. At age 40 with new goals and dreams she’s working to become certified as a trainer, nutritionist, and youth fitness coach to help kids get on the right track early, as she now has been able to help her family do.

This fall Deborah competed in an online competition to be featured on Ms Health And Fitness and finished in the top 10!

Giving Back Fitness Motivation

When Deborah was asked about how community plays a part in a fitness journey and her personal V Shred transformation she mentioned her success was all about the support she received. Motivating loved ones, professional guidance, and a community of like minded individuals help make personal transformations possible.

“My experience with Vshred has been life changing. When it comes to my fitness journey I am proud that I stuck to it even when I didn’t want to. The Vshred for women Facebook page is amazing, all the support and transformation are awesome!”

“I never even thought of going to the gym and eating healthy, but now want to help others do it. If V Shred wouldn’t have been such an amazing program I probably would have stopped a long time ago!”

The V Shred Team is so proud of Deborah’s journey and cannot wait to see her help others build active and healthy lifestyles. Her’s is a unique, and lifelong journey. Shred on!