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Mom, wife, 3rd-degree blackbelt champ, former bikini bodybuilder, and full-time fitness and health coach.


We love showing off our amazing client transformations, but we also like introducing you to the team members behind the scenes that work hard to help them achieve such jaw dropping results!

We have compassionate fitness and nutrition coaches from all over the world that work remotely, putting together custom plans and work with our clients one-on-one to help them reach their individual goals!

Many people assume that trainers are just born fit and healthy! But in reality, many had lifelong struggles with being overweight, too skinny, etc.

Today we are introducing you to Jenny, one of our trainers who had to work hard to get the healthy and strong body she has today!

Jenny lives in Tennessee with her two young kids and husband Vinny, who is also one of our trainers here at V Shred!! If you missed learning more about Vinny – click here!

We asked Jenny to sit down and chat with us about her fitness journey, what led her to become a trainer, and her experience working with us here at V Shred.

If they put pictures of people in the dictionary and you looked up the definition of an athlete, fit, strong, or “tiny but mighty,” – you would no doubt find a pic of our V Shred trainer Jenny!

Standing at only 4-foot-11 … Jenny may be small, but she is strong and fit!

Jenny is a 3rd degree black belt champion, former bikini bodybuilding competitor, fitness class guru, and hits the gym hard!

But it wasn’t always like this. Growing up, Jenny was not athletic at all and was super small and weak!

“I had to take another class to graduate high school, and it was women’s bodybuilding. The first day of class, we did a bench press to see what we could lift, and I couldn’t lift the 45-pound bar. Everyone laughed at me. I was like, oh no, they’re not gonna laugh at me!! I worked my butt off that one semester, and I started gaining a little muscle. I did everything our teacher told us to do, and by the end of that one semester, I benched 95 pounds, and no one laughed. I was benching more than the athletic girls,” says Jenny.

That moment sparked Jenny’s initial interest in her own health, but it wasn’t until she signed up for an aerobics class in college that she realized that she wanted to start teaching others.

“I was like, I don’t know why, but I want to be her (the instructor.) I’m going to do this,” remembers Jenny.

While studying to get her music degree, Jenny decided to get some fitness certifications and consult with a mentor in the industry who taught her the ropes.

Jenny started out as a group fitness instructor and loved it so much that after graduating college, she made becoming a personal trainer her full-time career.

While it was not the original plan, Jenny says she can’t imagine doing anything other than being a health and fitness coach. She loves knowing she is helping people not only make physical transformations but internal ones as well!

“I have a (V Shred) client that’s been with me for two years this month, and she’s lost 80 pounds, but more than that, she has gained so much confidence. She got promoted at her job, so it’s overflowed into every other area of her life.”

Before working with V Shred, Jenny strictly taught group fitness and worked with clients in person.

But she wanted to help MORE people without having to spend even more time away from her young children. So she decided it would be best to transition to being a virtual trainer.

At first, Jenny wasn’t sure how she’d feel about not working with clients in person and was clueless about finding her online clientele. Ironically, the same day she bought a computer and sat down to get started, she saw that V Shred was hiring trainers!!

“I looked into it and realized it (V Shred) is exactly what I believe and what I’d been doing with clients already. It was a program that I believe in because it’s a lifestyle for people,” says Jenny!

Jenny applied and took the job as a V Shred trainer! That was 3 years ago, and she has never looked back!

She loves working for V Shred so much that she even convinced her husband Vinny to become one of our coaches!

“We’re very competitive with each other! So we try to compare transformations and, and who’s doing better,” laughs Jenny.

Jenny loves working with clients of all ages and backgrounds but says that her favorite is helping busy moms! As a working mom of two young kids, Jenny says she can relate to their struggles!

“Now that I’m in the chaos of trying to fit in my schedule work and handling the kids, I feel like I’m more equipped to help other women do that too. Just teaching them that this is a lifestyle and not a quick fix and knowing that with V Shred, they don’t have to work out hours and hours,” says Jenny.

Jenny has a long list of credentials and could work for any company out there. She and her husband could even have their own fitness empire if they wanted. But Jenny chooses to be on our V Shred trainer team!

Why? Because Jenny says that she believes in what we do and wants to be part of our mission to help MILLIONS of people achieve greatness through living a healthy and fit lifestyle!

“V Shred is perfect! You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get results. You can workout for 20 minutes, and it’s effective and efficient.” says Jenny!

To learn more about Jenny and hear her key pieces of advice for anyone struggling to lose weight (but especially all the moms out there) — you can watch our full interview at the top of this blog!

And if you want to learn more about working with Jenny or another one of our V Shred trainers, you can get more info on our one-on-one programs HERE!