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Are you up for some biceps workouts to bring out that size and definition? The biceps is a two-headed muscle which has a short head and an outer muscle responsible for the peak. Working these two muscle heads out will help you get the biceps you’ve been longing for. Learn to properly execute dumbbell bicep exercises as you go through the instructions and video below.

Biceps Workouts | How to Bring Out the Size and Thickness of Your Biceps


The long head makes your arms bigger from the side which runs from the scapula going down. It wraps around the outside of the arm and goes down to the forearm bone. The right bicep workouts will get these muscles to its peak form. Check out these exercises to help target those long head muscles:

Long Head Muscle Exercise # 1: Drag Curls

With dumbbells on both hands, curl the weight up while pushing your elbow back as far as you can. This completely stretches the long head of the biceps. Focus on bringing the dumbbells up along the line of your body. Get that peak contraction at the top with your bicep.

Long Head Muscle Exercise # 2: Incline Bench Drag Curls

Sit back on the incline bench and let your arms naturally hang back. This puts the outer head of your biceps at a biomechanical advantage. Curl up and keep your elbows back. Make sure to get that peak contraction of your long head muscles. You can do this exercise with a hammer curl or a regular alternating curl.


The short head gives your biceps a thicker appearance from straight on. This muscle originates from the scapula and goes down connecting to the radius. To hit the short head muscle, you have to bring it from the insertion point to its origination point. These two biceps exercises will target the short head muscles:

Short Head Muscle Exercise # 1: Bent Over Dumbbell Curls

Start with a bent over position of your body with both arms hanging. Curl the weights forward getting that peak contraction of the bicep then let it go back down. Keep your elbows in front of your body the entire time.

Short Head Muscle Exercise # 2: Preacher Curl

Keep your elbows out in front as your arm rests on the preacher bench pad. As you curl the weight up, push your pinky as far to the ceiling as you can. Push the weights toward the ceiling rather than bring it to your body. This way, you avoid resting the muscle giving a peak contraction on the short head of your biceps.


Watch this video and see the right way to perform these long head and short head bicep workouts:

Now you see the advantage of knowing which muscles in your biceps give it the thickness and the peak. Remember to execute these workouts with the proper form. Not doing them the right way will hinder the progress of muscle growth and, worse, can lead to injury. These short and long head exercises will get your upper arm ripped like never before.

What do you think about these muscle workouts for your biceps? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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