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Is your bicep workout not giving you the gains you were hoping for? Then it’s time to re-evaluate and ask yourself if you’re doing it the right way. You’ll never achieve that bicep definition you’ve always wanted if you lack some essentials in your workout. Here, we’ll explain why you’re probably not getting that bulk on your biceps and what you can do to fix it. Two words: preacher curls.

Biceps Workout | The Forgotten Rule Explained


How You Do Preacher Curls the Usual Way

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Once you position yourself on the preacher bench with your arms on the pad, you start to curl up and down your way.

At this point, you’ll feel contractions on your biceps when you squeeze your muscles with the curls. This is partially correct because the repetitive movement does stimulate your muscles in some way eventually, thus giving you some enhancement.

The Real Issue

What you’re doing with your biceps may seem correct for you, but essentially, you’re forgetting something important. What could you be doing wrong with such a seemingly simple movement?

The problem is you’re probably not achieving peak contraction. This means you’re squeezing your biceps but forgetting to completely shorten the muscle to its peak.

You might be too focused on lifting heavy loads because that’s where you get bigger arms. But this idea is a bit tricky and you may be wondering why you’re not seeing any muscle development all over your entire bicep when you know you’re consistent with your exercise.

Bicep Flex

Before we discuss the proper way of shaping your entire bicep, let’s first talk about your flex. This is so you understand what goes down during your biceps workout.

When you straighten your arms, you’ll see your biceps coming out or protruding a little bit. You can also see muscle separation if you’re already lean.

As you bring your forearms up closer to your upper arms, you’ll see your biceps getting bulkier and shorter, tightening the muscles in that area. If you bring it even closer, to the point where you can no longer move your forearm up, you’ll see the maximum bulk of your biceps, which is the hardest state and the peak point.

How You Properly Do Your Biceps Workout

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You must aim for the same muscle movement as that with your bicep flex when you’re doing your biceps workout. This way, you make sure the entire bicep is working and you’re not only building muscles on the short head.

Instead of just doing what you were used to, try to aim higher. Bring your wrists close to your shoulders, so you hit all the right spots.

Make sure you’re completing each curl fully, no matter how heavy the load is. This will ensure your entire biceps are covered—and equally given the chance to bulk up.


To know more about this biceps workout and how you should work your muscles using preacher curls, watch this video below:

Now that you know how to tweak your biceps workout, start flexing that long head! No matter what you do with your biceps, if you’re not focusing on the top contraction of your muscles, you won’t get the results you want. Just concentrate on squeezing the long head and completing the full range of motion to take your arm muscles to the next level!

Are you doing your biceps workout correctly? Let us know in the comments section!

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