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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

In the least likely times, amidst the COVID-19 quarantine, Shady found a lifeline she didn’t even realize she needed. Our V Shred community helped her go from over 250 pounds and unable to play with her kids to an energetic 40-year old that is now on a mission to inspire others. We hope Shady’s V Shred transformation gives you some motivation today!

Looking For Something More – Getting Started with V Shred

Shady is a single mom of two young children that hustles hard, working two jobs to provide for her family.

It’s hard to believe that this now bubbly and confident 40-year old was almost 70 pounds heavier and battling depression.

At the beginning of 2020, Shady was 252 pounds and in denial.

“I felt healthy, but then things started going downhill. My joints were sore, I was having a hard time walking. I couldn’t go bike riding with the kids. I became lazy and depressed.”

Those feelings easily became amplified when COVID-19 hit. After all, she lost her side job in retail, her housecleaning business suffered, and she found herself isolated at home alone with her 2 kids.

But instead of spiraling downward, Shady decided to use her free time to self-reflect. She admitted she had let herself go and took the first step in regaining her health.

“I started slowly by walking outside. That gave me the jumpstart. I started to feel better, but I was looking for something more hardcore.”

It just so happens that a V Shred ad popped up on Shady’s Facebook page.

She began scrolling and reading transformation stories of women just like her. She instantly knew the V Shred community was exactly the push she needed. She was ready for her own V Shred transformation!

“Before I even started day one, I was on the community page, reading these women’s posts of inspiration, and love, and encouragement. It was average women that showed before and afters. Just reading how supportive everybody was, that was a huge part of it for me.”

Without hesitation, she downloaded the V Shred app and purchased the Fat Loss Extreme program.

“It kicked my butt! I even felt better after just one day.”

Community Helped Shady’s V Shred Transformation Mean Something More

Working out wasn’t unfamiliar territory for Shady. At one time, she was a fitness instructor! It was the dieting part that was foreign. But thanks to the free information in the V Shred app and pointers from thousands of new friends, Shady taught herself how to track macros and eat clean.

“I didn’t realize that diet was 80% of it. All the information that you get with the app, it’s just so helpful and really insightful. It’s easy to follow and such a good program.”

Before long, Shady was no longer reading other women’s success stories. She had the confidence to post her own inspiring before and after pictures.

“It is absolute sister love, it truly is. It’s like you have connections with these people from all over the world. It’s incredible.”

Shady’s new love for health and fitness also led her to set an example for her two young kids.

“My son was only eating Kraft dinners, hot dogs, and garbage food. I was like, you know what guys, you’re 9 and 10, I want you guys to be healthy for life and not do it as late as I did. We literally went through the entire house and donated everything that we could that was not nutritional.”


Every day wasn’t easy. There were moments when Shady wanted to quit.

“You have those days you just want to stay into the covers and close the blinds and shut everyone out. But then the kids would come into my room and say, mom, let’s go for a walk!”

In just over 3 months, with no gym, only her V Shred app and online community, Shady lost almost 70 pounds! Her physical V Shred transformation even gave her the confidence to join a burlesque dance group and wear a sexy new dress to celebrate turning 40 years young!

“You look happier, you start smiling more, you’re carrying yourself better. I would post pictures on Facebook, and people would ask, what are you doing? Of course, I told them about the V Shred program. ”

Setting Her Sights Forward With Everyone She Loves

Shady now weighs a more healthy 185 pounds and is setting her focus on building lean muscle by incorporating Sculpt Nation supplements and starting the V Shred Toned In 90 Days and BootyBuilder programs.

Shady is excited to see just how far new love for fitness can take her, but more than a better body, she just wants her journey to continue to inspire and motivate others to start or continue their own V Shred transformation.

“The fact that I’ve inspired people and it’s really crazy. It gives me goosebumps. My friends are just like, what are you doing? I want to feel the way you feel. I want to continue to give that to people and inspire people and make them feel good. That’s all I want.”