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Emily’s Case Study is the story of Emily’s unique experience with V Shred and her weight loss and fitness journey.  Her results are uniquely his and this Case Study is a detailed presentation of Emily’s decision making and use of V Shred products and programs. There is no assurance that your personal experience will be similar to hers.

Emily Shares Her Inspiring Transformation Story During a One-on-One Interview with V Shred & Sculpt Nation Co-Founder Vince Sant.


“I rocked it. I went from a size 8 to a size 4. So that’s pretty exciting.” – V Shred Client: 39-year-old Emily

One thing we love about our V Shred family of clients is how different everyone’s needs are and how unique each transformation story is.

That is exactly why we never use a cookie-cutter approach here at V Shred and encourage everyone to start their journey by taking our FREE body type quiz so that you can find an exercise and dieting style that will work best for your own unique genetics!!

Sometimes we have customers that need to lose 100+ pounds. Other times, we have those who want to gain weight, but we also have many clients like Emily who are “in the middle” and are only looking to lose a few pounds and tone up. 

No matter the end goal, one thing that’s consistent with all of our clients is how amazed people are that….

  • Living a fit & healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank!
  • Weight loss is possible without doing hours of boring cardio!!
  • Spending hours in the gym every single day is NOT necessary!
  • You can get results working out at home!!
  • You don’t need to overly restrict and cut out all your favorite foods!!

That is the story of our client Emily!

After 3 months with V Shred, she surpassed her weight-loss goal without a restrictive meal plan, hours of cardio, or even a gym! 

She achieved results with a lot of dedication and a plan that focused on creating a healthy and maintainable lifestyle, not some crazy fad! 

Whether you are trying to gain 5 pounds or lose 50 — we know her story will inspire you!

Emily’s V Shred Transformation Story

Emily is a 39-year-old mom of two (ages 18 and 13) who loves to spend her free time with family, hiking, biking, and gardening!

Emily says she knew she could stand to lose a few pounds and tighten and tone her physique but never thought much about it until summer 2020 when a friend suggested they become “accountability partners.” 

“I was texting with a friend who lives in Montana that said, be my accountability buddy and let’s workout. I think I lost 3 pounds in 3 months because I wasn’t super committed to it,” remembers Emily. 

After not seeing real results with the program she and her friend were using, Emily set out to find something different. 

She had seen some V Shred advertisements and finally decided to click the link and check things out.
Emily says our exercise programs and dieting approach seemed totally different from anything she had tried in the past.

She liked that there was an option to do the workouts at home, so she signed up for Fat Loss Xtreme and started putting in the work! 

That was September 2020. 

Fast forward approximately 3 months later, and after one round using the Fat Loss Xtreme program and working one-on-one with a V Shred trainer to clean up her diet….

 Emily lost 11 pounds, numerous inches all over her body, and 4 sizes!

“I’ve never been under 120 since before high school, so that is kind of a big deal for me,” exclaims Emily. 

Emily says she knows that 11 pounds may not sound like much, but at only 5-foot-2, she says it made a HUGE difference on her petite frame! 

And the best part?! 

Emily chose the home version of Fat Loss Xtreme, so she was able to transform her body without an expensive gym membership … and in only minutes a day!! 

“ I was surprised it was just 18 minutes, and I was like, oh, I can do that! It is manageable, ya know. You build up to it. I like how the videos are laid out so you can modify or start more of a comfort you can handle and build up to that,“ says Emily. 

The only extra thing Emily did off of the Fat Loss Xtreme home plan was add in some short HIIT cardio using a treadmill that she found on Craigslist! 

She also incorporated two Sculpt Nation supplements that she says were key in helping give her energy during the day and quality sleep at night!

BURN is fantastic. I feel on fire during the day. I am alert, awake, and have energy throughout the day. I work 9-hour shifts, get home, take a breather, then I’ll do my workout, and by then, around 5pm, I’m toast and tired. With the BURN and BURN PM, I feel like I can sustain myself longer,” says Emily. 

Emily says another key in her successful transformation was the support she received from her one-on-one V Shred coach, who created her custom meal-plan and the thousands of new friends she made in our private client Facebook community!

“It’s an all-in-one bundle. I felt like if I ever had a question about anything, it would be answered. The meal plan was great. It was tailored to my diet. I’m vegan, so it’s hard to find a lot of programs that don’t encourage you to eat chicken or beef. I’ve been eating super clean, and I like that and learning portion sizes or macros … I never saw a program that put them all together,” says Emily

Emily completed Fat Loss Xtreme and has now shifted gears and is doing TONED IN 90 DAYS.

“I thought my goal would be to hit 120, and then I’ll feel really good. But I’m actually at 116 now and hoping to build up muscle and gain more muscle weight. So I’d be happy with muscle weight gain. Just to be more toned,” she says 

While Emily’s end goal is to be more toned and defined, she says that isn’t her ultimate goal. 

“My main goal is to not die old and sick. If I start now, maybe I’m in a good position to do that. I want to be healthy enough to live a long healthy life,” says Emily. 

Which ties into the advice Emily says she would give anyone hesitant to get started! She says to think of what could happen if you don’t take that step and start taking care of yourself.

It’s expensive to be sick. Hopefully, it’s a trade-off. Whatever little bit of money I spend now is worth it to me because I’m helping myself in the long run,” says Emily. 

Emily says that she is so confident that V Shred programs work that if a friend was on the fence — she would pay for it herself!! 

“I’d loan them money. It’s not that expensive. You want long-term success and to be healthy, then this is a program that will help you get there. It’s fun, totally doable, the FB community is overwhelmingly supportive. There is always someone there to help you,” says Emily. 

We can’t wait to check back in with Emily in a few more months to see where she is after spending some time doing Toned In 90 Days and putting on some more quality lean muscle!!

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