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Rich’s Case Study is the story of Rich’s unique experience with V Shred and his weight loss and fitness journey.  His results are uniquely his and this Case Study is a detailed presentation of Rich’s decision making and use of V Shred products and programs. There is no assurance that your personal experience will be similar to his.

Rich Shares His Inspiring Transformation Story During a One-on-One Interview with V Shred & Sculpt Nation Co-Founder Vince Sant.


“ When you hate looking at yourself in the mirror, it’s impossible to feel confident in yourself. It sucks. I don’t feel that way anymore. I actually don’t want to put on a shirt when I go anywhere.” Rich – V Shred Client

How do you gain enough confidence to go from refusing to look at yourself in the mirror to WANTING to walk around with your shirt off everywhere you go — in less than one year!?! 

Keep reading! 

Today we are sharing Rich’s V Shred story of how he lost 72 pounds and gained a level of self-love and happiness he didn’t know was possible! 

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we know his transformation will inspire you!

Rich’s V Shred Story

Unhealthy, unhappy, and a weight-loss skeptic. That sums up 44-year-old Rich before stumbling upon V Shred.

“I was sick of looking at myself. I had to get to the point of where it was like, I am worth it, and I’m worth pushing through this,” says Rich.

Rich wanted to change but had already tried what seemed like every diet out there and failed every single time. So as you can imagine, when he saw an advertisement for V Shred on Facebook, his first instinct was to keep scrolling. 

“Normally, I scroll past stuff like that, but it was different than anything I’d seen before. Something about that ad. There was a story. Someone said V Shred was life-changing for them, and I have always loved the saying — when you change the way you see yourself, you change the way you see the world. That is kind of what I got from that interview you had there. So I said, let’s go, let’s try it,” says Rich.

Rich signed up for Fat Loss Xtreme and, after completing two back-to-back rounds, is the exact opposite of the unhealthy, unhappy, and skeptical man he was 8 months ago.

Rich is now healthy, happy, and has a totally different attitude about working out, dieting, and weight loss!


“I don’t think I quite understood what it took. Everyone knows and talks about lifestyle change, but it was hard for me to grasp it until you do it,” says Rich

Learning how to create healthy lifestyle habits through tracking macros and fueling his body with healthy foods was probably the most challenging part for Rich, but once his body adjusted, he says it’s all his body wants!

“ I used to eat fast food 3-4 times a week. Now it makes me sick! I crave the good proteins. I crave the vegetables. The energy is unbelievable that I have now!”

Learning a new way to eat wasn’t Rich’s only challenge — “There were days I was sweating, threw up a lot, and cried,” remembers Rich. 

In the beginning, Rich says that some days the workouts got the best of him both physically and mentally. 

“The first week I got the program, and the exercises looked really easy to do, but it was way tougher. It was kind of a reality check to me where I physically was. I damn near quit right there. That reality check was real hard for me to get over. I’m not gonna lie. I failed the first couple of times, but I picked myself up and kept going.”

Good thing he pushed through because 33 weeks later, Rich is down 72 pounds and doing things he never thought were possible! 

“Last year, I couldn’t walk up the stairs to my office without feeling sweating and feeling fatigued. This weekend I climbed a freaking mountain! I climbed a bloody mountain! I’m not done yet either. I am far from done.” 

Losing such a substantial amount of weight was far from easy. Rich says he had many days he didn’t want to workout. But one thing he credits for helping him stay on track was the option to either workout from home or at a gym.

“That is one of the things that initially made me purchase V Shred. That type of flexibility where some days it’s harder to get to the gym, well, there is nothing stopping me from getting on the floor and doing my work. I loved that about the program.” 

Going from 305 pounds to 233 is only one type of weight that Rich lost. He says losing the mental weight that held him down is his real victory! 

“My whole life has changed. I’m happy again. I’m smiling again. This is not a fake smile. It’s a real smile, and I’ve got it on all the time.” 

Health and happiness that is wearing off on everyone around him. 

“My wife joined last month with Fat Loss Xtreme for women! We are supporting each other through this journey. She saw my results and wants the same.”

Rich has about 20 more pounds to go before reaching his goal weight but says he’s no longer focused on the scale. It’s the non-scale victories, like being able to take on new hobbies like hiking and running, and the big smile he wears every day that matters most!

“I’m happier. If I am a happier person, I’m happier to be around, and I want to see people happy as well. I plan on being happier for a very long time.”

Rich says if anyone understands being hesitant, it’s him. After all, only 8 months ago, he was 305 pounds and thought every diet and exercise program out there was a fad or a scam. 

So to anyone considering getting started but hesitant that V Shred may not work. Rich has one thing to say … 

“This is not a fad. It’s real. The only person you can thank is yourself for trying this. You will love it. You will see the results, and you will love it. You will love yourself again, and that is important.”

To hear more of Rich’s story —  at the top of this blog watch the full sit-down interview he did with Vince all the way from Canada! 

Yup, Rich is from Vancouver, British Columbia! Our clients aren’t just in the United States! We have customers from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

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