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When you’re trying to build a strong, impressive looking back, you need to make sure you’re doing the best back exercises. Here are 10 for you to choose from for your next workout.

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Building a back that you’re proud of can be difficult. But it becomes much easier when you’re doing exercises that will actually work it properly.

Here are 10 of the best back exercises for building muscle and strength!

The Best Back Exercises

Rack Pulls

These are one of the best exercises there are for building mass. Due to the short range of motion, you are able to go much heavier than you could on a regular deadlift. Also, this will focus more heavily on your back than your legs as well.

You want to set the bar up at about knee height. From there you will step up to the bar, with it touching your knees. Sit back on your heels, retract your scapula and drive your hips forward as you slide the bar across your thighs. From there, you can either drop the weight or return it back down slowly.

Barbell Rows

This is one of the best compound back exercises there are due to it hitting so many different muscles, while focusing on your back the most. For these, you will pick the bar up, sit back on your heels, and bend over as you lower the bar in front of you away from your body. Then you will take your elbows and drive them back and out at a 45 degree angle and control it on the way back down.


Commonly referred to as the best compound exercise ever, these have an outstanding effect on the back muscles as well. Starting with the bar on the ground.. You will step up to the bar with your feet shoulder width and shins nearly touching the bar. Then you will grab the bar just outside of your shins and roll your shoulders back and press them down.. This will help pull the “slack” out of the bar. Then you will lift the bar up, sliding it  up your legs and once the bar is above your knees, drive your hips forward and stand straight up. Also, don’t forget to lock out your glutes at the top.

Weighted Pull-ups

These are a great advanced variation to a regular pull-up. Starting with your hands outside of shoulder width, you will grab the pull up bar and hang. From there, without kicking, start to pull yourself up and act like you’re pulling your elbows in towards your side. Once at the top, return yourself back down in a controlled manner.

Weighted Chin-ups

Very similar to weighted pull-ups but you will start with your palms facing you and hands much closer. From there you will pull yourself up, without kicking, and drive your elbows down and back until your chin is at the bar. Then return yourself back down in a controlled manner as well.

Straight Arm Pushdowns

A great exercise for the “sweep” of the lats. You will use a cable attachment of your choice and put it to the top. From there you will grab it and feel a stretch in your lats at the top. Then, with a soft bend in your elbows, drive your arms down and back until the attachment is near your belly button. Then return back to the top and the stretch in your lats again.

Dumbbell Rows

One of the best dumbbell back exercises. You will take a dumbbell in one hand with the other hand supporting your body. Then you will, first, bring the dumbbell backward and then row the weight up. This will help you feel it in your lat more. Then return back down the same way. Don’t forget to do both arms.

Cable Rows

These are a staple in most back workouts and for good reason. For these, you can use any attachment you like. You just want to get your body in a strong position with your knees slightly bent and your back slightly leaning back. Then you will, again, drive your arms down and back towards your belly button. Then return the same way. Try to feel a stretch at the bottom of the exercise as well.

Lat Pulldowns

These are a great exercise no matter your goal. You will get in a lat pulldown machine and grab the bar just outside of shoulder width. From there, you will take your elbows and drive them down and into your sides, feeling a squeeze on your lats. Then control it on the way back up and feel the stretch at the top.

Close Grip Lat Pulldowns

Very similar to regular lat pulldowns but you will use an attachment that allows for a close grip. From there, you want to aim to feel a stretch at the top. Then drive your elbows down in front of you and squeeze them back. And return the weight back in a controlled manner.

You can pick from these exercises the next time you’re going to do a back workout. Aim for 4 of these for 4 sets each and you will have a great back workout!

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