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If you’re looking for the best shoulder exercises that you can do at-home, try these out!

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Well developed and toned shoulders is one of the most noticeable places on the body. Whether you have a shirt on or shirt off, shoulder muscle is something we all strive for.

But if you’re someone who likes working out from home, finding the best shoulder exercises can be difficult. Until now…

Pick 4 or 5 of these at-home shoulder exercises the next time you want to workout from home.

Best Shoulder Exercises

Handstand Pushups

These are the most difficult of the exercises listed but for good reason. Handstand pushups are amazing for targeting all areas of your shoulders.. while helping with strength and mobility. Make sure you have a sturdy wall to hold you up and maybe a pad under your head in case you fall!

Pike Pushups

This exercise is a great beginner variation to the handstand pushups.. or just a great exercise in general. Starting in the pushup position, you will raise your butt up in the air and bring your hands closer to your feet. From there, you will lower yourself until your head is an inch off the ground and push back up.

Dive-bomber Pushups

These are amazing for your shoulders as well as your arms. Starting in the same position as a pike pushup, you will dive down towards your hands… I like to act as if I’m trying to get my body under a fence. From there, you will continue the forward motion but you will push up and out into somewhat similar of a seal position. Then return back “under the fence” and push yourself back up like a pike pushup.

Pushback Pushups

This exercise is a great explosive shoulder workout. For these you are going to start on your feet with your knees bent and hands out ready to catch you. From there, you will act as if you are going down into a quick pushup. But instead of doing a pushup, you will throw yourself back onto your feet. Focus on using your shoulder muscles as explosively as possible.

Floor Y-Raises

These are great for shoulder toning as they do not require much strength but require a good contraction. You will start by lying on your belly with your feet together and your arms up in a “Y” position. From there, you will roll your shoulders back and lift your arms up off the ground as high as you can. Once at max height, squeeze and hold for one second and return them back to the floor.

Floor T-Raises

These are very similar to the floor y-raises but instead of creating a “Y” with your body, you will create a “T”. So lay on your stomach with your feet together. Then put your arms directly out to the side. From there, you will again, roll your shoulders back… Then lift your arms up off the ground as high as you can, hold for one second, and return to the ground.

Floor Reverse Fly

These are great for the shoulders and back. For this exercise, you will lay on your back with your arms out to the side and feet together. From there, you will focus on using your tailbone and your elbows as the point of contact with the ground. Then you will roll your shoulders back and focus on lifting your upper body off the ground, while driving through your elbows and keeping your lower back muscles tight.

Try 4 or 5 of these best shoulder exercises together for 3 sets of 10-15 each. Doing these will ensure you target all muscles of your shoulders and get a great workout!

If you like these exercises, make sure you share this with a friend and comment any thoughts or questions that you have below!