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Is Your Gut Bacteria Balanced?
If not, that explains a lot (maybe even your weight gain)

“What is on the inside will be reflected on the outside.” — Don’t worry, we aren’t about to give you a Ted Talk about the importance of inner beauty (but that is important too)

We are about to tell you how VITAL it is that you invest in GUT HEALTH so your body can be healthy enough inside to build muscle and burn fat … and look the way you want it to on the outside.

We’ve got a gut instinct that most of you have at least one of the following issues.

  • Occasional Bloating
  • Occasional Gas
  • Occasional Constipation
  • Occasional Diarrhea
  • Brain Fog
  • Unrestful Sleep
  • Exhaustion
  • A sluggish immune system
  • Difficulty losing weight

We also have a gut feeling as to why.

Actually… WE KNOW WHY!

Because science tells us that these things could all be happening because… your gut isn’t healthy!

You probably already know that an unhealthy gut can be the cause of GI distress.
But the guts connection to WEIGHT LOSS and YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM…. Might be something you have never considered!

In this article, we will explain:

  • How probiotics can help you lose weight!
  • How probiotics boost immunity!
  • How to get your gut health back with probiotics (and what they are.)
  • The best probiotics strains for whole-body health (and the problem with most on store shelves.)
  • The OTHER “biotic” your body needs for probiotics to do their job.

Before we dive into how your gut could be hindering your ability to lose weight…
we need to talk about HOW to get your gut in a balanced and healthy state.

The best way to ensure your gut is happy (and as a result, helps your entire body function properly) is to feed it with… the right balance of GOOD bacteria.

Over 100 trillion microorganisms live in your body. Your gut has been taken over by much of this bacteria since birth.

Bacteria isn’t always a “bad word”.. your gut needs certain types of bacteria to have optimal digestion, healthy immune system function, and a strong metabolism.

It becomes “bad” when harmful bacteria take over.

Our intestines are under constant attack. A diet lacking diversity and essential micronutrients, stress, toxins in our environment, genetics, and aging, can all cause BAD bacteria to populate.

You have to balance this out with GOOD bacteria!

Here is how you do that….
The best way to support gut health and fight the imbalances that may cause GI issues (and possibly weight gain), is to improve your nutrition and create healthy lifestyle habits.

Exercise .. that’s easy enough.
Nutrition … that’s where things get tricky.

To balance out gut bacteria, you need to figure out how to eat a bunch of food that contains a perfect mix of VERY specific probiotics and prebiotics.

For reference….
Probiotics … are live bacteria. It’s the food your gut likes and needs to stay healthy.
Prebiotics … feed this good bacteria. Think of them as “fertilizer” for probiotics.

Here is a glance at a few of the things you would need to eat (daily) to feed your gut with enough prebiotics and probiotics to make your gut flora balanced, healthy, and happy.

  • Lots of raw/organic veggies and fruits
  • Some nuts and beans.
  • Fiber sources such as flax and chia seeds.
  • A few fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, or unpasteurized cheese.
  • Some foods like coconut, ginger, and olive oil.

Are you REALLY going to eat THAT MUCH VARIETY every single day? And can you imagine how expensive it would be to purchase QUALITY foods like this in high amounts?

Wouldn’t it be much easier to take one capsule with meals and know you are giving your gut exactly what it needs to thrive (and set you up for your weight loss goals.)

Exactly why we developed Sculpt Nation Probiotics!

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For years, we have been studying all of the latest research on gut health. Before we released a Probiotic, we wanted to make sure it was only the best on the market.

Mission accomplished – Sculpt Nation Probiotics are now available!

We know that there are THOUSANDS of probiotics on store shelves. You are probably asking yourself what makes ours any different?

Here are a few problems with most probiotics….

  • Most are nothing more than tablets filled with only a few (if any) LIVE and ACTIVE probiotics.
  • They do not contain the RIGHT BLEND of bacteria.
  • Most generic probiotics products starve your beneficial bacteria because they don’t include PREbiotics.

We wanted to take out all of the confusion.

Rather than spending countless hours asking Google, or scanning every store shelf totally overwhelmed with all of the options, we developed the most powerful and complete blend of “gut food” that money can buy!

Here is a breakdown of what every Sculpt Nation PROBIOTICS serving contains.

Let’s start with the ingredient most probiotics on the market DO NOT HAVE… but should!

It’s not a Probiotic.
It is a PRE-biotic.

We briefly touched on this earlier but to re-cap…PREbiotics are different than PRObiotics.

PREbiotics are not bacteria. They are a special type of fiber that feeds your good bacteria.

Most of the fiber you eat from your diet is not this type of special type of fiber; one reason why supplementing with it is important!

The prebiotic we choose to put in our Sculpt Nation Probiotic Blend is called INULIN (a unique type of prebiotic fiber found in plants.)

Look at prebiotics and probiotics as a team. Probiotics need food to work. That food is prebiotics. You shouldn’t be supplementing with one… and not the other.

Okay, now let’s move on to the 7 LIVE PROBIOTICS in our unique PROBIOTICS blend.

  • Bacillus Coagulans – Shown to help support protein absorption and recovery from exercise. This results in reduced muscle damage and soreness. Other studies show it helps reduce occasional bloating.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – This is one of the strongest, most researched, and most well-known probiotics. Studies rave about its ability to help promote better digestive health, support regularity and strengthen immune system function.
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum – This is an important one because it makes up around 80% of your intestinal microflora. Studies show it can help with occasional stress, increase levels of good bacteria in the gut, and act as an antioxidant.
  • Bifidobacterium Longum – This one can also combat stress, as well as help support learning, boost memory, and improve mood.
  • Strepococcus Thermophilius – Shown to help support a healthy immune system, promote oral health, and the overall composition of your gut’s microflora.
  • Lactobacillus Bulgaricus (Delbrueckii) – Another research-backed and very powerful immune system booster.
  • Lactobacillus Paracasei – Can support the strength of your intestinal barrier, aid in nutrient absorption, and help with immune system health.

Now that you understand HOW TO FEED YOUR GUT (and what makes OUR BLEND unique)
Let’s go over how PROBIOTICS may help you lose weight!

Numerous studies have found that overweight people have different gut bacteria than either normal-weight or skinny people.
We could stop here, and you would probably be sold on the fact that a healthy gut can NO DOUBT can have an impact on your weight.

But let’s keep going…
Researchers have conducted studies where they transplanted gut bacteria from obese mice into the guts of lean mice…and the lean mice got fat!!

Crazy, right?!

Studies like this make it pretty evident that gut bacteria play a significant role in weight regulation.

But how?!

  • Probiotics may help release a hormone in your body that tells you you are full. Higher levels of this appetite-reducing hormone (GLP-1) also help you burn more fat.
  • Probiotics may support improved fat metabolism by encouraging an increase in levels of a protein called ANGPTL4 (a circulating protein involved in the regulation of fatty acid metabolism.)
  • Probiotics may support a healthy, normal inflammatory response, which can contribute to weight issues.

Probiotics can play a POWERFUL role in weight management

Plus… let’s not forget the many other reasons to take a probiotic supplement… like improved GI health, energy balance, emotional support, optimal brain health, and immune support.
But they are not magic pills.

Probiotics & Your Immune System
70-80% of immune cells live in your gut. It makes perfect sense that if your gut isn’t healthy, your immune system won’t be either!

We’ve already told you the numerous ways probiotics strengthen your gut. Because of that you are already helping support the strength of your immune system. This is especially important for immune support because the intestinal lining contains specialized cells to maintain health during times of challenge.

Beyond that, quality probiotics have also been demonstrated to support immunity by boosting immune cells and increasing key immune-boosting antibodies.

Probiotics are not magic pills.

They are just one tool in your arsenal for creating a healthier you.
You need to combine supplements with a healthy diet and regular training program to get the best results.
Nutrients that give you the energy to work out are crucial. Eat a blend of lean proteins, healthy fats, vitamin-rich fruits, and vegetables (or a powdered supplement like THESE.)

Meal prepping helps you stay committed to a good diet.

Let me show you how to do it

Add in our probiotic blend to ensure your gut flora is happy, healthy, and able to thrive, and
you will be well on your way to your best (from the inside, out) in no time!

We KNOW our Prebiotics are THE BEST ON THE MARKET!
How are we SO SURE?!

We did our research .. for years! We did not want to release this product until we were certain we had the very best science-based blend.

We test every single bottle of PROBIOTICS several times during production to ensure that every serving is precise.
We then take things a step further and send each bottle through a Third Party Verification System. This is an independent source, so you can rest assured you are getting everything our label claims.
We have NO DOUBT in the quality and effectiveness of our probiotics. This is why we can offer you a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.
If you do not LOVE THEM, you can send them back for a FULL REFUND!

To help you out further, we are offering a discount of 30% off with code PROBIOTICS30.

Probiotics should be taken consistently. If you stop taking them, your gut will most likely return to it’s unbalanced state! This code will not be active very long… so you may want to stock up!


This is NOT a FAD.
This is NOT some sort of quick-fix scam.

There is not a single diet, fat burner, or vitamin on the market that can do for your body (and overall health) what a QUALITY PROBIOTIC can do!

For your body to look good on the OUTSIDE…
You have to make sure it is functioning correctly on the INSIDE!
This all starts with a HEALTHY GUT!!

A QUALITY PROBIOTIC will help promote better digestive health, a more robust immune system, and support for an easier time losing weight!

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Have you tried probiotics for weight loss? How does it affect you? Share your stories in the comments section below.