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If you think you have tried a lot of exercises for lower back pain relief but still cannot find the right remedy, then you probably are doing something wrong. One workout equipment known to relieve lower back pain is the hyperextension machine. But, if you’re already using it and still cannot feel any progress, then it’s time you double check your exercise plan. Here, we’ll guide you on how you should do it properly, so lower back pain relief is completely achieved.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief Gone Wrong


How the Hyperextension Machine Works

Basically, the hyperextension machine, also known as the back extension station, is one of the tools for exercises for lower back pain relief. The machine is primarily designed to strengthen your lower back muscles.

It works by allowing your whole body to lean forward and backward, letting you have a stable posture. What you need to do is just place your heels under a pad and position the support pad under your waist, and you’re all set.

What You Are Doing Wrong

Although the hyperextension machine has been crafted for a lean forward and backward exercise, form and performance count a lot.

What you were used to doing is lean forward and go down a little bit, and that’s where you start doing it the wrong way. This makes you lose tension on your lower back and start hanging, increasing the risk of hurting yourself when you go back up.

Overextending while leaning backward is another common mistake, which is the result of going down too far. When you are in this position, your chest is out and your spine is curving, which is not an ideal position for your back.

What Should Be Done

When you lean forward, try not go down too far. The key to this is to keep your glutes and lower back muscles engaged down. This way, you’ll have control as you go up, and your lower back can untangle “the knots” you are feeling.

When you lean backward, you should remember to stop at the neutral spine. Through this, you’ll always make sure you’re creating a good posture every time you go back up.

Simply put, don’t go too far down and up when you do this exercise. Following the proper way of doing it won’t cause you any possible injury.


To know more about the hyperextension machine and how you should do this workout, play the video below:

You don’t need to try tons of exercises for lower back pain relief just to know which one works best. The hyperextension machine is already a good workout for your lower back.

You only need to know how to do the exercise appropriately without hurting yourself. Practice having the correct posture when using it for maximum pain relief.

Have you tried using the hyperextension machine? What other exercises for lower back pain relief do you know? Let us know in the comments section!

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