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Anyone who wants to build muscles or tone need to learn, first and foremost, how to lift weights the right way. You will be doing a huge disservice to your body, both for your short terms goals and your long-term health, if you don’t understand the proper techniques when lifting weights. To learn more about these tips on lifting weights properly, read on!

How to Lift Weights: Know the Right Workout Routine for You


1. Do Your Exercise Until You Fail

What?! Am I reading this right?! The answer is a definitive Yes! A huge misconception about working out is if you put in the time, then you’ll see the results you want.

You may notice that you are doing your weight-lifting routine and lifting the same amount of weight, but nothing has changed.

That’s because you are limiting yourself to a specific workout routine when your real goal is to gain proper muscle growth.

What you need to be doing is pushing yourself to the edge with every set. This means if you’re doing a set of 12 reps, you must be pushing yourself hard enough and be lifting enough weight that by the last rep, you physically can’t finish.

Whether you can only do it on 10 reps or you are able to do more than 12, you must reach what is physically impossible for your body to lift those weights and build muscle mass in the process.

*Note: Gym safety is a must. When lifting weights it is always important to have a spotter.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself

Don’t Limit Yourself | How To Lift Weights The Right Way | weight lifting exercises

Most people lift weights with a particular workout routine in mind, using the same amount of weight. Let’s say your current weight-lifting routine are bicep curls, lifting a 60-pound dumbbell in 3 sets with 12 repetitions.

You mustn’t limit yourself to this particular workout routine. You can reach this goal or you may even fail to reach the specific sets or reps.

In this way, you are pushing yourself to what you can accomplish. Each time you reach your physical strength limits, you’re much closer to stepping up to the next rep or set.

3. Each Exercise, Each Set Needs Attention

Each Exercise, Each Set Needs Attention | How To Lift Weights The Right Way | weight lifting exercises

If you really want results, don’t rush getting what you want. To really get to what you’re trying to achieve when you start lifting weights, focus on each exercise and do not think of the next.

Remember, each set and each rep are important. Focusing on each rep or set will help you get the most out of your workout.

Let’s say you’re currently doing 10 reps on 2 sets in a 200 lb. barbell and you’re aiming for 3 sets. Don’t try rushing to get to the next set.

Make sure you’re comfortable with your current set before proceeding to the next set. The goal here is not to be passive in your workouts.


Learn the proper way to lift weights faster in this video from V Shred:

Lifting weights to gain muscle mass is something that isn’t achieved overnight. Proper training and discipline are needed to accomplish what you’re trying to achieve.

By reaching your physical limits and focusing on each workout routine fully, you’ll be able to lift weights the right way and achieve your fitness goals.

What weight-lifting techniques do you use in lifting weights? Do you feel like you know how to lift weights better with this article? Please share your experiences by leaving your comments below.

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