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Skipping breakfast does seem to work well for some people. But it’s definitely not everybody. Read on to find out when and if it’s okay for you to skip eating a meal
to start your day.



Call it intermittent fasting or whatever you want. Skipping breakfast seems to work well for some people chasing weight loss and looking to cut calories.

But passing up the first meal of the day is definitely not everybody, and usually not sustainable long-term.

Ask Yourself Why You Want To Skip Breakfast

If skipping breakfast is just your way to avoid learning how to make a healthy breakfast, it’s not going to end well. If you want to reach your goals, you have to put just as much effort into nutrition as you do exercise!

We have plenty of recipes in the V Shred App for IOS or Android that can line up with every goal and macro range and a calculator that will help you determine your individual calorie needs — so that wipes out the “I don’t know what to eat” excuse!

Skipping breakfast is also not a smart approach if you wake up hungry or feel sluggish if you don’t eat something soon after waking. This will only backfire.

If you avoid breakfast as a tool to lose weight but you are hungry when you wake up, there are better ways to reach your weight loss goals. It’s best to go ahead and properly fuel your body each morning!

On the other hand, if you aren’t hungry when you wake up and skipping breakfast doesn’t lead to things like overeating later in the day or brain fog – in most cases, there is no reason to eat until you are hungry.

As long as you are hitting your macro goals for the day, it’s perfectly fine to wait a few hours to eat your first meal.  But a better idea for most would be to kickstart the day with something light, like a simple protein smoothie using Sculpt Nation Protein. 

Are There Any Perks Or Downfalls To Skipping Breakfast?

This is very individual. If it works for your appetite and lifestyle to skip breakfast, it might be beneficial to wait a little until later to have your first meal.

But you should never skip breakfast just because some guru said it’s best to “fast” or because you think it will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Plenty of people still end up eating just as much, or even more, when they skip meals, and their cravings certainly aren’t any less intense by choosing to eat their first meal later in the day.

That’s why for most people, a better approach isn’t changing when to eat; it’s taking the time to learn what to eat and what balanced meals and reasonable portions really look like.

The foundations are a high-protein breakfast, a solid snack or two, and lunch and dinner made of protein, veggies, complex carbs, and healthy fats.

Being consistent with that is what will help you make the most of your workouts and reach your goals faster and easier. Try to improve your overall approach to nutrition before you start cutting meals out of your schedule.

You can find lots of nutrition resources in our Facebook Group For Men or Facebook Group For Women. Other customers and even our V Shred Nutritionists are always active, offering recipes and suggestions!

There Is One Exception To Skipping Breakfast 

It’s never a good idea to head to the gym for a tough lift like the ones in  Clean Bulk, Ripped In 90 Days, or  Toned In 90 Days, without properly fueling your body beforehand, even if it’s just a protein shake and a piece of fruit.

The same goes for most of our programs that are HIIT focused, like Fat Loss Extreme For Women, Fat Loss Extreme For Men, and MOVE. It’s ideal to have something on your stomach, even if it’s only some BCAAs.

Now, suppose you are only going on a walk or doing some low to moderate-intensity cardio. In that case, it’s perfectly fine to do so on an empty stomach if you choose. Just make sure to stay hydrated!

Bottom line — do what works for you! The most important variable in reaching your goals is overall calories in vs. calories out, no matter what time you choose to eat them!

If you want to learn more about the best time of day to work out and meal timing around workouts, you can check out this article and video for more information!

Still Not Sure? 

If you feel totally lost from all the mixed nutritional messages out there, you aren’t alone. Dieting can be really confusing.

That’s why we’ve got a team of certified personal trainers and nutritionists at V Shred who are helping thousands of clients figure out what, how much, and when to eat every day.

Click HERE or email to learn more about having a coach create a perfect meal plan for your individual needs!