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Most successful weight-loss transformation stories start with an “aha” moment. That sudden shift in mindset that pushes someone to stop coming up with every reason why they can’t do something and instead take the first step towards making a lasting change.

Dylan’s personal story of tragedy, and weight loss then muscle-gain triumph with V Shred will inspire you.

Dylan's V Shred weight-loss transformation before, during, after photo

For 28-year-old Dylan, his “aha” moment was a combination of his own life set-backs that resulted in weight gain and depression. When those were coupled with the sudden loss of his brother and surviving a natural disaster (on the same day) he knew it was time for a change.

Dylan grew up a football star. Everything was going as planned through high school until he lost a university scholarship and his dreams were crushed. “I went to work, came home, and sat in front of the TV. That was pretty much it.” for years after, explains Dylan.

At an unhealthy 355 pounds, the mental and physical misery Dylan felt every day still wasn’t enough to push him to do something about it. The depression told him he was too far gone. “I didn’t go out because I hated the way I looked. I wouldn’t take my shirt off, even for my girlfriend. It was hard because I used to be this person that was athletic and outgoing. I knew I let myself go, but I thought at that point, there was no fixing it.”

The year 2017 was a dark period and the lowest point of Dylan’s life. He saw he was headed in the same direction as someone else he loved. “My brother had depression and substance abuse issues. He was even bigger than I was, and his depression was brought on by his weight. He wasn’t happy with himself.”

A Day That Changed Everything

On September 10, 2017 Hurricane Irma hit Dylan’s home state of Florida. On the very same day his brother committed suicide. “I swore at that moment, I wasn’t going to turn into that.”

It was the perfect storm to create a lightning bolt moment (his aha.) Dylan knew he had to make a change. His life depended on it.

Scared, and even a little intimidated, Dylan decided to take the first step of his weight-loss transformation. “I’d seen V Shred almost every single day for two weeks, and I finally clicked the ad, and it was the best thing I ever did.”

Starting A Weight-Loss Transformation With V Shred

The former football star knew how to lift weights with a coach screaming down his neck, but had no clue how to workout by himself. Being in the gym, alone, without a coach or teammates was entirely different. As he started to learn more about nutrition in those early days Dylan also realized he didn’t have the slightest clue about cardio or nutrition.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to learn everything alone. The V Shred Fat Loss Extreme plan laid everything out for him. He simply had to put in the work. “I had an extreme goal. I wanted to lose a hundred pounds within a year. I blew that out the water. I got on pace to where I already knew I was going to hit my goal, and I just kept going.”

Dylan's V Shred Fat Loss Extreme weight-loss transformation After photo

Dylan also found a lot of help from the V Shred community online, which gave him support and new ideas for exercises and recipes. “The V Shred Group “is like Google! It’s constantly refreshing itself for me. Everybody’s in the same mindset that I’m in, searching without me even having to search.”

In his first year with V Shred, Dylan dropped 135 pounds. But his transformation didn’t stop there. He got all the way down to 180 pounds!

After a grand total of 155 pounds lost, Dylan decided to end his weight loss journey, but not in the way you may think.

Changing His Goals & Changing His Mindset

Dylan decided to do something that may have been even harder than the initial weight loss.

He started V Shred’s Clean Bulk Program to build the muscle needed to reshape his new skinnier body. “I developed body dysmorphia. I became afraid of eating too much. So going from losing all that weight to knowing I have to eat in a surplus and gain weight was a struggle for me.”

Dylan quickly learned that his V Shred coaches knew what they were doing. They had a weight-loss transformation plan that would allow him to build muscle without gaining a ton of excess fat.

Dylan's V Shred Clean Bulk weight-loss transformation and muscle gain After photo

After a 3 year journey with V Shred, Dylan sits at 210 pounds of lean muscle.

But the external transformation is only half of his life-changing results. Dylan is a new man both inside and out. He has developed confidence and a fresh zest for the life he shares with his fiancé and two kids.

Dylan’s weight-loss transformation, however, hasn’t come without setbacks. COVID limitations made it hard to hit heavy weights, and over Labor Day weekend, he had an accident that dislodged two ribs!

Instead of getting down about not being able to lift heavy enough to continue his bulk, he shifted his mindset. Dylan decided that he would attempt his very first “cut” using V Shred Ripped In 90 Days. We can’t wait to see his next set of transformation pictures!!

Dylan’s advice to anyone scared of or too hesitant to purchase a plan is this …

“Everyone asks me “the secret”. You have the basic responses; diet is key and hit the gym hard. But those are common knowledge. There is one thing that is going to get you the results you want – eliminate the excuses! The “I’m tired., I’ll go harder tomorrow” or “I can’t find the time” won’t work, and will only hold you back. V Shred is a building block (and an amazing one at that). With all the information, the support, and this group, you 100% can achieve your goal. Get grinding guys, and keep reaching your goals and making new ones!”