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If you’ve been searching for upper body workouts that will leave you feeling pumped, look no further!

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How many times have you wanted to get a workout in, but were limited?

Limited by not having a gym membership.. or it being too late.. or you being traveling.. Well here is one that will put those excuses to rest!

While it is always good to include additional weights to your strength training, bodyweight workouts are also great.

This is one of my favorite upper body workouts that only requires a pull up bar! Try it out!

Upper Body Workouts

The workout will consist of 8 exercises total; 4 pull-up variations and 4 push-up variations.

Each pull-up and push-up will be performed as a superset together.. meaning both exercises back to back, then resting.

You will aim for 10 reps of each exercise, then rest for one minute in between each set. Repeat for 3 sets of each.

Regular Pull-Ups & Regular Push-Ups

Starting out with the most basic of the exercises. You simply want to focus on form. For the pull-up, as your pull yourself up, squeeze your elbows in and control the motion.

For the push-ups, roll your shoulders back, drive your elbows down to a 45 degree angle and stop about an inch off the ground. Repeat both for 10 reps and do 3 sets total.

Around The World Pull-Ups & Archer Push-Ups

Here, we will focus on hitting the upper body muscle from different angles. For the pull-ups you will have your hands in normal pull-up position (just outside of shoulder width). You will then pull yourself up to one side, hold yourself at the top, shift your body to the other side and return back to starting position. Then you will do the same to the other side.

For the push-ups, you will have your hands much wider and normal with your fingers pointed out at an angle. Then, you’ll drop your body down to one side until your opposite arm is straight, then push back up. Then go down to the other side and do the same. Repeat for 10 reps to each side.

Chin Up & Close Grip Pushups

Here, we will actually initiate your arm muscles more than we did previously. For the pull-ups, we will turn our wrists so they are facing you. Then bring our hands inside of shoulder width. From here, you will focus on pulling up while driving your elbows down in front of your body. Raise yourself until your chin is above the bar, then control yourself on the way back down. This is meant to hit your biceps a lot more than a regular pull-up.

For the push-ups, you will bring your hands just inside shoulder width. From there, you must focus on keeping your elbows tucked back and against your body. As you engage in the push-up, really focus on using your triceps for as much of the lowering and pressing as you can. Repeat for 10 reps.

Wide Grip Pull Up & Wide Grip Pushups

Here, you will be doing wide grip of both pull-ups and push-ups. For the pull-ups, you will widen your grip about a foot wider than normal. From there you will pull yourself up until your eyes are level with the bar and lower yourself slowly. The emphasis here is to squeeze your elbows in to your side.

For the push-ups, you will again, put your hands about a foot outside of normal positioning. Then, make sure you roll your shoulders back to engage as much of your chest as possible. Then lower your chest down to an inch off the ground.. and keeping your shoulders rolled back, push yourself back up for 10 reps.


Remember to always focus on squeezing your elbows in for the pulls and keeping your shoulders rolled back for the pushes. This will allow the best muscle activation.

Also, if you have access to an assisted pull up machine or bands, you can use those to assist if this many pull-ups is too difficult.

Sub this in for your upper body workouts twice a week and pair it with two solid lower body workouts.. some abs.. and some HIIT.

Let me know what you think down below and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family!

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