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Have you ever heard of effective weight loss with apple cider vinegar? If you’ve tried everything to shed those extra pounds, but still can’t seem to do so, this method might work for you. Your efforts may range from waist training to fad dieting. And they may work for some people, along with a sensible diet and more exercise. Using apple cider vinegar for weight loss isn’t a far-fetched idea. In fact, a cider vinegar diet for losing weight has shown some encouraging results.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

In this article:

  1. A Natural Appetite Suppressant
  2. The Blood Sugar Connection to Weight Loss
  3. How Apple Cider Vinegar Controls Blood Sugar
  4. Potential Fat-Busting Properties
  5. Ways to Incorporate an Apple Cider Diet


A Natural Appetite Suppressant

Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar suppresses the appetite. Feeling fuller, sooner, is known as the level of satiety.

Researchers believe acetic acid in vinegar increases satiety. By helping slow your appetite as you consume your meal, you’ll consume less. Along with acetic acid, the natural pectin in apples boosts satiety.

There’s another way to ramp up apple cider vinegar’s appetite suppressing properties. Give yourself a double-whammy of satiety power by adding vinegar to a pre-meal glass of water.

You already know drinking water helps you feel less hungry before meals. Stirring apple cider vinegar into a glass of water will decrease your appetite even more.

Of course, you can also splash the vinegar on foods like seafood and steamed vegetables. The natural tartness will make you want to take your time (sweet or bland foods have the opposite effect on many people).


The Blood Sugar Connection to Weight Loss

How and what you eat impacts your blood sugar. Carb-heavy and sweet foods, in particular, can cause sharp spikes in blood sugar. Overweight people have less ability to control their blood sugar levels. The frustrating vicious cycle has to do with insulin resistance.

Your body needs some natural sugar to function properly. Having the right amount of sugar in your bloodstream helps your cells use it for fuel. But after a certain point, too much blood sugar causes an excess of the natural hormone insulin.

When insulin surges into your system, it causes your cells to hoard fat, rather than burning it for energy. That’s why having a 300-calorie candy bar can contribute to weight gain.

In contrast, a balanced 500-calorie meal prevents blood sugar spikes. Surges in blood sugar also divert fat into your body and interfere with proper digestion.

How Apple Cider Vinegar Controls Blood Sugar

How Apple Cider Vinegar Controls Blood Sugar | Promoting Weight Loss With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar “short circuits” a tendency toward insulin resistance. That’s especially helpful for people with excess weight.

Fighting insulin resistance additionally helps those who are diabetic and prediabetic. The acetic acid works to make your body’s systems more sensitive to the effects of insulin. That’s true if you combine apple cider vinegar with a high-carb meal. Even better, take apple cider vinegar in water before eating. This effect counters insulin resistance.

Apple cider vinegar controls blood sugar through specific chemical reactions. Bodily enzymes known as disaccharidases affect blood sugar. These enzymes break down carbs into simple sugars.

Too much activity from these enzymes can be a problem. It means a larger amount of sugars enter the bloodstream, at a quick rate. If you’ve consumed a carb-heavy meal, this leads to weight gain over time.

Apple cider vinegar blocks the enzyme activity to some extent. That blocking action allows more complex molecules to pass through your body. When this happens, they’re not broken down into simple sugars. Avoiding this helps you avoid a disastrous blood sugar spike.

Regulating blood sugar from ACV helps you lose weight in other ways. The well-known crash after a blood sugar spike often keeps people from being as active as they can.

You’ll be less likely to take a simple walk to digest your meal. And you’ll be even less inclined to hit the gym after brunch!

The bottom line? By regulating blood sugar, ACV boosts metabolism. It also prevents sugar from turning to fat. Fat is also flushed because of improved digestion that apple cider vinegar promotes.

Potential Fat-Busting Properties

ACV research is ongoing.  But, studies currently suggest its acetic acid helps break down fat. Subjects who took apple cider vinegar were compared to those who didn’t.

The people placed on a cider vinegar diet reduced their body mass index. Their results were more dramatic than those who just cut calories.

There’s more promising news. The people in the study experienced a reduction in abdominal fat.

You may already know the frustration of belly fat, and how hard it is to lose it. If so, this promising research may be yet another reason to add ACV to your diet!

Ways to Incorporate an Apple Cider Diet

You can use apple cider vinegar wherever you’d use any other kind of vinegar. Whirl it into olive oil to top your daily salad or incorporate ACV into a marinade or sauce. Add some refreshing tartness to a smoothie with a dollop or two of this healing vinegar.

To pursue weight loss with apple cider vinegar, mix a spoonful of it into a tall glass of plain water before meals. The drink helps your body stabilize blood sugar during and after you eat.

Some people prefer to use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar because it has the “mother” in it. That’s the cloudy substance at the bottom. Its presence indicates the vinegar maker hasn’t filtered out apple residues. Vinegar that still has this residue may contain more beneficial minerals and enzymes.


If you’re still new to dieting and need help with what and how to prepare your food, let me help you start your meal prepping regimen. You can slowly include apple cider vinegar to your food once you’ve gotten used to prepping your own meals.

For some people, it may be possible to do weight loss with apple cider vinegar by simply adding a little of it to your life here and there. But keep in mind, a cider vinegar diet on its own isn’t realistic — or advised. Apple cider vinegar must be just one tool in your weight loss arsenal. Include it in your healthy diet, while adding strength and cardio to your fitness routine. The best way to lose weight is to try a combination of methods. With luck, apple cider vinegar will be a powerful one for you!

Are you going to try weight loss with apple cider vinegar? Let us know in the comments section below!

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