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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Will You Win Or Lose This Super Bowl Sunday?

As the Buccaneers and Chiefs battle it out on the field, many of you will face your own game day battle… and we’ve got your defensive strategy!

You made it past the New Year’s resolution hump (the point when most people have already failed) and are smashing your goals.

Then… FOUL!!

You are faced with an (unofficial) American holiday that is celebrated with lots of food.

Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest food consumption day of the year! The only day that scores more calories is Thanksgiving.

Here is what goes down in a matter of only a few hours…

  • 1.3 Billion Chicken Wings
  • 2 Million Pizzas
  • 10 Million Pounds of Ribs
  • 88 Million Pounds of Cheese
  • 9200 Tons of Chips
  • 3 Million Pounds of Nuts
  • 325.5 Million Gallons of Beer

And that’s just a breakdown of the most popular Super Bowl foods!

So yeah, it’s safe to say that a calorie surplus is in the playbook for many Americans.

While we always preach that “one meal” or even “one day” of eating off your diet plan won’t hurt your overall progress, we’ll let you do the math on how this one day could be an exception.

If we know that…

A SURPLUS of 3,500 calories = 1 pound of weight gain.

And it is estimated that…

The average calories a person will consume on Super Bowl Sunday is 6,000!

It’s easy to see how scrambling back and forth to the buffet table could indeed result in a major poundage penalty, and we want to make sure you are ready to tackle the day!

It may seem like you can’t win unless you sit this one out on the sidelines, but being focused on losing weight does not mean you have to lose out on all the fun, or food!


When game day arrives, you should have a plan that starts with deciding which team you are going to be on.

Team “Live-A-Little” VS. Team “Stick-To-The-Plan”

We are placing our bets on… TEAM LIVE A LITTLE!
That’s because the odds are against you if you tell yourself you aren’t “allowed” to eat something. It is better to go slightly off your plan and practice mindfulness.

Sure, there is the risk that once you get a “taste,” you won’t be able to stop eating, but you have to learn to have willpower at some point. Let’s start mastering that right now!

Your goal is to walk in with a winning attitude.

You can’t let yourself feel ANY guilt about your decision to live a little. Next, you have to trust yourself to be disciplined enough to use mindfulness and moderation to avoid going overboard.

Now It’s Time For KICK-OFF… Implement This 5 Step Defensive Strategy

Survey the spread
Take a look at all your options. Think about what is in each dish, what may be the healthiest option and the most filling. Take a moment to ask yourself what you are really craving. Just because it is on the table doesn’t mean it has to make its way to your plate!

Dive in with mindfulness and moderation
Let’s start with beverages. Drink LOTS of water and unless you can’t fathom game day without a beer or two, pass on empty calories found in alcoholic beverages. If you must have alcohol, opt for a light beer, or liquor paired with calorie-free mixers.


Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.


Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

When it comes to food, fill the majority of your plate with lots of veggies and any proteins that aren’t battered, fried, or cheese covered. Then when it comes to the good stuff, skip anything that you aren’t DYING to have and include small portions of only the things you REALLY want.

Avoid “BLT’S”
We aren’t talking about the sandwich. We are talking about those little bites, licks, and tastes. A handful of chips as you pass by the bowl, just one more piece of pizza, only a small taste of that buffalo dip, and sneaking a cube of cheese every time you pass by, could easily ALL ADD UP to a full day worth of calories (or more.)

One way to avoid “grazing” is after you make your plate, instead of eating everything all at once, nibble off of the plate you made for yourself. Once it’s empty .. that’s it, no more!

Stay away from the buffet
The problem with parties is that the food stays out for hours! It’s always there waiting for you to have a BLT! Avoidance is the best strategy. After you fill your plate walk away and DO NOT RETURN!

Drink water, chew gum, stay occupied! Whatever you do, don’t head back into that penalty zone! Remember to graze off your plate, not the food spread!

Actually watch the game
And the commercials..and the half-time show…Remember WHY you are surrounded by all that food to begin. Get into the game, jump up and down, and cheer on your team.

If you aren’t into sports but are going to a party anyway, find other ways to stay busy by keeping the conversation going with friends or even ask someone to take it outside for some yard games or a walk around the block. If you are busy socializing, you won’t be thinking about casually making your way back to the buffet!

THE GAME IS OVER … Do Not Penalize Yourself

Even if your team wins, if you lost your food battle, you will most likely wake up on Monday with a flood of negative thoughts.

This is NEVER a good place to be!

Feelings of guilt can cause you to do some crazy things, like give up altogether, or think you have no chance at bouncing back.

DO NOT let these thoughts cause you to give up! Let’s use one of the biggest Super Bowl blunders of all time as an example.

At Super Bowl XXXVII, just as the game was coming to an end, the Panthers managed to tie the score. But then John Kasey booted the kickoff out of bounds, giving the Patriots the ball at their own 40-yard line, allowing Tom Brady to step in and win the game!

Do you think Kasey called it quits and retired because of one bad plan? NO!! He went on to play seven more seasons with the Panthers.

Whatever choices you made, do not replay your game-day decisions. You consumed it… MOVE ON!

And by move on, we DO NOT mean that you should attempt any kind of “damage control.” You can not and should not try to restrict calories or attempt to punish yourself in an attempt to “work off” the calories you consumed.

I mean, come on, what are you gonna do? Run 60 miles?? That is more than two back-to-back marathons, yet that is what it would take to even potentially “burn” six thousand extra calories!

Don’t let your mind go there! It’s not healthy, and the outcome will BACKFIRE!

Even if you attempt to “work off” the calories consumed, all you will really do is stress out your body. This could wreak havoc on your hormones and hinder your body’s ability to recover properly. These things can actually stall weight-loss or even cause weight gain!

The best plan of action is to just GET BACK ON TRACK!

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You have NO control over your team this Sunday.
You DO have control over yourself and your choices.

Will you beat the odds and come out the winner over temptation and weight-gain this Sunday?

We are placing our bets on you!!