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A 30-day abs challenge is an effective way to lose belly fats and tone your muscles. When it comes to choosing an abs workout, you need to select the one that suits your style.

Continue here to learn about our 30-day ab workout plan and know how different it is from other abs challenges out there.

30-Day Abs Challenge | Your Ultimate Workout


Workout Tips

Building your own workout routine can be challenging, especially when you want specific results. All fitness routines must be properly planned to be more effective and if what you’re after is for your abs to show, you need to properly select which workouts will help you better achieve it.

It is also important to listen to your body if it needs to take a rest or if it is getting healthier with your workouts. Take note that not all workouts suit your body’s needs as it also depends on the different body types and its specific physical and nutritional needs.

Plan Your Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet is as important as making sure you have the right workout. Eating the right food helps fuel your body with nutrients needed when you work out.

The body thrives with foods rich in carbohydrates when you are doing more extreme workouts. It provides you with sugar-based molecules stored by our body to serve as long-term energy reserves.

Similarly, when doing an ab workout, you need to take foods rich in protein. This helps you gain more muscles easily and lose those belly fats faster.

Make sure to properly plan your meals with our high-protein diet.

Our 30-Day Abs Challenge Workout

Before we move to the weekly exercises, you may encounter these abs workout which V Shred promotes in this challenge. Just click the link to check how to properly do these exercises.

Week 1

Week 1 | Take This 30-Day Abs Challenge | Six Pack Shred | abs challenge | 30 day ab workout plan
When you start a workout plan, it is always important to condition your body. Remember that your belly fats won’t disappear in a blink of an eye, and your abs won’t show within a few days of your workout.

It will take patience and determination before your efforts pay off. Here’s how to start your first week:

  • DAY 1. Start with this beginner ab workout to help strengthen your core. This is a 10-minute workout.
  • DAY 2. Rest. Allow your body to recover.
  • DAY 3. Repeat the beginner ab workout, but make it 20 minutes this time doing 2 reps for each exercise.
  • DAY 4. Six Pack Workout
  • DAY 5. Rest
  • DAY 6. Six Pack Workout
  • DAY 7. Six Pack Workout

Week 2

Week 2 | Take This 30-Day Abs Challenge | Six Pack Shred
As you progress in your second week, your body will start to build its core. This 30-day abs challenge is not only designed to help you show those abs faster but also to keep your body healthier.

We used different sets of routines to protect your body from stress. Check out the second-week routine below:

  • DAY 8. At Home Medicine Ball Ab Workout
  • DAY 9. Rest
  • DAY 10. Six Pack Workout
  • DAY 11. At Home Medicine Ball Ab Workout
  • DAY 12. Six Pack Workout
  • DAY 13. Rest
  • DAY 14. Six Pack Workout

Week 3

Week 3 | Take This 30-Day Abs Challenge | Six Pack Shred | abs workout
During the third week of your fitness routine, your muscles will start to come out, and this means those belly fats are starting to burn faster. As this happens, your day to day workout also intensifies.

This stage is important in maintaining your high-protein diet. Follow this schedule here:

  • DAY 15. At Home Medicine Ball Ab Workout
  • DAY 16. Full 6 Pack Abs Workout
  • DAY 17. Rest
  • DAY 18.  Six Pack Workout
  • DAY 19. At Home Medicine Ball Ab Workout
  • DAY 20. Full 6 Pack Abs Workout
  • DAY 21. Rest

Week 4

Week 4 | Take This 30-Day Abs Challenge | Six Pack Shred
Our week four workout schedule is a bit more intense than the past weeks as it has only one rest day. This is to guarantee that you get the most out of this workout plan.

  • DAY 22. Six Pack Workout
  • DAY 23. Six Pack Workout
  • DAY 24. Full 6 Pack Abs Workout
  • DAY 25. Rest
  • DAY 26. Six Pack Workout
  • DAY 27. Full 6 Pack Abs Workout
  • DAY 28. Full 6 Pack Abs Workout

Week 5

Week 5 | Take This 30-Day Abs Challenge | Six Pack Shred
On the last part of your 30-day abs challenge, your body needs to cool down by doing our At Home Medicine Ball Ab Workout. This is important so your body takes a good cool down whenever you plan to rest after finishing this workout program.

  • DAY 29. Rest
  • DAY 30. At Home Medicine Ball Ab Workout


Watch this video if you want to see how our 30-day abs challenge will get you healthier and help you achieve your goals:

Whether you’re getting ready to hit the beach or be physically fit and look good, our 30-day abs challenge can definitely achieve any of that. Make sure to give this a try and get ready for a challenge that will change you in just five weeks.

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Are you up for our 30-day abs challenge? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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