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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Are You Training Effectively, Or Just Training?

There is a difference in training and training EFFECTIVELY. Doing an exercise the RIGHT way is VITAL if you want to prevent injury, see optimal results, and not waste your time in the gym.

In this video, Vince shows you 4 of the most common ab exercises we see our clients struggle with.

People seem to make the most mistakes when training abs. This is likely because an exercise appears self-explanatory, or really easy, but in all actuality, it’s a tad more complicated than it seems.

Are you just crunching away and ripping through your ab training, or are you doing ab exercises correctly?

You may not even realize you are doing them with the improper form!

That’s okay!

We see this from clients all the time and the fix is VERY SIMPLE! You just need someone to tell you that you are doing the exercise wrong and show you how to do them right.

we’ll show you the simple tweaks you need to make in your workouts to fix your form and help you crush your ab workouts so much’ll have washboard abs in no time.

These four ab exercises are commonly done incorrectly, but fortunately, the fixes are pretty simple.



PROBLEM: Swinging too much, going way too fast and your back going way too far back.
FIX: Keep your upper body in place and push your legs forward. A great way to keep your back in place is to flex your core before beginning the rep.


PROBLEM: Hands fully extended at the top of the rep and elbows touching the ground at the bottom of the exercise instead of your knees.
FIX: Place the bar behind your head and lock your arms into position at the top. As you come down, you will want to bring your elbows to your knees instead of the ground.


PROBLEM: Not using the full range of motion and performing pulse reps.
FIX: Be sure you are lengthening and shortening your abs as much as possible using the full range of motion. Be sure you are performing the movement with your abs and not pushing down with your arms.


PROBLEM: Placing weight in both hands. This ends up offsetting each other and is essentially the same as holding no weight at all.
FIX: Drop one of the weights. Use one single dumbbell or plate at a time. This will allow you to place resistance on the opposite oblique versus balancing out.

These are very simple form corrections that will make your ab training much more effective! We hope these Ab tips helped you if you were making some of these common mistakes.

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