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Have you ever seen a guy with monster muscle mass and wondered how to gain muscle  like he did?

In this article, we’ll tackle the different dimensions of how to grow muscle fast. There is simply no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to gaining the body you want which is why we’re answering the question through this FAQ.

What You Need to Know to Get Big, Get Fit, Get Swole


1. Why Gain Muscle Mass?

Aside from looking fantastic, gaining muscle mass benefits us by increasing our metabolism and strength, and building our resistance to injury.

Muscles help our bodies efficiently burn food into fuel and reduce our chances of having metabolic diseases like diabetes. They also improve our ability to handle physical tasks and our quality of life.

2. What to Eat to Gain Muscle Mass?

You need to eat a balanced diet composed of foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Good protein found in lean beef, skinless chicken, cottage cheese, and fish, like tuna, will serve as building material for muscle.

Although carbs have a bad rap for fattening people, eating good low glycemic index carbohydrates from oatmeal and from fruits gives our bodies the energy to work out and, thus, gain mass.

Mix in a dose of healthy fats from fish, nuts, and avocados because they help bodies manufacture hormones like testosterone which signals the body to start building muscles.

3. What Supplements to Take to Gain Muscle Mass?

Supplementation can never replace good nutrition when building body mass. But if you need to know for quicker gains, it helps when your using a high quality whey protein, creatine, HGH Booster, and a Testosterone Booster.

Whey protein provides our bodies with more of the nutrient for muscle material while Creatine makes muscle building efficient at the cellular level. To round out your supplement regimen, you need an HGH Booster and a Testosterone Booster. Combining heightened serum HGH with peak Testosterone levels creates the anabolic environment your body needs to turn you into a beast in the gym… and in the bedroom.

4. How Do I Know What Protein Supplements to Buy to Gain Muscle Mass?

It’s important to choose a high quality protein when you’re bulking up. Below-Average Protein = a Below-Average Body for You. If you want to build your dream body, you need to supply your body with high-quality, easily digestible protein. Letting your body starve after training puts your system into a brutal catabolic state. You begin losing muscle rapidly. The faster you rush highly bioavailable Protein into your system post-workout, the faster you’ll increase your lean muscle, burn body fat, improve performance, and build strength. Better Protein means rapid recovery and jaw-dropping results.

Protein is Absolutely Essential to Your Results… But Not Any Old Protein Will Do.

Scientists have been promoting whey protein for several decade as the superior choice. Whey comes from the production of dairy products like yogurt and cheese. For years it was discarded until a group of researchers discovered that whey is far more bioavailable than all other forms of protein, including milk. However, when choosing a whey protein you must choose wisely. Unfortunately too many supplement companies push low-grade versions of whey. If you’ve ever tried whey protein and ended up bloated, gassy, and with zero results, you were probably burned by a poor-quality form of whey.

That’s why we’ve developed our own signature Sculpt Nation Premium Non-GMO Whey Protein Isolate 90%, a pristine form of whey that is absorbed more quickly, and utilized by your body much more efficiently. Non-GMO Whey Protein Isolate 90% sports a higher amino acid content, and produces some extraordinary results in your body:

  • Improved Body Composition: Build more lean muscle, blow-torch body fat, and increase your strength.
  • Stimulate Anabolic Hormones: To have your best body ever, you must create the perfect anabolic environment in your system, especially post-training.
  • Decreased Body Fat: One study showed whey isolate users experienced gains in strength and lean body mass PLUS a huge decrease in body fat.
  • Helps Keep You Feeling Fuller, Longer: Using Whey Isolate as a meal replacement may help you lose fat because whey keeps you feeling fuller, longer while dieting.

If you’re looking for a high quality Whey Isolate 90% Protein to help you achieve your best body ever you should give Sculpt Nation Protein a try. Sculpt Nation only uses premium ingredients giving us the confidence to offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not blown away by your results. The Proteins come in two flavors so you ca choose between Chocolate Protein or Vanilla Protein.

5. How Can One Gain Muscle Mass Without Supplements?

When your nutrition is good, you don’t need supplements at all. Kindly read the answer to question number 2 to give you a good idea on what to eat, so you don’t have to rely on protein powders, manufactured hormones, and chemicals.

6. How to Build Mass on a Vegetarian Diet?

Yes, you can build a cruel body cruelty-free because there are plant-based proteins you can eat to bulk up. Aside from these, you will also need to supplement your diet with calcium, vitamins B12 and D, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

7. How to Build Muscle Without Gaining Fat?

You need to carefully monitor your calorie intake and slowly ramp up the volume of what you eat. First, use a calorie calculator to check the ideal amount of calories you need to eat to maintain your weight according to your body type, age, and gender. Then slowly add from 250 to 500 calories week by week while lifting weights. Stop increasing your caloric intake once you see you’re building muscles.

8. What Exercises Help Increase Muscle Mass?

Basically, any exercise which involves resistance training like calisthenics, bodyweight training, and weight training. When building muscle mass, take on an exercise regimen you can enjoy based on your lifestyle.

9. What Exercises Promote Muscle Mass in Arms?

When building muscles in your arms, you will need to go for exercises which target the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. This means exercises like bench presses, bicep curls, barbell curls, and wrist curls will do the trick.

If you’re keen on doing this without weights, you can do planks, push-ups, and tricep dips.

10. What Exercises Help Gain Muscle Mass in Legs?

What exercises help gain muscle mass in legs? | How To Gain Muscle Mass, Your Questions Answered | grow muscles fast
When it’s leg day, prioritize lunges, deadlifts, and squats to build mass and definition in your legs. For free weight trainees, you can do leg curls, jump squats, calf raises, and knee flexor stretches to strengthen those stems.

11. Can One Gain Muscle Mass Without Weight Training?

Yes. There are free-weight training regimens and bodyweight exercises you can do without the use of weights.

The best example of people who gain muscle mass without the use of weights is prisoners. They don’t have the equipment and rely on their body weight to get swole.

12. Where is the Best Place to Gain Muscle Mass?

You can do it at home, in a gym, or outdoors. Choose the best place that fits your lifestyle so you’ll actually be motivated to work out.

13. Can One Gain Muscle Mass Without Exercise?

No. Muscles grow big due to repetitive stress meaning you must do a particular action over and over to gain mass. But the good news is, you can gain muscles if you do heavy chores at home regularly like cleaning the yard or tending a garden.

14. How can One Gain Muscle Mass Fast?

There are many tips on how one can accelerate muscle building. They all involve forms of goal-setting revolving around strength, the frequency of exercising specific muscle groups over the course of a week, eating right when you work out and eating more during off days, as well as getting enough rest.

15. How to Build Muscle Mass for Women?

How to build muscle mass for women? | How To Gain Muscle Mass, Your Questions Answered | how to build muscle mass for women
The body needs testosterone to start packing muscles — something women have less than men biologically. To stimulate a healthy increase in testosterone, women need weight training. Combine this with healthy eating and rest, women will bulk up nicely.

16. How can Skinny People Gain Muscle Mass Fast?

The advice for skinny people or hardgainers is no different from people with normal body types. Good nutrition, a healthy caloric intake, frequent meals, exercise, and consistent effort will get a skinny person swole.

17. How to Gain Muscle Mass as You Age?

The best way to gain muscle mass beyond 40 is by respecting your body and its limits. Try slow exercises with fewer reps instead of intense weight lifting sessions.

There’s no sense in compromising your bones, ligaments, and joints for gains because injuries will throw a wrench into your regimen. When you can’t exercise, where will your gains be?


V Shred shares tips on how you can muscle mass in this video if you’d like a visual reply to your question:

There is simply no magic trick to gaining a big and cut body. As you can see, there are many factors involved in gaining muscle mass and many ways to grow your bulk.

We hope this gives you the details you need to start training because time is also an ingredient in building big muscles. The sooner you start, the sooner they’ll grow.

Do you have more questions on how to build muscle mass? Put them down in the comments section below and V Shred will muscle answers for you in our upcoming articles.

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