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If you’ve been thinking it’s time to lose some weight, get ready for some inspiration.

Warning! These stories may motivate you to kick-start your own fitness journey.

Enjoy some of our favorite V Shred reviews and transformations.

My V Shred review: 460 pounds and out of hope

“My whole life, I struggled with my weight…ever since I can remember…I was someone who was always bigger than others…”

After seeing 460 pounds on the scale, 43 year old Conrad needed a radical change. Something for the sake of his health and his family. But after yo-yo dieting and many failed attempts, Conrard was losing hope.

Then out of nowhere, V Shred popped up on his Facebook feed

“I saw it, and it was a light bulb moment that said, this is it.”

And through the right nutrition, workouts and supplements, Conrad lost over 200 pounds.

But it wasn’t just weight he lost. Conrad reduced his metabolic age by 4 years.

But the real defining moment was having the confidence to reconnect with a lost love.

Conrad’s story shows the power of taking your health into your own hands. In his V Shred review, he urges others not to wait for the perfect time to start.

“If you’re mentally ready to go on a journey and do extraordinary things for yourself and set goals and achieve them, this is it.”

My V Shred review: 460 pounds and out of hope

“Everything is up to you. If you want it hard enough and you work for it, you’re gonna get it.” 

You wouldn’t guess by looking at her now, but 19 years ago, a drunk driver shattered Amy’s body. The damage was so extensive, Amy needed open heart surgery. 

Doctors didn’t think Amy would live, let alone walk again. They also believed that having children wouldn’t be possible for her after the accident.

Fast forward to today and Amy has defied the odds. She’s not only walking again and has since had two children, she’s in the best shape of her life.

In just 90 days, Amy shed 17 pounds along with her physical limitations and failed diet attempts.

But more than physical strength and knowing how to eat, she gained a renewed sense of empowerment. 

Now, she encourages others: “If you want lasting success, you have to do something different.” 

My V Shred review: I’m a mom of 4 and I lost 22 pounds in 90 Days

While some say they don’t have time, Renae was busy losing 22 pounds while being a wife, full-time mom of four and career professional.

But it was V Shred’s unique dieting approach that hooked Renae in.

“I was interested in the fact that I could still eat carbs and do the carb cycling, and that was really an important part to me.”

One of the first things Renae did to set herself up for success didn’t cost a single cent. She looked within to discover her why.

And it was in defining this “why” that helped Renae transform in such a short amount of time. What started as “feeling good in a swimsuit” evolved into wanting to like pictures of herself.

Completing Toned In 90 Days, Renae lost 22 pounds,  She didn’t just lose weight — she gained lean muscle, too.

At 43, she rocked a bikini photoshoot, and the pictures speak volumes. 

Renae feels healthier than ever and can’t imagine returning to her old ways.

What’s her advice?

“V Shred works, but success requires effort. Don’t fear setting big goals, and for women, embrace lifting weights.”

My V Shred review: My self worth went through the roof 

“I did the full jiu-jitsu for like an hour and a half, and I wasn’t out of breath. I barely broke a sweat, and I was ready to go some more.”

Whether you’re always making excuses or you have an aversion to the gym, you can use Eric as your inspiration.  He made the decision to reshape his life, as well as his diet and body.

And aside from the physical changes; Eric could see how this was the start of a healthier, more confident and fulfilling life.

As a single man, Eric enjoyed his newfound female attention.

“It’s nice to get looks from the ladies…The confidence that it gives you is kind of… Non-verbal communication is huge.”

But it wasn’t only his romantic relationships but the bond with his children that strengthened.

My kids’ relationship towards me, which has always been wonderful.

I’m a loving dad. I care for them. But they’re opening up more to me about their own personal struggles…You can’t put a price on living longer for your kids.”

My V Shred review: I lost 9 Inches in 12 weeks

“When I first started V Shred, it would take me about 14 to 15 minutes to get through a mile, and now it takes me about eight minutes.”

Having battled her weight for years, at her heaviest, Ashley weighed over 400 pounds. 

But these days, age 36, Ashley has abs for the first time in her life.

Once she found V Shred, Ashley lost 21 pounds in 8 weeks (including 6 pounds in her first week) and an amazing 9 inches from around her waist.

But as a military wife with no family nearby, it was the V Shred community that supported Ashley.

“…It’s not the exercise plan or the meal plan or the supplements or any of that stuff, it’s the community. That’s what I was looking for.”

Now she has so much confidence, she’s walking with sass. And even though she’s been with her husband since they were 15… Their relationship has never been better. 

“I’ve been with my husband since I was 15… he’s seen me at my youngest, my fattest… and now he’s gonna see me at my best, and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

My V Shred review: I’m half the woman I used to be

“I’ve been part of the V Shred Accelerator program. I’ve lost 33.5 pounds. I’ve learned so much about myself…But more importantly I’ve learned how to eat.”

Brittany was often telling herself she “was supposed to be big” and that she had “big bones” but those excuses no longer served her.

And when she dropped these beliefs and tried something new, Brittany lost almost half her body weight.

“My start weight was 185.5 pounds and now I am 146.2 pounds consistently. My original goal weight was 170 pounds because ‘I was supposed to be big’ and ‘I have big bones.’”

In 2019, Brittany was 280 pounds. And though it’s been a long journey what Brittany has lost in weight she’s gained in confidence, joy, energy, and self-love.

“I can look back and love the big version of myself for making this decision, for starting this journey.  And I’m sitting here at the end of it so proud of all I’ve accomplished.”

The last time Brittany lost weight, she got to 185.5lbs doing restrictive diets – and hating food and herself for wanting it. 

V Shred found Brittany during her most challenging binge eating/diet cycle.

4 years later, she’s half the woman she was then.

“If I could go back and, and talk to that girl who was crying at the computer, it would not even be a hesitation. I wouldn’t have even had to explain the logic if she could see where I am now.”

My V Shred review: 72 pounds lighter in 33 weeks

“This is not a fad. It’s real. The only person you can thank is yourself for trying this. You will love it. You will see the results…You will love yourself again, and that is important.”

At 305 pounds, Rich was repulsed by his reflection.

And after trying and failing at various diets, Rich was skeptical about V Shred’s approach. Eating fast food 3-4 times a week, Rich wanted to change but had tried and failed every single time.

But it was something in a V Shred ad that resonated with Rich..

“There was a story. Someone said V Shred was life-changing for them, and I have always loved the saying — when you change the way you see yourself, you change the way you see the world. That is kind of what I got from that interview you had there. So I said, let’s go, let’s try it.”

Rich took the plunge and two rounds of Fat Loss Extreme later, Rich shed 72 pounds and gained a whole new lifestyle.

“When you hate looking at yourself in the mirror, it’s impossible to feel confident in yourself. It sucks. I don’t feel that way anymore. I actually don’t want to put on a shirt when I go anywhere.”

And of course it wasn’t always easy. There were some days the workouts got the best of him both physically and mentally. 

But Rich’s victory isn’t just about weight loss but a newfound happiness. Infact, his influence was so positive that his wife started her journey too.

“My whole life has changed. I’m happy again. I’m smiling again. This is not a fake smile. It’s a real smile, and I’ve got it on all the time.”

Extreme results are featured. Some customers extend their programs to achieve their results. See our Testimonial Support Page for typical results.

Even though these are diverse stories and individuals, there is a theme.

It’s not just about the weight.

These stories are also about reclaiming vitality, confidence, and joy.

They’re about setting big goals and achieving them. And enjoying better relationships plus a huge surge in self-worth. V Shred is not just a fitness program — it’s the start of a better life for those daring to take the leap. Learn more about what people are saying about V Shred here. 

And tune in to the V Shred podcast for weekly content and tips for living a healthier lifestyle.