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If you’ve ever tried to do a bicep curl while working out, you need to watch out for this mistake!

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Getting big, bulging, veiny biceps is one of the most sought after features when getting in shape. But it’s easier said than done.

Odds are, if you’ve ever gone to the gym to put on muscle, you’ve done a bicep curl at some point of your workouts… and for good reason.

The bicep curl is one of the best exercises for isolating your bicep muscle and sparking growth.

But why is it that no matter how heavy and hard you workout, it seems to remain the same size?

While it could be a number of things, there is one big bicep curl mistake to fix. And if you fix this today, you will feel a better contraction in your bicep.. and hopefully break any plateaus you may be experiencing.

The Bicep Curl Mistake

First, the bicep curl is an isolation exercise. This means you are trying to avoid using other muscles to lift the weights.

Often times, when trying to work your arms, naturally you try to go heavier to build muscle faster. But what may be happening, is you’re engaging other muscles without even realizing it.

One of the most common is the shoulder.

When you are using a weight that is too heavy to curl up for the number of reps you’re going for, you need other muscles to assist that muscle.

In this case, it is common to perform a little bit of a shrugging motion to get the weight up that last few inches.

When you do this, you may be getting the weight from point A to point B but you are not maximizing the range of motion and the contraction you could be getting.

The Bicep Curl Fix

So instead of going heavier than need be, you simply should start out lighter. By starting lighter, you allow form to come first.

But to avoid the shrugging motion, you want to do the opposite with your shoulder.. which is to “depress” it or press it down. Act as if you are trying to create as much space as possible between your ear and your shoulders.

By doing this throughout the entire bicep curl, you will prevent any shrugging from occurring. This will allow for a much better bicep contraction.


The next time you’re going to do some bicep curls at the gym, try this out.

Pick up lighter weights than normal and focus on pressing your shoulders down as much as possible.

This will allow for a full range of motion and better bicep isolation.

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