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When you think of supplements, the first thing that comes to mind is probably .. protein powder, pre-workout, bcaas, or maybe a fat burner. 

Pending your goals, all of those products are great! But they are not (or shouldn’t be) your foundation.

There are a few products that we would never go a day without taking. We call these the “building blocks” of good health and even keeping body fat low. 

These building blocks are supplements that you should take before you even consider taking things like fat burners. They are products that benefit ANYONE … even if you never step foot in a gym!

You may be thinking of things like .. multi-vitamins, greens, or fish oil.

Yes, those are building blocks. But the supplement we want to talk about today is actually one you may have never considered taking. 

In today’s article, we want to talk about Turmeric and why it is something you should be supplementing with daily.

Vince put together a short video above that explains everything. 

He also touches on another important thing you must consider when supplementing with Turmeric, and that is quality. 

Quality is something you always need to be aware of with any supplement, but especially with one as popular as Turmeric.

When a product is gaining attention, companies are going to try to find the cheapest form possible. They will throw it in a capsule and sell you something that is a total waste of money.

It’s hard to tell if the Turmeric you are buying is good quality (or safe) –  by merely reading a label.

You have to make sure the supplement company you are buying from goes through rigorous testing. This isn’t cheap .. so it’s something many companies don’t do. 

Testing needs to happen at multiple points from start to finish. There needs to be rigorous 3rd party testing to verify label claims, ensuring every does is packed with the highest quality ingredients.

You also can’t forget about the absorption issue we told you about. You have to make sure the Turmeric you are buying has black pepper extract added, preferably the trademarked version BioPerine. 

That would typically take a lot of digging on your part. But Vince did the work for you and goes over all of this in the video above. 

So, before you search for a Turmeric supplement, you may want to check it out! 

If you have never tried Turmeric, hopefully, this video helps you better understand the hype.

It really is a super spice with endless potential for overall health, and as we are learning, potentially your waistline, as well!

It seems that most people have no idea of everything that Turmeric is capable of, especially when it comes to reaching weight loss and fitness goals.

Most people sprinkle a little on their food because they heard it is an antioxidant powerhouse, or read the mounds of research demonstrating its ability to help manage inflammatory responses.

Those are no doubt great reasons to use Turmeric. Maintaining a healthy inflammatory response will help you recover faster from training, keep your joints comfortable, give you more energy, and help you think more clearly.

These are all things that will impact your motivation to stick to your diet and training plan, and adherence is key to seeing results!

Many of our team here at V Shred actually started using Turmeric because we heard it may be a natural way to help with minor aches and pains from intense training.

We even read up on studies that show the active ingredient in Turmeric (Curcumin) could be just as powerful as Ibuprofen.

But then we discovered that Turmeric appears in over 3000 publications and has been studied for over 25 years. 

We found that this staple in western medicine has so many other science-backed benefits that go beyond fighting the inflammation many of us experience from hitting the gym.

In reviewing these studies, we got a real understanding of the impact that inflammation has on weight.

Researchers found that white blood cells, which are the cells of your immune system, are more aggressive in those that are overweight. They found that there is a clear connection between weight and inflammation of fat tissue.

In non-science terms, this means if you aren’t maintaining a healthy inflammatory response, you have a better chance of being overweight.

It could be that inflammation is the root cause of your weight issues, or your inability to lose weight no matter how hard you diet and exercise.
And these same researchers found that Turmeric .. is one way to help manage it. 

That just scratches the surface of what clinical studies have found Turmeric can do. The active ingredient in Turmeric has also been shown to be able to:

  • Boost brainpower
  • Support joint health
  • Delay the signs of aging
  • Enhance mood
  • Help with certain digestive issues

They have even found that it can assist in keeping blood sugar levels steady, which is also important for maintaining a healthy weight, having steady energy levels, and keeping hunger in check.

We also found some interesting studies that show Turmeric can help with fat loss because of its ability to help the body create more brown fat. You actually want this kind of fat. 

We are going to go over what brown fat is a little further down in this article. But to give you a little preview, researchers found that the active ingredient in turmeric also has some major thermogenic fat-burning capabilities!

The science is there … Turmeric has the potential to be an excellent fat-loss tool that could help you create more good thermogenic fat. Even better, it may be able to help get to the root of what might be making you overweight .. inflammation! 

Let’s dive into talking more about this super spice! We want you to have a better understanding of just how powerful it may be for not only your overall health but in reaching your weight loss goals! 


Turmeric is an ancient herb that comes from a plant similar to ginger.

It has been used in Asian countries for THOUSANDS of years. Not only to spice up their tasty cuisines, but they also use it because they feel it has medicinal properties.

Since then, many alternative or holistic providers have used this herb in their practice, and in recent years it’s begun to gain popularity in mainstream medicine. 

Probably because clinicians can’t ignore all of the solid research backing what some are calling .. “nature’s miracle.”

Many major clinical studies have been conducted that back up what these ancient medicine men have been trying to tell us for centuries…. that Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant with a host of health benefits. 

We are going to cover all of those a little further down, but first, we need to address a couple of issues with this super spice. 

As great as it is … Turmeric is a little complicated. 


The biggest problem is that most people consume Turmeric the wrong way.

That is assuming you are using it for more than flavoring food and want to experience it’s possible health benefits. 

Turmeric has many compounds, but the one that seems to be responsible for its long list of benefits is its main active ingredient, which is curcumin.

The issue with the spice you have in your cabinet is that the amount of curcumin in the spice itself .. is not very high.

All of the studies that demonstrate Turmeric’s powerful benefits used extracts of the herb that are really high in Curcumin.

This means that you wouldn’t experience the health and fat-burning benefits from just sprinkling a little bit on a meal here and there. 

You have to take it in a supplement form that contains significant amounts of that active ingredient .. curcumin.

But .. that’s not all.

Curcumin can’t be fully absorbed unless you take another natural substance at the exact same time! 

To absorb curcumin, you need to consume black pepper, containing the compound Piperine, at the exact same time.

More specifically, it should be a purified version of black pepper for it to be bioavailable and ready to be released at the same time as the Curcumin. 

We discovered a trademarked version of black pepper that provides this. It is called BioPerine.

Bioperine has been shown to drastically enhance curcumins absorption.

Researchers did a human study where they either gave subjects curcumin alone or curcumin with Bioperine.

Curcumin was pretty much undetectable in the group that took it by itself. But when combined with Bioperine, absorption was increased by 2-thousand-percent!

For this reason, a supplement form of Turmeric is really the only way you can benefit from all of the things researchers believe this spice is capable of. 

But you need to use caution. You can’t just pick up any turmeric and expect it to work.

We are going to tell you what to look for in a quality Turmeric supplement at the end of this article. First, we want to quickly tell you about some studies that go beyond the inflammation connection.

We want to tell you about some science that demonstrates Curcumins’ potential to essentially turn your body into a thermostat .. that burns more fat .. even at rest. 


Without getting too technical on you .. here is what it boils down to.

When we consume more calories than we burn, those extra calories have to go somewhere, and most go to our fat cells. 

But you actually have two types of fat cells…

  • White fat cells: These are the bad fat cells. This is where those extra calories go and hang on in hopes of being used later for energy.
  • Brown fat cells: These are good fat cells. Scientists discovered that these cells don’t store fat. They actually do the opposite and create heat in your body. They rev up your fat-burning metabolism and BURN fat!

You WANT brown fat. You DO NOT WANT white fat. 

This discovery led scientists to investigate how we could increase the number of brown fat cells we have and decrease the amount of white fat cells. 

They believe the best way to do this is by unleashing a hormone called Irisin. 

Harvard University scientists were so intrigued by this fat-transforming hormone, that can literally alter your fat cells and change them from cells that STORE to cells that BURN, that they are calling it… “A Major Fat Burning Discovery.”

We all have the ability to produce Irisin, mainly when we exercise. But scientists found that there is another much easier way to turn unhealthy white fat cells into fat-burning brown fat cells, and that is through consuming certain beneficial chemicals produced in plants, known as phytochemicals.

And guess what?!

The active ingredient in Turmeric (curcumin) ..  is a very powerful phytochemical. 

A study published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications found that Curcumin promoted this browning of white fat, leading to a decrease in body weight and fat mass without changing anything about food intake.

Turmeric has tons of unique compounds. It seems there are other elements of this plant, aside from Curcumin, that could contribute to its ability to aid in weight loss. Two of those are Shogaols and Gingerols. They can’t make your body burn fat alone, but when paired with a good diet, they may help rev up your body’s thermogenic response, which enables you to melt fat faster.

Because scientists have primarily been focused on Curcumins potential to fight inflammation and have only recently realized there are several other potential connections between Turmeric and weight management, they are just getting started in conducting human trials.

But so far, all research has been really promising! We look forward to being able to tell you about new studies as they are available.

So, is Turmeric a healing powerhouse with the potential to help you lose fat? Or, is it an over-hyped plant?

It is no doubt over-hyped if you simply sprinkle some on your food, or throw the cheapest turmeric supplement you can find in your shopping cart. 

But we are learning that if you take it in a high-quality form and combine it with Piperline, it can no doubt be a power-plant that may have a positive impact on your fat cells, joints, muscles, digestion, immune system, and more!

Which is exactly why we created TURMERIC BLACK.  TURMERIC BLACK is powerful high quality turmeric supplement that helps with sore muscles, body fatigue, building muscle, mental clarity, and occasional bloating – now has a new ingredient scientifically backed to help promote additional fat burn by helping alter your fat cells!

We hope this article helps you better understand what Turmeric is and why you should begin supplementing with it daily. Click here to get your hands on TURMERIC BLACK and use code BLACK40 at checkout for 40% off! 

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