Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.


Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

We get many customers hit us up wanting to know if there are any “secrets” or “insider tips” for getting in THE BEST shape possible. 

Of course, getting in shape comes down to eating for your goals and consistent exercise; those will always be the two key factors. 

But there is more to it than that.

If you want results that last .. getting in shape is a process .. that extends beyond hitting the gym and your macros!

The hard part is actually getting your mind right and figuring out how to implement these methods into your daily life. 

We have a few tips to give you today that should help you with this process.

Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you over-complicate things. These are just a few simple tips that will help you develop healthy habits that will make dieting and exercising much easier. 

Some will require a little time and effort on the front end, but they are needed if you want results that last!

These FIVE KEY TIPS can be used whether you want to lose fat, put on muscle, or even if you are just looking to develop a healthy daily routine!



TIP #1: Determine Your Reason (AKA: Find your why)
Dieting and getting motivated to exercise will never always be easy. But it does get easier when you know exactly WHY you want to get fit in the first place! 

Let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds…. you can’t just stop there. You have to ask yourself WHY you want to lose 20 pounds.

Now, let’s say your “why” is because you aren’t happy with how you look. That’s a good start … but it’s not specific enough. You need to ask why again.

Keep this “why cycle” going until you get as specific as you possibly can! 

Always remember … the deeper rooted your reason, the more success you will have in achieving your goals!!

This will be something you need to WRITE DOWN! 

So open your digital notes or break out some pen and paper and before doing  anything else — start digging deep and discover your WHY! 

TIP #2: Determine Your Plan Of Action
After you have a clear why you need a clear plan of action!  

Once again, you will need to get as specific and clear as possible and WRITE IT ALL DOWN!

Without a clear plan of HOW you will reach your goals, you will be more tempted to skip the gym and opt for those easier (unhealthier) food options. 

A good place to start is with your specific goal. 

For example, if you want to shed fat fast, following a muscle-building plan probably isn’t the first step. You would want to focus on a plan that burns more calories and probably a diet that puts you in a calorie deficit. 

To help you get started, here are some things to consider when coming up with a plan to reach your goals …

  • What are my short-term and long term-goals? Get specific! 
  • What will I need to eat to reach them? 
  • How many meals do I want to eat a day, and when will I be eating them?
  • How do I need to meal prep and plan for this to happen?
  • What type of exercise do I need to do to reach my goal? 
  • How often will I realistically be able to exercise? 
  • Where do I want to exercise?
  • If it’s at home, what equipment do I need to purchase? If it’s at a gym, which gym would be best for me to join?

Coming up with a solid game plan will look a little different for everyone, but no matter your goal and how you plan to get there, the number one thing to keep in mind is that your approach must be SUSTAINABLE!!

You will never be able to keep up with doing an hour of cardio every day, going to the gym for an hour 6 days a week, eating low calories, and giving up carbs, etc.

You may be able to do these things for a few weeks (at best), but you will burn out, give up, and just gain the weight back again.

Focus on coming up with a clear-cut plan that helps eliminate excuses and gets you there in a sustainable and healthy way.

What you choose to do to reach your goals should always come down to what is best for your lifestyle.

For example…

  • If you work two jobs, have kids, and/or can barely make time to take a shower, then you probably don’t need to commit to going to the gym for an hour 5+ times a week.

Instead, you may want to plan on doing short full-body HIIT workouts like those in our home workout program MOVE

  • If you can’t imagine giving up carbs, something like keto will never be sustainable. You may prefer to try something like carb cycling. 
  • If you have to eat out a lot, travel often, or don’t like the idea of eating the same meals every single day, a macro tracking approach may work best for you. 

There are dozens of ways to reach your goals! You have to figure out what works best FOR YOU!!

After determining what fits your lifestyle, the only other tip to reaching your goals faster and easier would be to make sure that what you are doing is best suited for your genetics. 

Eating and training for your body type will help ensure that you see the best results in the quickest time possible. 

We have a free body type quiz that will help you figure this part out. It’s only 6 questions, you get your results in seconds and are provided with suggestions to get started immediately!

If you are interested, you can take the free quiz HERE. 

TIP #3: Establish A Routine
What is it they say .. if you fail to plan, then plan to fail. 

This is SO TRUE! You need structure to have success! If you want to reach your goals, you have to take a little time to map out a daily game plan. 

This will take a little bit of time upfront, but establishing a set routine will not only keep you on course, it will actually SAVE you time in the long run!

Before you go to bed, or at some point during your day, make sure the following day is planned out, so you know what you are doing every hour on the hour. 

Yes, you need to be THAT specific! At least one day in advance, you need to figure out things like … 

  • What time you are going to wake up.
  • How many meals you are going to eat. 
  • What time will you eat your meals. 
  • What time will you workout. 
  • What are you going to do once you get to the gym.

Once you have your hour-by-hour daily breakdown written out, next, you need to take action steps to make those things easier — like meal prepping, laying out your clothes the night before, pre-packing your gym bag, etc. 

We don’t want you to be so set in your “plan” that you freak out if something comes up. You always need to have a “Plan B” and be flexible when life throws you curveballs.

But at the same time, you never want to go into your day blindly. Establish a daily routine and stick to it the best you can! 

TIP #4:  Get Supplements That Help With Your Weak Points
We are throwing this one in the mix because while supplements alone WILL NOT get you results, they can help with your weak points.  Of course, this is assuming you are giving it 100% with your diet and workouts. 

Don’t even think about implementing this tip until AFTER your diet and training are both on point, and you’ve identified what you’re still struggling with.

Once you have figured out your weaknesses, then it’s time to look at how supplements may further help you reach your goals. 

Let’s take supplementing with protein powder as an example.  It is suggested that you consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This can be really difficult for many. A protein supplement like Sculpt Nation PROTEIN can be an easy and delicious way to get in your daily protein requirements!

Or how about trying to get in NUMEROUS servings of fresh vegetables a day. Many people struggle with this one. If you don’t like veggies or hate prepping them, then a greens powder like SCULPT NATION GREENS is an excellent way to fill the gaps. 

Another example would be if you find yourself mentally and physically struggling to get in your workouts. You may benefit from a pre-workout like Sculpt Nation PRE

The perks of a pre-workout powder like this one is that it offers way more than a little jolt of energy from caffeine. PRE has ingredients that can help get to the source of your fatigue, which is your brain! It also has ingredients that can help you push harder and recover faster!

Taking THIS PRE is probably our favorite supplement suggestion. Many people even use it on their rest-days because they love the focus it gives them to tackle everything else on their busy to-do list! Check it out HERE!

Again, we want to be clear that supplements can not replace a healthy diet or regular exercise. But strategically adding in the RIGHT supplements can help make the dieting and muscle-gaining process faster and easier! 

TIP #5:  Create Your Environment
Just like it’s important to create a plan and establish a daily routine, you need to be just as strategic about the environment you create to reach your goals. 

By environment, we mean everything from the people you surround yourself with, the gym you go to, the clothes you wear, and even the music you listen to!

First, you want to remove anything that will keep you from going to the gym or cause you to go get fast food instead of eating a healthy meal. 

For example, if you hate your gym environment or getting there is out of your way, then you need to find a new gym to go to or start working out at home. 

If you find yourself tempted to order in or go through the drive-thru, prep ALL of your meals and have them on hand, ready to go! 

Next, try to think of ways to enjoy the process…… 

  • Buy and wear workout clothes that you feel good wearing!
  • Invest in gym shoes that compliment the type of workout you are doing!
  • Fill a gym bag with everything you need to crush your workouts – like wraps, grips, a lifting belt, bands, headphones, etc.
  • Create workout playlists in advance. Music is a great motivator to push you to run faster and lift more weight! 
  • Search for different macro-friendly ways to prepare your food, so you don’t get bored.
  • Come up with creative recipes instead of eating the same bland grilled chicken and rice. 
  • Get a TRIBE of like-minded people to meet you at the gym, be able to text when you need support, etc. 


We hope you better understand how getting in shape truly is a process that goes beyond what you eat and how much weight you push in the gym.

You’ve gotta get your mind right!!