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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Christina Shares Her Inspiring Transformation Story During a One-on-One Interview with V Shred & Sculpt Nation Co-Founder Vince Sant.



“Within the first month, it was 10 pounds already. I was like, woah.”

Christina – V Shred Client

If anyone had an excuse to NOT get started on a health and fitness program, it’s our client Christina. She is a mom of three kids and works not one but two jobs!

“If I can do all that and wake up at 4 in the morning and workout, so can you,” says Christina.

Oh, and to add to her already busy schedule, after seeing results with V Shred, she found a new passion and started school to become a personal trainer!!

Talk about being busy!!

But Christina found the time to prioritize fitness, connected with one of our expert coaches, followed a custom diet plan and exercise program created just for her, and lost 24 pounds and five clothing sizes!!

“I went from a size 5 to a size 0. I haven’t been a 0 since I was maybe a sophomore in high school. Can it get any better than that,” exclaims the mom of three! 

And she didn’t only lose body fat and inches, she gained a ton of lean muscle that totally changed the shape of her body!! 

“I have a six-pack, and I have 3 kids. Insane,” says Christina.

Christina’s turning point may sound familiar. She put on some weight during COVID and wanted to find a sustainable and healthy way to get it off! 

“When covid hit and I gained an extra 10 pounds, and I was like I need a trainer. I need someone to help me or help me with my nutrition, and that is when I was looking for a personal trainer.”

Advertisements for V Shred popped up on her social media, and she thought, why not!? Her first step was diving into nutrition, something she was clueless about, so she started by hiring one of our expert coaches!

Christina’s coach took all the guesswork away and created a custom diet that was right for her body type, goals, and busy lifestyle! Then she went all-in with a custom exercise plan and several of our top-selling Sculpt Nation supplements! 

“The food tastes delicious, the workouts are great, I feel amazing, and I look amazing,” says Christina

Christina wasn’t sure what it would be like working with a coach virtually. But come to find out, she says she enjoys online training and coaching more than having a personal trainer in person! 

“The online training they give you the videos of how to do the certain workout and you have your own time to do it. You aren’t pressured in a one-hour window to do things with your trainer. I feel I can get more done on my own with an in-person trainer as well,“ she says.

Now that Christina is shredded and has fallen in love with fitness … what’s her next goal?! “I’m gonna work for you,” exclaims Christina!

We would be honored to have Christina join our expert team of trainers! In fact, many of our trainers started out as clients!!

If you want to connect with one of our team members about getting started with one of our expert coaches, or you are just curious where you should begin — CLICK HERE! 

And if you want to hear more about Christina’s V Shred journey, you can watch the full interview with Vince at the top of this page!

Christina’s Case Study is the story of Christina’s unique experience with V Shred and her weight loss and fitness journey.  Her results are uniquely her and this Case Study is a detailed presentation of Christina’s  decision making and use of V Shred products and programs. There is no assurance that your personal experience will be similar to hers.