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Lisa Shares Her Inspiring V Shred Review and Transformation Story During a One-on-One Interview with V Shred Co-Founder, Vince Sant


Real V Shred Review and Customer Transformation Story from Lisa

Many busy moms struggle with their weight after pregnancy and have a hard time getting back on track with their fitness goals. Since 2016, V Shred has helped millions of women shed stubborn fat and get in the best shape of their lives. Check out Lisa’s inspiring story below and see other V Shred reviews here.

Lisa’s Story…

“I went and got a physical in November, and my doctor was like, holy cow. My cholesterol was so low, and everything was so good. Working with V Shred has been life-changing.” 

When Lisa first discovered V Shred, she didn’t have a healthy body, a good relationship with food, or a clean bill of health.

Put simply, the 41-year-old says she was overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy.

“Before V Shred, if I was trying to diet or be healthy, I would punish myself if I fell off track. I wouldn’t allow myself things, and that made things worse. I don’t  do that anymore. I don’t even think that way.”

To get an idea of Lisa’s backstory, let’s rewind about a year before discovering V Shred.

Lisa’s weight had been an ongoing struggle for some time. She went into her 3rd pregnancy at an unhealthy 202 pounds. Add pregnancy weight to that, taking time to recover from a c-section, and being over 40 years old, Lisa knew losing weight was going to be a struggle. 

She wasn’t opposed to the challenge, her biggest “excuse” was time!

The 41-year-old wife, mom of three, and full-time business owner says she didn’t know how she would set aside the days and hours she always assumed it would take to workout, eat healthy, and actually see results.

Then she saw an advertisement for V Shred.

“I just kept seeing it over and over and over again. I went to the website, watched videos, and I looked it up on YouTube. I took your free body type quiz, and the program suggested looked perfect for me,” says Lisa. 

Lisa was hesitant but says 3 key things stood out about V Shred that she hadn’t seen with other programs.

  1. NO GYM REQUIRED: All of the workouts could be done from home with no or limited equipment.
  2. NO LONG WORKOUTS: Every workout could be completed in about 30 minutes.
  3. NO FAD/RESTRICTIVE DIET: No foods were off-limits. and everything was laid out for her in a meal plan!

Lisa also says that it caught her attention that our programs are backed by WAY MORE than just amazing client reviews testimonials!

“I’m skeptical of different programs that can’t prove themselves. I listened to your video and what you said made a lot of  sense. I love that it’s backed by science too. With V Shred, you are changing your body and your metabolism and all the things that you really need to do to be healthier.” 

Lisa started out with Fat Loss Xtreme and custom meal plan. Things went so well, and she was seeing such drastic changes that she decided to keep going and purchase Toned in 90 Days

The end result?

Lisa lost over 75 pounds, dropped 15% body fat, and shed over 40 inches off her frame!

Never in her wildest dreams did Lisa think a program she found on social media would result in such an extreme LIFE-CHANGING transformation!

“The weight loss was just one thing. I have more energy. I’m able to play and run and hang out with my kids. Then there are all the health issues. All my numbers  came down, we’re not watching my cholesterol anymore. The only thing I changed was my fitness and what I was eating. So, I attribute all of that to V Shred.” 

Another big victory for Lisa is that she finally learned how to eat and have a healthy relationship with food.

“Before V Shred, I would maybe eat a really great salad, but then I would eat a candy bar. Not that those things are bad, which is what I’ve learned with V Shred. I don’t deprive myself of those things anymore; I just don’t feel like I need to eat them all the time.”

Lisa says aside from how easy it was to fit the workouts into her busy schedule, the custom meal plan she received was probably her favorite part of the program.

She ended up eating MORE than before “dieting” and loved the flexible eating approach. It allowed her to continue to enjoy her favorite foods in moderation and gave her “grace” when she would fall off track. 

“With this program, you don’t fail because you did something that you weren’t supposed to; you just start over the next day. Plus, it’s super easy to stick with because you’re not depriving yourself of anything. My whole mindset on food has changed. When I want a beverage, a piece of chocolate, or it’s my kid’s  birthday and I’m gonna eat a cake with them, I don’t NOT do those things, and I don’t punish myself the next day like I did before.”

Another really cool thing about Lisa’s transformation is that she achieved it with diet and exercise alone!

Other than some Sculpt Nation PROTEIN to help make reaching her daily protein goals a little easier, Lisa didn’t add any supplements to her regime until after her initial weight loss. 

It wasn’t until she had already been dieting and exercising for a couple months that she decided to try our thermogenic BURN — to see if it would help amplify her results and help with low energy levels. 

“In the beginning, I was dead. I would spend a lot of energy doing the workouts.  Then I started BURN and had pops of energy without any crashes. I truly believe that it helps speed things up. As long as you’re doing the work, I think BURN helps give you that little extra edge.” 

Lisa says BURN alone was great! But the most noticeable changes started to happen once she added BURN PM at night.

“It really helped speed up my metabolism, which helped me lose even quicker. I feel like that REALLY happened when I added BURN PM because I started sleeping better. I am busy and don’t sleep much. BURN PM got me into a good deep sleep but didn’t knock me out, which is important because I have a baby, and I needed to be able to hear my baby at night. It wasn’t like  some other products that knock you out, but it made me relaxed and helped me go to sleep faster, which my body needed for recovery.”

Whether you decide to speed things up with supplements or not, Lisa says she just wants all the other busy people out there to know that she once made “no time” an excuse too!

But once you find a program that fits your lifestyle (and your genetics) – she says she is proof our programs work – as long as you do! 

Remember that Lisa’s weight-loss journey started without paying a single penny!

Her very first step was taking our FREE BODY TYPE QUIZ. 

You can start there too, and it only takes seconds! Once you get your results, you will be given guidance as to what diet and exercise program will work best for your personal genetics, so you can see results faster and easier!