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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Discovering who you are in life and then creating who you want to be are two very different things. For Megan, 42, it’s actually her job. As a life and professional coach, she works with people to help them discover their purpose and their mission for a unique life and then holds them to account to achieve it. 

For most of her professional life, she has embodied this alignment with a successful business and an active, happy family. However shortly after she turned 40 years old Megan went through a divorce from her husband of 20+ years. The stress started impacting her body in more ways than she was used to handling. From her coaching, she knew a change was needed.

The changes to her body were gradual – she had never struggled with weight before and she was still pretty active. But stress-induced changes to her metabolism, hormones, and COVID shutdowns in her home town in the Gold Coast of Australia all contributed to unwanted weight gain. 

“I started out feeling the worst I’d ever felt about myself. I’d let myself go during Covid, not going out and therefore was not really active either! Actually, I’d not been active regularly for a couple of years but this year it all caught up with me!”

She saw an ad for V Shred’s Toned In 90 Days program, thought on it for a bit, and then made the decision to sign up. For the price point, V Shred was right up her alley. In doing so, she rediscovered a feeling of health, wellness, and athletic capability that had slowly gone missing over the previous years.  

Getting Started With Her V Shred Program

There are a lot of options when it comes to diet and fitness plans but the content on V Shred resonated with Megan. She looked into the structure of the program and different options to fit it into her daily plan. 

“I decided I’d go all-in with this program and do the custom meal plan every month and exercise every day, sometimes twice a day.”

From Day 1 Megan knew the support of the V Shred community and her V Shred Trainer Nicolette would be crucial to help her stay motivated. With an upcoming move, adapting to quarantine closures, and scheduling time with her kids and loved ones losing weight wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

During the first 30 days, she started to notice a shift in the fat that was sitting around her mid section. 

“The biggest difference for me in terms of how I see myself is my posture,” Megan said. “I feel stronger in my core and it’s making my workouts and form so much better!”

Due to Covid shipping delays, the Fat Loss Stack, Protein and PreWorkout that she ordered from SculptNation also took a couple weeks to arrive. By the time Megan was starting her second month she knew that there was real potential and progress being made with her V Shred program, but results seen in 30 days are only a fraction of what can be possible sticking it out through the full 90 days.


“For the first 30 days I was on fire and SUPER motivated, but the second month I had to really dig deep to get it done.”

With her monthly meal plan and supplements helping see initial results in the mirror, Megan buckled down. Life stress and lack of sleep threatened to derail her progress but with the support, Megan managed to stay on track and power through to complete her 90 days strong. 

Transformation Is A Matter Of Perspective

“I finished up heavier on the scales but smaller in my measurements, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to measure [instead of weighing yourself] each week! This kept me going.”

This isn’t surprising given that Megan highly values personal responsibility. As she puts it: “We are the leaders of our own lives.” Despite everything 2020 has brought, it’s been a successful year for Megan; people are asking questions that she, as a life coach, knows how to answer. And Megan wants to go into 2021 being an example of what she does for others, and feeling the best she’s ever felt, thanks to V Shred. 

“I have so much more self-respect and will no longer stand for less than I deserve. This journey has SOOOO many hidden benefits and it’s so worth it!”

As Megan plans to restart her program and continue getting stronger she is connecting with others in the V Shred community to remain accountable and inspired together. If Megan’s journey is inspiring follow her advice: “Jump right in and get started!”