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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Everyone wants killer arms! Whether you are shirtless at the pool, rocking a tank top, or even covered up with a hoodie, the size of your arms is always somewhat in view.

For guys, this typically means … big biceps!

Psychologically they say our desire for big biceps is some subconscious sign of strength?

All we know… big biceps are a win!

To get this highly desired “big bicep” look… you need to focus on your BICEP PEAKS.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Yeah…. except this part of the bicep is what most people have trouble building.

And…. most people don’t train arms in a way that targets the head of the bicep that needs attention if big beaks are the goal!

Your genetics will no doubt play a role in your ability to get prominent bicep peaks. Some biceps are genetically longer, and some are shorter.

A shorter muscle belly means that the tendon that attaches the bicep to the forearm starts earlier. If the muscle belly is longer, it starts later.

This means if you are blessed with a shorter bicep muscle belly .. you are probably going to have a much easier time developing a prominent peak.

But having longer muscle bellies isn’t all bad. You may have a less pronounced peak, but your arms will typically appear fuller overall, compared to someone with shorter muscle bellies. 

If peaks are your goal .. you can still dramatically grow them as long as you understand bicep anatomy and train them properly! 

Not all bicep exercises are created equal. They all work different heads of the bicep.

Exactly why you can’t go into the gym and only do a bunch of curls and expect to build your bicep peaks!!

Here are the…
++ a crazy bonus tip


To build peaks, you want to focus on the LONG head of the bicep. 

Performing movements where your upper arm is BEHIND the body will give the long head a better stretch/range of motion, and more activation! 

Exercise 2: DRAG CURLS
Exercise 2: CLOSE (narrow) GRIP CURLS

🔥Bonus Tip🔥


A study found that the short head of your muscle is most active in the latter part of a curl, but the long head is most active in the beginning. 

After performing your FULL range of motion normal grip curls, end each set with some partials where the elbow comes up to only 90 degrees.

At the end of the day … you can focus on doing the RIGHT exercises like the ones we show you … but your genetics will almost always play a role in the shape of your muscles. 

Your body type can also determine where you grow muscle the easiest and where you store fat first. Exactly why it’s important for you to train and eat based on your body type.

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