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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Staring at today’s workout and feeling like you need a dictionary? We’ve all been there.  Here’s what you need to know about supersets and circuits — two popular exercise techniques that share many similarities but important differences!



Our most popular workout plans at V Shred, like MOVE and Fat Loss Extreme for Men or Women, are the ones that find ways to help you do more work in less time. Two of the most common ways we successfully do this are supersets and circuits.

We’ve found that people love these training styles because they allow you to fit training into a busy schedule. But they also boost the intensity of a workout, making them a great way to send an undeniable message to your body to get leaner, stronger, and more athletic.

Both will also require you to spend a lot of time in action. If you’ve ever wondered about trying a caffeinated boost in the form of a pre-workout for a workout, a circuit or superset workout is a great choice!

What Is A Superset?

A superset is when you perform one set of an exercise, then go straight into a second exercise without resting.

For example, you might perform 10 push-ups, followed by 10 dumbbell rows. Or 10 goblet squats followed by 10 kettlebell deadlifts. You only rest after you’ve done both exercises.

Sometimes, supersets will hit two different or opposite muscle groups, like the biceps and triceps supersets in Vince’s Ultimate Arms Workout. Other times, they’ll hit the same muscles, like dumbbell bench presses followed by chest flies. There are many different ways to arrange and use supersets for different goals, but they all share: work, then work again, then rest.

What Is A Circuit?

A circuit takes that same idea a step further: three or more exercises with no rest between them. We use this technique a lot of our at-home workouts or in the video workouts in V Shred University.

For example, you might do 15 bodyweight squats or lunges, then 15 push-ups, then 15 mountain climbers per side. You’d do all three, resting as little as possible, then rest for a minute or so and do it again and again.

Here’s why this approach is great: Stringing together multiple exercises allows you to spread the fatigue across your body, keeping your heart rate elevated and burning serious calories.

If you’re someone looking for the “minimum effective dose” of working out, circuits are your friend.

Want to get a taste of circuit training? V Shred trainers lead video circuit workouts live in our Facebook groups for men and women every week. You could also follow Vince’s programs Fat Loss Extreme For Women, Fat Loss Extreme For Men, or Move. 

Should You Do Supersets or Circuits? 

You really can’t go wrong with either. But if you’re looking to really find the perfect fit, V Shred’s personal training team can build you a custom superset or circuit-based workout plan — with a custom diet plan to go with it.

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