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When your lower back hurts after a workout, you should ask yourself “what causes lower back pain?” and “what am I doing wrong?” There are different types of lower back pain, and it’s possible that this pain may be brought about by your workout itself. Exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of lower back pain, but it can also be one of the major causes of your lower back pain if you are exercising incorrectly. Find out which back exercise may be causing your lower back pain and learn how to fix it!

What Causes Lower Back Pain When You Exercise


The Hyperextension Exercise

A hyperextension machine is where you lean on a pad below your waist and you lean forward down and back up to work out your back muscles.

This exercise is done by people to strengthen their lower back or get rid of their lower back pain. However, doing this exercise the wrong way can cause lower back pain.

The Wrong Form

The worst thing you can do in a hyperextension exercise is overextending your back. This means extending your back past its normal posture.

One example is curving your spine making your chest stick out too much. This form is wrong because your body ends up in an unnatural position and hits the wrong muscles as you do the exercise.

Don’t Go Too Far Down

Another thing you may be doing wrong on the machine is when you lean too far down towards the ground.

It’s alright to go as low as you can but not to the point where you lose tension on your lower back. When you lose that tension and continue the exercise, you may be hitting a different muscle.

The Correct Form

One of the ways to correct your form is by suspending your body on the machine by leaning on the pads to make sure your body is straight. Then, when you go back up, make sure to engage your lower back and glutes.

Benefits of Hyperextension Exercises

It’s important to keep doing this exercise properly because it’s a great workout for the posterior chain of your body.

These types of exercises target the different muscle groups on the backside of your body. This includes the lumbar erectus, which affects your ability to hold good posture.


Watch this video from our YouTube channel V Shred for a demonstration of what causes lower back pain in your workouts!

The hyperextension exercise can promote better posture and relieve lower back pain. However, it can also cause lower back pain if you’re doing it in the wrong way.

So, make sure your back is straight and always keep your glutes and lower back engaged every time you do a rep.

What causes lower back pain when you exercise? Have you ever done this exercise? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments section below!

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What Causes Lower Back Pain During Your Workout