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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

If your weight loss diet plan and exercise are in place, a fat burner can be a great way to help boost your metabolism, enhance fat-burn, and control your appetite. So what’s the best way to take a fat-burner? Here is the most effective strategy!



Right off the bat, let’s be clear that fat burners are not magic. You can’t simply pop a pill and watch excess fat magically melt away.

If losing weight was as easy as taking a pill or powder, one in three Americans wouldn’t be obese, and the obesity rate wouldn’t be continuing to rise as it currently is steadily.

To lose weight and keep it off, you need to start by integrating activity and exercise in your life. A  weight-loss targeted programs like Fat Loss Extreme Men or Women can get you there. 

Step two is to gear your nutrition toward your goal. You can do all of that by calculating your personalized macro/calorie needs within the V Shred App for IOS or Android. Or if that feels beyond your ability  — which is understandable — one of our on-staff nutritionists can help you do it.

But once you have those two factors in place, a quality fat-burner can help provide that little extra “something” that can help you get where you want to go a little faster, and feeling a little less depleted along the way.

How To Make Your Fat Burner Work Better

Like most supplements, there is an OK, better, and best time to take a fat-burner. Here are the biggest priorities to keep in mind:

Consistency: A lot of people buy a fat burner and then just take it every once in a while or when they remember. That’s not how fat burners (or most supplements) work. You’ve got to take them regularly and strategically to see the benefits.

Time Of Day: A tried-and-true approach, backed by V Shred co-founder Vince Sant, is to take it as soon as you wake up each morning — about 30-40 minutes before eating breakfast.

Here’s why: Your metabolic rate is slowest in the morning, and the active ingredients can help kick it back into gear and manage your appetite throughout the day.

Now, some people find that taking it on an empty stomach doesn’t sit quite right. If this sounds like you, wait and have it with your first meal of the day instead.

You can also take a fat-burner like Burn Evolved 30 minutes before your workout to give yourself a little extra push. It’s just got 100 mg of caffeine, which is less than most pre-workout supplements.

The only recommendation: don’t take it too close to bedtime, or the caffeine could interfere with your sleep. That’s why we created BURN PM, a nighttime thermogenic that is free of stimulants and can actually help you sleep better. The two work well enough together that we offer both  (plus Turmeric Black) in our Fat Loss Stack.

Ease Your Way In: No matter when you take BURN EVOLVED, if you’re just starting out, ease your way into the full two-pill dose. Maybe start with half and see how you feel until your body adapts to the caffeine and other ingredients. Or you can take one pill in the morning, and another with lunch.

Need Help Dialing In Your Diet, Exercise, and Supplement Regime? 

Don’t forget: Even the best a fat burner works way better when it’s part of a well-designed fat-loss nutrition plan.

If you need some expert help, we have a team of qualified nutrition experts who create custom meal plans for thousands of people every day.

Our most dramatic transformations almost always come from these plans. So if you’re curious, you can get your personalized weight-loss diet plan here or by emailing us at