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If you’re looking to build your shoulders, you need to be doing the right deltoid exercises. Start doing some of these to skyrocket your results!

But these deltoid exercises are completely pointless without knowing your body type first! Once you know your body type, you speed up results with everything that you do in the gym or the kitchen. If you want to find out which body type you are, take our free body type quiz before you do anything else!

Building your shoulders to become sculpted like you wish starts with doing exercises for the right part of the shoulder.

There are actually 3 main areas when talking about the “shoulder muscle”.

  • Front Delts

These are responsible for helping to create that “3D” appearance from the front. Also, these help to create a nice separation between your shoulder and your chest muscle.

  • Side Delts

There are responsible for giving your shoulders a wider appearance due to them being out “outer” head. These are the king of making your shoulders look better!

  • Rear Delts

These are responsible for not only helping posture by pulling your shoulders back. But these are also great for giving an even appearance to your shoulder muscles from behind or the side.

But today, we are focusing on the side deltoid exercises because we are going for wider shoulders!

5 Deltoid Exercises For Wider Shoulders

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

These are the most common of the deltoid exercises, but for good reason! Here, you will start by grabbing a light weight set of dumbbells. From there, you will stand straight up, take your arms and open them out to the side. Focusing on lifting your elbows slightly higher than your hands, you will raise your arms until they are level with your shoulders. Then you will lower them back down to your side.

45 Degree Raises

These are similar to the lateral raises. But instead of raising your arms out to the side, you are going to lift them out and forward at a 45 degree angle. This is going to allow you to use slightly heavier weights and target your outer head really well with that additional weight. Remember to lead with your elbows so you don’t accidentally cheat with another muscle group.

Leaning Cable Lateral Raises

Again, similar to the dumbbell lateral raises because most deltoid exercises are going to have something to do with raising weight laterally. But you will put the cable pulley to the bottom, grab the bar and lean out to the side. You want to have your body at an angle to the pulley. From there, you will push your arm down and out away from you, rather than raising it straight up. By pushing it out and away from you, you will engage more deltoid, rather than traps. Once you have raised your arm to just below parallel to the ground, you will lower your arm back down to perpendicular to the ground. NOT ALL THE WAY! This will allow constant tension on the muscle.

Side Lying Lateral Raises

With an opposite lean of the cable raises, you will be on an incline bench. From there, you will, again, drive your arm down and out as you raise the weight up to the side. Once you have your arm in-line with your shoulders, lower it back down to your side. But do not rest it on your body. Remember to maintain tension as much as possible throughout.

EZ Bar Upright Rows

Lastly, we have another common choice for deltoid exercises, but for great reason again. Here you will want to start out by grabbing an EZ bar. Grab it by the outer handles or whatever is most comfortable for you. Then take your elbows, and at a slight angle forward, drive them out as you raise the weight up. Once your elbows are level with your shoulders, lower the weight back down to starting position.

So there are 5 great deltoid exercises for sculpting your shoulders fast! If you like these exercises, make sure you share this with a friend so they can learn about these too!

Also, let us know down below what your favorite deltoid exercises are!