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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

You missed a workout. It happens!
Here’s what… and what NOT… to do next!


It doesn’t matter why you missed a workout. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes you just aren’t motivated. Whatever the reason…

Missed workouts happen to EVERYONE! Yes, even fitness pros and top-level athletes. Even Vince Sant. 

Whether you decided to skip the gym for an unexpected night out, or for a not-so-fun reason like a chaotic day at work or illness, missed workouts are part of the journey.  Expect that it will happen (more than once), plan for it, and move on!

Here’s your action plan for what to do next. 

DO NOT: Double up your workouts
Could you do a morning and evening workout the next day in an attempt to “make up” for your missed session? You could, but we don’t recommend it.

Two-a-day workouts are taxing on the body, and chances are that “round two” will just be a suffer-fest. You will be exhausted and not recovered, and the quality of your work won’t be worth the trouble it takes to do it.  

A better way: Consider the day you missed a rest day! Then hit your next workout with your energy level high! 

DO: Take a look at your workout program and schedule

If your workout schedule is so complicated that you find yourself having a hard time fitting your workouts into your schedule, you are frequently missing workouts, etc., you may need to reconsider your program or workout schedule.

Busy lifestyles and unexpected days off are exactly why we created most of our V Shred workout programs to be short and focus on working more muscles at once. That way, if you miss one, no worries! You will be hitting those muscle groups again soon.

V Shred trainers also host free live workouts several days each week in our Facebook group for women! The members of our women’s and men’s group are also some of the most supportive you’ll find anywhere, and can help you stay motivated through the ups and downs of building your fit life.

If you find yourself still struggling with regular missed workouts, it may not be your fault. It might be your workout! This is when it’s a good idea to consider hiring one of our expert coaches to build a workout plan you can actually follow.

Our team specializes in making specialized programs that work around your lifestyle and schedule so that missed workouts are less likely to happen! 

You can click here or email us at to learn more.

DO NOT: Stress out or beat yourself up

Believe it or not, a missed workout, or even a few, will not totally derail your progress. Your progress happens in the big picture, not the small one! But stressing out over your workouts can do more damage than you think!  

For one, stress can cause your stress hormone cortisol to spike. This can lead to a host of issues over the long term, including poor sleep, fatigue, poor mood, irritability, difficulty recovering from workouts, and even weight gain. 

But just as importantly, stressing out over your workouts can cause the positive momentum with all those successful workouts to come to a crashing halt. This can definitely cause your overall motivation to take a nose-dive. See what a vicious cycle it can be? 

DO NOT: Skip meals or limit food as punishment

You should never “punish” yourself for missing a workout by cutting calories or skipping meals. Your body still needs nutrients, whether you are hitting the weights hard or not! Stick to your nutrition plan, and keep moving forward. 

In fact, you are still in “recovery mode” for up to 48 hours after a hard training session! Not giving your body the nutrients it needs does nothing positive, and can hinder your strength and make your future workouts more difficult! 

If you’ve missed a workout or two, you can help ensure you keep progressing toward your goals by prioritizing protein in your diet.  The easiest way to do that? Have a Sculpt Nation PROTEIN shake or fit a protein-rich treat into your day. Protein pancakes for breakfast? Yes, please!

If you need assistance setting up your calories or macros, you can find tools to help you do that in the V Shred app for iOS or Android. 

You aren’t lazy. You’re just human! 

Repeat after us: It’s not the end of the world. In fact, a missed workout is an opportunity for you to make the kind of mental progress that powers the most dramatic V Shred before-and-after success stories. 

Make up for it in a healthy way by getting back on track, forgiving yourself for being human, and reminding yourself of your “why.”

If you are struggling, let us help you! Reach out today about getting started with one of our expert trainers and nutrition coaches! They will put together a totally custom workout and meal plan that will help you succeed for the long term!

Need more “break glass in case of emergency” workouts in your life? Our popular program Move can give them to you! These fast, sweaty routines can stand alone when you need a quick fix or fit together as a full 30-day progression. It’s up to you!