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Fatherhood & Fitness: Dad Bod Home Workout

Being a father is no doubt a blessing, but not always for your body. The demands of family life often mean a dad’s personal health becomes less of a priority.

Family duties aside, just being a man, in general, has a mound of pressures.

From the need to be successful, to the “act tough and hide weakness” mentality that guys are often taught.

Society places a lot of responsibilities on men and data shows
you agree that it’s not good for you.

A recent survey revealed that most men believe the pressures society places on them are unhealthy … with 54% citing WEIGHT GAIN as their number one DAILY concern.

Once you add “dad” to the list .. these pressures add up even more .. which usually results in putting health and fitness on the back burner.

Going to the gym and eating healthy falls to the bottom of the priority list.

So you shrug it off and embrace the “dad bod” look.

When the words dad bod went viral a few years ago (implying this was a physique women preferred) – guys worldwide celebrated!

But is this body type what women really prefer? Probably not.

Even more, is it a physique that makes YOU feel good? Also, not likely.

If you are confident with your expanding waistline .. that is great! You should love the skin you’re in ….

But you can’t ignore the health issues that come with having a dad bod physique.

The primary feature of a “dad bod” is an overall soft physique with very little muscle and a midsection that carries quite a bit of excess fat.

This type of belly fat is called Visceral Fat and can be very dangerous to your health.

Maybe your significant other tells you they like the extra cushion .. and perhaps you are totally fine with rocking a beer belly .. but it is important to keep in mind that storing a bit of extra fat around the midsection isn’t great for long term health.

To be a good spouse and father .. you must take care of yourself.

After all, you want to have the energy needed to respond to these pressures, right? Even more, I’m sure you want to enjoy life with your family!

Not to mention .. kids often mimic their parent’s behaviors. When a father figure is health-focused, it’s more likely the entire family will follow in his footsteps! By making your health a priority, you can be a fantastic role model in your home!

There is no better time than Father’s Day ..
to remind yourself that YOU (and YOUR health) matters!

To get rid of the fat that is a defining feature of dad bod .. you need to build muscle and drop body fat.

The best way to lose overall body fat is to focus on weight-training and throw in some high-intensity interval training cardio. It would help if you also established a lifestyle centered around proper nutrition.

Then you will want to focus on ab training at least a few days a week.

While you can’t “spot reduce” belly fat .. you must tone the muscles underneath so that once you start shedding pounds .. you will have a six-pack to reveal!

One of the best ways to train abs is through circuit training. It’s fast-paced .. which means your heart rate is more elevated. So, in addition to strengthening your core, circuits get you into a fat-burning zone.

I put together an 8 MINUTE KILL YOUR DAD BOD AT HOME AB WORKOUT for all the busy dads out there. It only requires body weight and can be done from anywhere.

We aren’t suggesting you workout ON Father’s Day .. unless you want to. Relax! It’s your day!
Hit the golf course, get outside and play with your kids, enjoy a big steak dinner, and save this killer 8 Minute Ab Workout for later!

40 Seconds On / 20 Seconds Off / 2 rounds
Straight Arm Russian Twists
Heel Taps
Opposite Toe Touches
Bicycle Crunches

I’m sure you often preach to the mom of your household that she needs to take care of herself.

You probably tell your kids that they need to eat their veggies, and you likely encourage them to participate in sports that keep them active and healthy .. but what about you?

Spend a little time this Father’s Day, reflecting on the ways you can take better care of yourself!

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