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It seems that everywhere you go, there’s always an ad telling you how to get a six-pack by doing this or drinking that. While some of these are backed by actual scientific research, many are just random supplements with no actual fat-burning benefit.

With all these scams around, is there any legitimate way to transform your flabs to abs? Check out our guide on how to get abs fast!

How to Get a Six-Pack: What You Should Be Doing


1. Mind What You Eat

Ask any trainer how to get a six-pack the proper way, and they’ll say you should work on your diet. Many gym goers think that building a shredded physique can be achieved solely by working hard, which is true but not entirely accurate.

To burn fats and showcase your abs, you should create a balanced diet composed of healthy fats, protein, and even carbohydrates.

Tip: To get the most out of your diet program, measure your food by the grams. For example, calculate how many grams of protein and fat you need to eat.

This will help you ensure no nutrients will be stored as fat later on.

2. HIIT It

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to burn fat and tone your muscles. This involves short, intense anaerobic exercises with lesser resting periods.

For example, instead of jogging for one hour, you can sprint for 30 minutes (with short 5-second breaks in between sprints).

3. Don’t Crunch Too Much

While crunches and sit-ups are important, they shouldn’t be the core of your ab workout sessions. Some guys at the gym do 1000 sit-ups and say that’s the proper way to get a six-pack.

However, contrary to popular belief, these aren’t the best ab exercises. Remember doing compound, multi-joint exercises are the faster, smarter way to lower your body fat levels and promote ab muscle growth.

4. Monitor Your Body Fat Percentage

Monitor Your Body Fat Percentage | How To Get A Six Pack The Right Way | fat to abs

Learning how to get a six-pack isn’t all about working out and dieting. Keeping track of your progress is essential in the whole process.

When building a solid set of abs, you need to aim for lower body fat levels. If you have an overall lower percentage, then your abs are more likely to show.

For example, men typically go for 6% to 9% body fat if they want to achieve a shredded look. While these numbers aren’t set in stone, the general rule is to lower your body fat levels.

5. Drink More Water

Drink More Water | How To Get A Six Pack The Right Way | how to get abs fast

Staying hydrated is important for any athlete. Keeping your water levels up helps you rid your body of toxins and excess salt to reduce bloating.

Don’t dehydrate yourself just to achieve a chiseled look. Depriving yourself of water is just a quick solution to achieve a short-term shredded look.

It’s not a sustainable part of your fat-burning regime.


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Overall, the key to learning how to get a six-pack is to distinguish myths from facts. While supplements are important, nothing beats a balanced diet and an intense workout routine.

Just remember to focus on your diet, do more cardiovascular activities, and incorporate compound exercises into your routine. All these combined are sure to help transform your fat into a six-pack!

Do you know any other tips on how to get a six-pack? Share them in the comments section!

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