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Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

Most people only think they are training their glutes properly.

You may be shaking your head right now, saying … NOPE!! I TRAIN HARD!
I squat.
I deadlift.
I kickback.
I hip thrust.
I lunge.
I do my cardio.

I do all these things several times a week … BUT MY BUTT STILL LOOKS THE SAME!

Exactly one of the seven points we are going to make below!
You could actually be working your A!$ …OFF!!

Or you may be TOTALLY LOST when it comes to this “booty gains” era we seem to live in and have NO IDEA where to even start!


There are most likely SEVEN MISTAKES you’re making that will keep you from sculpting your butt into the round, full, and toned backside of your dreams.

Check out this video! We expose them all and tell you how to start fixing them TODAY!!


Mistake #1  — You are a CARDIO BUNNY!
Cardio is vital for heart health, and it’s gotta be done if fat loss is your goal.

But if you are pounding the pavement mile-after-mile or spending hours on the treadmill casually walking without placing emphasis on GLUTE RESISTANCE training, you could be hindering growth.

Do your cardio .. just be mindful that you aren’t overdoing it.

Prioritize weight training over cardio and do more HIIT cardio over those long steady-state sessions.

Mistake #2  — You are UNDER-EATING!!
To grow your glutes, you need to at least be eating at maintenance calories, possibly in surplus.

Most of you reading this are probably wanting to lose weight. So is it even possible to eat in a deficit and still build your booty?

Yes and no. This gets into some deep science and also depends on your body type. 

Technically it is possible, but you will need to focus on training your glutes hard and often.

You will also need to prioritize fat-burning non-muscle wasting cardio – like HIIT. 

In this case, it would be best to consult with one of our trainers here at V Shred for some one-on-one coaching. 

Mistake #3  — You may be OVER TRAINING!
The glutes can handle a lot of volume, some people even train them in some capacity every day. But doing TOO MUCH and not letting your glutes rest, which is where GROWTH happens, could be why you aren’t seeing progress!

To be able to repair themselves and therefore grow, make sure you’re letting yourself rest between sets and between glute days. If you want to train glutes several days a week, go for it! Just don’t do these training days back to back.

ON THE FLIP SIDE…. there is also the high likelihood that many of you reading may be doing the OPPOSITE and not training your glutes enough! You need to train your glutes at least 2 times a week, if not more, to see optimal results!

Mix your glute sessions up. Have a compound heavier days, with another day or two of pure bodyweight or band sculpting and isolation work.

Mistake #4  — Lifting too heavy, or not lifting heavy enough!
If you want to sculpt your glutes, you need to challenge yourself every single session. But that does not mean throwing a bunch of weight around with lousy form.

If you attempt to lift heavier than your GLUTES can handle, all you will do is end up recruiting your quads and hamstrings. You may possibly even over-work your spinal erectors .. which can actually cause your waist to get bigger!

You need to drop the weight and really think about the muscle you’re aiming to engage instead of just going through the motions.

Focus on slowing your tempo, squeezing, and even pausing during the hardest part of the lift!

You don’t want to go SO LIGHT that you are pumping away 20 or 30 reps with ease. Light weight isn’t nearly as effective at sculpting muscles as lifting heavier weights for fewer reps.

But don’t think that you have to pile on plates either! You just need to work with proper form to TOTAL EXHAUSTION!

You can do sets of 20 repetitions, as long as you’re taking some of your sets to complete failure – where you can’t do any more reps with good form.

Mistake #5 — You aren’t ISOLATING or hitting ALL THREE parts of your glutes
Compound movements like deadlifts and squats are key for strength and sculpting your entire leg. But the problem is that these types of movements hit several muscles AT ONE TIME.

Unless you are making some very specific form tweaks, this means your quads are going to get hammered first .. then your hamstrings .. and your glutes will be last.

We aren’t saying to skip out on these. We like them to put them as the first thing you do on lower body training days. But you also need to do lots of isolation movements that hit all three parts of the glute — the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

Mistake #6  — You aren’t ACTIVATING your glutes before you lift.
You have to WAKE UP YOUR GLUTES before you attempt to train them! Doing some glute activation drills before you lift is important for several reasons. This becomes especially crucial if you sit most of the day for work. 

5 minutes is all it takes (no more than 10) because the purpose of activation drills is not to exhaust them, it’s to warm them up!

Do a round of band walks, air squats, bodyweight kickbacks, and bodyweight hip thrusts or bridges. Even a quick high incline walk on the treadmill is better than nothing!

SQUEEZE HARD during these activation drills. They should BURN, but not exhaust!

Mistake #7 — You are being impatient.
Sculpting and growing any muscle takes TIME. Changes are not going to happen overnight, and depending on your body type, it could take years to see REAL growth. You just have to stay consistent. Take photos!!  Week to week, you may not notice changes, but month to month, you will!

It may take time, but if you follow these tips, it will happen!
We hope you found these SEVEN TIPS helpful! But if you need more assistance in putting together a COMPLETE booty building plan, you may want to check out our step-by-step booty builder guide! Get your copy HERE!