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Running for weight loss is a great approach for burning calories and shedding those extra pounds. It strengthens your legs and improves your cardiovascular health. Know the necessary preparations for a safe and successful weight loss program to reap the benefits of this great cardio exercise.

Running for Weight Loss | Tips for a Safe and Effective Cardio Workout


1. Seek a Doctor’s Advice First

It’s always wise to consult a doctor first before starting any type of exercise program that may be more strenuous than what you are used to.

This is to ensure it’s safe for you to continue, and you’re physically capable of your planned regimen. Precautions may be necessary if a person has a history of underlying health issues.

2. Invest in a Good Pair of Running Shoes

Invest in a Good Pair of Running Shoes | Running for Weight Loss | Cardio Workouts | weight loss running program
There are shoes specifically designed for running. Your footwear should be durable, has good cushion, and holds your feet firmly as you run.

Foot injuries are very common in running, so you’ll want to make sure those feet are well-protected.

3. Dynamic Stretching Before You Run

Your leg muscles must be flexible before engaging in any running activity. The lesser you rest, the faster you burn those calories so it’s important to condition those muscles beforehand.

Before your run, you’ll want to be sure you’re actively doing dynamic stretching versus static stretching. You’ll only want to do static stretching post-run.

Muscles are more susceptible to injuries when they’re used without proper stretching.

4. Set Your Weight Loss Goals

Knowing how much weight you plan to lose allows you to carefully plan the exercise program.

This enables you to calculate an allowable time and distance for your runs. It will serve as a marker, so you’ll know when to ease up a bit and make way for other workout routines.

5. Start Slow

Start Slow | Running for Weight Loss | Cardio Workouts | weight loss running program
It’s not advisable to run the entire time in the first few days. Alternate running and walking in the starting stages of your program.

This helps condition your breathing and muscle use as you gradually progress. Even our body needs a bit of getting used to before it settles for more strenuous use.


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6. Gradually Increase Your Running Time

Your weight loss progress may not be very desirable if you keep the same running time for too long. Aim to increase your run time at least every week.

A 5-10 minutes increase each week is ideal enough to burn more calories. You’ll eventually start to be comfortable in your running exercise and run longer distances in the weeks to come.

7. Hydrate Regularly

Hydrate Regularly | Running for Weight Loss | Cardio Workouts | weight loss running program
Aside from cleansing your body from toxins and waste, hydrating also speeds up your metabolism for faster fat burning.

Drinking water also increases your energy level, so you’ll be ready for more challenging goals. Obviously, the running workouts will become more effective.

8. Have a Healthy Balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet helps you get the necessary nutrients your body needs to get through your weight loss running program.

Food plays a very important role in fueling your exercise and making stronger bones and muscles. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals all have their specific functions to keep those legs going to help reach your goal of losing weight.


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These tips are absolutely essential to achieve your weight loss goals. Be aware of how your body can cope with the exercise first and foremost. Don’t be in such a hurry during the early stages of the program. Allow your body to adapt before intensifying your runs and eat healthy to keep you energized. For all you know, you’re already looking in front of the mirror and reveling at the results in a month or two.

What do you think of these tips for running to lose weight? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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