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Burn More Calories By Taking Your Workout Outdoors This Memorial Day

It is officially (unofficial) .. summer is here!!

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to take some of my workouts outside!

Today we’ve got a full-body workout that you can do from your backyard or wherever your Memorial Day weekend takes you!

It doesn’t require any equipment. We are using bodyweight only, and it can be adjusted to any fitness level!

Of course, you can do this working indoors if you choose, but as long as you are hydrated, try breaking a sweat outside!

Taking your workouts outdoors has a ton of benefits .. here are a few!


1: You May Burn More Calories
Some small studies found outdoor exercisers burn a few more calories than those who exercise indoors. The theory is that exercising outdoors exerts more energy.

Be careful.. this could have the opposite effect if you are attempting to workout when temperatures are extreme.

Working out when it’s too hot could affect your endurance. You may also be more tempted to shorten the duration of your workout.

Try doing your outdoor workouts early in the morning before temperatures spike, or later in the evening.

Always stay extra hydrated and above all.. listen to your body!

2: It Could Cheer You Up
Hundreds of studies have shown that soaking up the sun and being surrounded by mother nature helps alleviate stress and improve overall mood!

Exercising outdoors has even been shown to enhance your brain! Researchers say this is because being outside stimulates all five senses at once – something that can’t be achieved inside a gym or your living room.

Head outside .. breathe in some fresh air .. take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you! Maybe even take off your headphones and listen to the sounds of nature!

A little natural Vitamin D is no doubt a great motivator to get moving!

3: It Saves You Money
Gym memberships are not cheap. Not to mention, they often go unused.

How many times have you paid for a year and only showed up once or twice a week, or even worse, gone months without entering a building that you pay to use?

If you can go every day, a gym membership is no doubt worth the money. But despite what most believe, it’s not required to get in a solid training session.

That is why we focus on so many home workouts on our YouTube Channel, and why we recently created an entire program called MOVE that can be done from home. You can check that out HERE if you are interested!

ALRIGHT… let’s break a sweat!

Slap on some sunscreen, fill up your shaker with some Sculpt Nation BCAAs, and let’s get our Memorial Day sweat on … more calories burned means more bbq to enjoy later, right?

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For those that don’t know what BCAAS are, that is an abbreviation for branch chain amino acids.

Quality BCAAs can not only help you recover from your workouts faster, they are also shown to help prime your muscles pre, during, and post workout.. creating the perfect atmosphere to help you get stronger and leaner!

Sculpt Nation BCAAs include “the big 3” amino acids in a perfect dose that assist in keeping your muscles fed and primed .. so that your body has support to stay in a balanced and anabolic (fat burning) state!

Alight .. hopefully you have your shaker of BCAAs on hand .. let’s get to work!

Full Body Workout Using ONLY Bodyweight

This fat-blasting workout consists of only 5 exercises. You will do all of them back-to-back without resting.

Once the entire circuit is complete, take a quick 30-second break before starting over again! You don’t want to rest any longer than that. The goal is to keep your heart rate up as high as possible.

Repeat the circuit as many times as you want. Don’t focus on the duration… just give it your all and keep going until you can’t do another round!

Exercise One: Dive Bomber Push Ups – 5 reps
Exercise Two: Alternating Jump Lunges – 10 reps each leg
Exercise Three: Spiderman Pushups – 5 reps each side
Exercise Four: Crab Kicks – 5 reps each side
Exercise Five: Pulse Squats – 30 seconds

Challenge yourself every round by going faster and harder! Or if you are doing this workout with your friends or family – see who can finish the most rounds in a set amount of time!

Get started on your summer body today!
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