Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.


Take our FREE 1 Minute Quiz to find out EXACTLY what Diet & Training is Best for You.

We have a killer 4 exercise – 4 minute – no equipment HIIT workout for you to bookmark! 

Yes, this workout is less than 5-minutes! That’s not a typo!

But before we give you this quick and simple (but certainly not easy) workout, we want to make sure you know that this IS NOT a workout most people should do as their primary form of exercise!!

When it comes to getting in a workout, of course, something is better than nothing. But it doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or increase endurance — 4-minute workouts will never be enough to reach those goals! 

We like to call this one an “In Case Of Emergency” workout. 

  • Oversleep?
  • Get off work late?
  • Kids forget to tell you about their art project due in the morning?
  • Stuck in a hotel with no equipment and very little time? 
  • Just not feeling like going in for your typical hour at the gym?

We all have days when a workout seems impossible…

This 4-MINUTE HIIT WORKOUT is perfect to have on standby for times when life throws hurdles your way, and a “real” workout just isn’t gonna work out. 

It wastes NO time, and while it may not be ideal for daily exercise, we promise if you give every second 110% all-out effort — you will break a sweat, feel the burn, and blast a lot of calories!!

  • If you need to do this workout, chances are you don’t have gym access. So we also made sure you can do it ANYWHERE!
  • It doesn’t require any equipment, only a small space!
  • If you oversleep – do while your shower heats up!
  • If you’ve gotta work late –  do it in your office between meetings!
  • If you’re waiting on your kids – do it in the parking lot! 
  • Do it while dinner is in the oven or while your morning coffee is brewing!

You get the idea!! Even on your busiest day, we know you can find (less than) 5-minutes! 

Instead of making TIME an excuse
and canceling your workout altogether …
and do this short “IN CASE OF (exercise) EMERGENCY”
4-Minute Follow Along


Do each exercise below for 45 seconds. Take 20 seconds of rest between exercises. Once all four exercises are done – so are you!! 

Of course, if you have more than 5 minutes to spare, you can take about a minute to breathe and do another round or two! 

Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive
Double Plank Jack to Jumping Jack
Spiderman Pushup
Plank Up Downs

Workout Tips

  • If you aren’t sure how to do any of these exercises, we show you how to do each one with proper form HERE!
  • Make sure you are going all out during the entire 45 seconds!! HIIT workouts, especially really short ones like this, are only effective if you get your heart rate in that 80-90% max range for the entire “work” time! 
  • No timer? Use this video! It is a real-time follow-along, so all you have to do is hit play!!
  • Only use this workout as an occasional substitute or an “extra” little boost if you want some additional calorie burn! Most days, you should be following a full-body training plan that is best for your goals and body type! 

If you don’t know what your body type is… check out this FREE BODY TYPE QUIZ!! It guides you through six easy questions about yourself. Then based on your answers, it tells you what body type you have and the type of dieting, training, and cardio that you should do to get the BEST RESULTS based on YOUR genetics!!


And …
If you like “backup plan” workouts like this one
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